1. MaryM says


    So did Uncle Tom Roberts ever confirm what pro-LGBT charity in Russia he donated his Donald Trump blood money for hosting the Miss Universe pageant.

    This guy is a traitor, a quisling and a collaborator with Russian fascism.

    But pathetically he is pretending that his greed for money and fame is somehow benefiting the Russian LGBT community.

    His betrayal of his own community in Russia cannot and must not be forgotten.

  2. MaryM says

    Did Uncle Tom Roberts condemn his employer Donald Trump’s homophobic extremism?

    Did Uncle Tom Roberts ever explain how he could sit blandly in front of Trump while he was told he was a 2nd class citizen?

    Are there any depths that Uncle Tom Roberts won’t stoop to for a check?

  3. MaryM says

    This No8 campaign is perfect for Uncle Tom Roberts to report on.

    The whole purpose of the campaign is to give good PR to the person volunteering for the photo. It serves zero practical purpose.

    So now that beauty pageant hack Uncle Tom Roberts has profited financially from Russian homophobia he can report on useless campaigns like No8, as if doing that will erase his own disgusting betrayal of his own community.

    Here’s an idea Uncle Tom Roberts – how about you return to Russian with only 1 cameraman and report on day to day life of Russian gay people, without the comfort of Donald Trump’s protection.

    Uncle Tom Roberts and Johnny Weir really are pondlife.

  4. robroy says

    As vanity projects go this one was actually pretty great. Still love the McCain pic in the center and the overall message of the figures who were basically lending there image to not just tolerate but fully accept us. Huge difference from the days of people sending the message they were ‘ok’ with the good/quiet/asexual homosexuals who kept it quiet. And because of who was in some of the more important shots it really carried beyond the west coast.

    So no Mother Teresa points for anyone (and some of the pseudo celebs were an embarrassment) but the campaign did have an impact.

  5. Tim says

    Everyone looks SO airbrushed and fake and “glam” in these shots. They look so awful. It would be more effective if they just looked like normal, everyday citizens.

    I usually cringe when I see these shots.

  6. graphicjack says

    As weak as this campaign may have been, it’s still better than that HIV Equal one. It’s possible this may have made a cultural difference in opinion about Prop 8, but mostly it was preaching to the converted.

  7. andrew says

    @MARYM: Lady, Come down off your FETID high horse. Thomas Roberts and most of the good people that you criticize have, in their professions, done many things to advance the cause of LGBT equality.

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