NBC Expresses Support for Johnny Weir’s Apology to Gay Activists

NBC released a statement late yesterday expressing support for their correspondent Johnny Weir's apology after Weir lashed out at Queer Nation activists, calling them "idiots" at a talk at Barnard College earlier this week. The activists were protesting Weir's decision to serve as an NBC correspondent during the upcoming Sochi Games in Russia and his ongoing defense of the country despite its anti-gay laws.

Deadline reports: Weir

NBC just released a statement in response to Johnny Weir’s comments this morning that he feels “remorse” for insulting protesters during an appearance Monday at Barnard College. “We’re supportive of Johnny’s apology for his choice of words last night in an emotional setting. As we’ve previously stated, NBC will cover all newsworthy issues as they are relevant to the Games, including the LGBT law”, NBC said.


  1. Douglas says

    Let me get this straight. The protests could call him names on written posters but he can’t call them idiots? He can say what ever he damn well pleases. I’m sick of gay people bashing others then crying foul with they get back exactly what they gave. I AM GAY and see the hypocracy of protests attacking people publicly then feeling shocked when they are attacked right back. Come on!

  2. Kieran says

    Can someone explain the logic of demanding that gay athletes like Johnny Weir stay away from Russia? Is Weir staying at home supposed to “punish” Russian homophobia? I’d rather hear Johnny Weir doing commentary on the Sochi Olympics than those insufferable NBC boors Tom Brokaw and Bob Costas.

  3. FFS says

    The point, Kieran, is that the Winter Games will put tons of western money into the pockets of the Russians at whose hands Russian LGBTs suffer.

    The activists don’t want the games in Sochi to go forward at all. The fact that Uncle Toms like Johnny are supporting and participating adds insult to injury.

  4. Henry Holland says

    “Is Weir staying at home supposed to “punish” Russian homophobia?”

    No! It’s much more effective to sit at a computer and take 30 seconds filling out an outline petition or express one’s outrage on obscure gay blogs!


  5. Bill says

    @Douglas: if he’s working for ABC, they expect him to follow corporate practices, which is generally to ignore the “idiots” rather than respond to them.

    The apology was not really for calling the idiots idiots, but for not following standard corporate procedures. Since Weir is a “newbee” in the media world, ABC let the mistake slide given the apology he made.

    The corporate policy is based on the observation that, while a lot of protesters are idiots, some actually have a valid point, so by ignoring all of them, they can lump the serious people in with the real idiots and use that as an excuse to avoid arguing with people who would win.

  6. Paul says

    Dear NBC,

    Nobody asked for your opinion.

    Any queer with a sense of compassion for others can see that Weir puts self and sport before his fellow human being and I have no doubt the future will make this point very clear to him someday. I rest easy with the knowledge that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  7. Paul R says

    Also, Kieran, the outrage isn’t just that he’s going to Russia and supports the Olympics. He’s also made inane comments about his massive love for Russia and has appeared wearing a Russian soldier’s uniform. It’s all attention-seeking behavior, and sadly it’s working.

    He has almost no experience as a commentator and isn’t exactly a sports expert, so I wouldn’t care about any observations he’d make no matter where the Olympics were.

  8. Chris says

    If I were a gay athlete who had trained for years for the Olympics, I would go to Sochi, too.
    To ask these athletes, gay or straight, to boycott the Games is to ask them to sacrifice their dreams and make all of the work and preparation they’ve done be for nothing. That’s way too much to ask. Target the sponsors if you want, but don’t ask this of the athletes.

  9. SanFranAdvocate says

    Athletes can go to Sochi or not. Whatever.

    However Johnny Weir has a moral responsibility to beleaguered LGBT Russians, and rightly deserves every bit of criticism he’s been getting for abandoning them. That is a life or death issue. No one should complain about Queer Nation’s tactics who hasn’t either engaged in protests to get Weir to support endangered gays, or in protests against Russia. He himself said he’s selfish, so NBC looks like they have a gay disliked by the gays, amirite?

  10. Chris says


    They weren’t guaranteed a win anyways. So they put all of that work and preparation into it knowing perfectly well that it could potentially all be a waste. Freedom isn’t free, and heros don’t become heros by putting self first. Whatever disappointment they may feel as a result of a boycott is nothing in comparison to what Russian LGBTs feel.

  11. Tony says

    Did anyone see the ” 60 minutes” story on this fiasco??..not only GLBT but hidden behind the huge walls as you drive in from the airport are people living five to one small kitchen/the idea that this isn’t even a Winter location with the Russians saving snow..its all disgusting/athelete or no athlete..its human rights for all

  12. andrew says

    Johnny don’t let the PC Police dictate what you think and say. They are like the Vatican “Holy Office” that wants to control people. Give em the finger and live your life according to your own ideas and principles.

  13. Verily says

    He was closeted most of his life, he married someone who was closeted one month before he married his sorry butt – he LOVES hatefilled Russia, loves hypocrisy, LOVES stabbing the back of gay people in this world.

    He has no soul.

  14. Verily says


    Yeah, I’ve heard the same things. Sochi won’t exactly go off smoothly. Russia is a 3rd world country. It’s corrupt and and way behind construction completion in sochi.
    Of all the places in Russia, with all that vodka urine drenched snow – closet case putin and his cronies picked sochi.
    Makes sense.

  15. walter says

    of course they will support him they need to try and keep a game face on over their broadcast of the olympics. they were as behind finding a gay replacement for andy cohen as trump . they hope they will be able to keep a lid on the boycotts and protests

  16. Jeremy says

    Tevlevision Closed Captioning Turned On Reveals This Translation;

    “Here at NBC…We will HELP destroy your worthless LGBT lives…all in Living Color and Commercials….Blood is so pretty on TV…”

    When Russia starts rounding up its homosexuals…will NBC televise that too? Especially now that Putin is Planning to make room by releasing 100,000 ‘Lesser’ Criminals.

    Will NBC Follow it with a two-hour special hosted by Bill O’Reily and side-commentary by Brian Brown and Bryan Fischer…whom NBC will affectionately crown “The Two Bri’s”

    It is time to understand that NBC plans fully to televise the genocide they are helping to create. Is that any different than William Randolph Hearst?

    Boycott Sochi. Boycott NBC Advertisers and most of all….BOYCOTT these piece of crap “Board of Directors” at NBC…because ultimately, THEY ARE THE FASCISTS.

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