1. Ryan says

    Those poor, miserable kids who have to deal with parents like this. I bet they’re the same types who ban Harry Potter because it promotes witchcraft and won’t let their kids go trick-or-treating because Halloween is Satan’s holiday.

    It also bothers me that everything is always about “the children.” Everything has to be kid-safe so that no parent ever has to, you know, explain sh*t to their kids. If you don’t think the world is kid-friendly enough, do us all a favor and don’t have any. It’s probably best that these types don’t breed anyway, otherwise you end up with more of them.

  2. Craig says

    “The performance was sexually charged…” I’m not sure we were watching the same thing. They probably see a poptart emerging from a toaster as “sexually charged.”

  3. FFS says

    And Macy’s is terrified, I’m sure.

    Cuz 40k morbidly obese hausfraus who live in Podunk USA are really all that stands between Macy’s and bankruptcy.

    Try again, heifers!

  4. Bill says

    @Ryan: for an example. there were the naked guys in San Francisco, where some people no doubt said, “what about children seeing them?” The obvious answer: just tell the kiddies that the guy doesn’t have any clothes because he didn’t do his homework so no one will hire him. Oddly, now that the nudity ban passed (with exemptions for various events), these guys go around with a tiny piece of cloth covering the “unmentionable” and nothing else (shoes excepted, of course), and nobody seems to be complaining. Go figure.

  5. says

    Are they ever NOT enraged?

    It’s too bad there isn’t a law that forces groups to describe themselves accurately. One Million Moms would be the Six-Pack Of Hysterical Harpies and the Catholic League would be called Bill Donohue, Party Of One.

  6. woodroad34 says

    If only they’d put all that energy into talking with their kids and doing their jobs as parents instead of wasting it on telling other people how to live their lives. The definition of someone out of control is someone who tries to control others rather than themselves.

  7. Mike Ryan says

    1 million moms = 15 holier than thou old frumpy conservative bitches and nothing more. Why on earth does the media give them so much attention? They are nobodies.

  8. andrew says

    Thankfully most Americans ignore the rantings of the right wing bible thumpers and the left wing PC police. The people on both extremes of the political spectrum want everyone to speak, think, act and live in accordance with their particular extremists views.

  9. Jim says

    You know, the “rage” that the One Million Moms express has actually become a welcome endorsement by otherwise sane people. Their protests usually end up making them look more like “One Million A**holes”!

  10. gregory brown says

    What was CoupleDozenMoms doing watching the parade anywa?. They should have been sweating away in the kitchen cooking tons of food for “the children”, and chilling beers and heating wings for the husbands who are supposed to be the heads and masters of their households. Isn’t it written that such failed wives should be beaten, if not killed?

  11. says

    I just reworded their message and sent it to Macy’s corporate:
    As a parent, I was overjoyed in your company’s choice to include the performance of “Raise You Up” from the critically-acclaimed and Tony-winning musical “Kinky Boots” during your Thanksgiving Day Parade with millions of children present and watching from home. As Matt Laurer noted in his introduction to the performance, it is about learning to celebrate the differences in one another.

    This wonderful message was welcomed by me as a gay father, by my husband, and by our one-year-old son, showing Macy’s can be trusted to celebrate diversity in the real world. Kudos to Macy’s for this decision.

    It is clear that Macy’s has my family’s and my child’s best interest in mind. I can now better trust Macy’s Dept. Store. Your company needs to know that you have earned my trust.

    Your decision was very responsible, especially at an event when families are watching together. This very tame performance was quite family-friendly, as was the entire parade. Your company did well!

    I look forward to hearing from you regarding my compliment.

  12. *****overTX says

    The only thing that registered with the 100 Moms was the flashy drag. They did not hear one word of the positive message the singers gave during the performance. What a sad bunch of individuals. They have missed so much that is positive in life by only focusing on the negative. How sad!

  13. says

    OH NOES! A group of men dressed as women performed in public and entertained people! This has never happened before, except in Noh and Kabuki theater in ancient Japan, in Shakespeare’s plays during the Middle Ages, and in classic films like “Some Like It Hot”. The nerve! Now these poor women will have to be bothered to explain stuff to their children! Quelle horror!

  14. Bob says

    How to handle having your kids watch this…

    “Some folks like to dress up and wear funny boots, and they saved everybody’s job at the boot factory”
    — Billy would not be taken as a man in that drag, so no problem with that.

  15. dommyluc says

    You would think that the 40K members of OMM would be too busy masturbating to their copies of “Fifty Shades of Grey” to even be able to type on their keyboards.

  16. David says

    Dose anyone else think, if the million moms got a little more sex they might not be so completely miserable and crazy! Someone send the million moms, a million vibrators! That would be a great Christmas gift for them!

  17. John says

    I called it! When I saw that on TV, I said ‘One Million Moms is not going to be happy’. But, anything that pisses of OMM is OK in MY book! Kudos to Kinky Boots.

  18. MJD says

    What about Mrs. Doubtfire?

    In the UK we have a great tradition of cross-dressing to entertain children – pantomime. There is always an ‘old dame’ who is a man in drag, and the princliple boy is a women with lovely long legs dressed as a boy. Children love it, and indeed, apart from me, the rest of them seemed to still be straight after goign to pantomimes every Christmas for many, many years.

    I know that the US was very affected by its puritanical roots, but 1MM, that was a LONG time ago.

  19. Bernie says

    first of all, we need to stop calling this group 1million, we need to start calling them 1000 moms; and they to grow up and enter the real world! This is total silliness and so laughable that some drag queens are going to affect their children…….the behavior of these right wingers has a much more devastating effect on children then any drag queen could ever have………..

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