1. Nick says

    More enlightened visionary commentary from the Robertson family (say-any relation to the pseudo Rev. Pat????)-my guess- the DD Klan are Pat’s initial poor-relation……

    Even though the discovery of new “words to live by” by the family that gives hillbillies a bad-name- I am sure there is tons of footage that just exposes these folks for just who they are…..

    As only cricket sounds are heard from the arbiter of American journalism-Faux Snooze and the talented Sister Sarah Palin…..

  2. anon says

    “then they’ll pick your ducks”….

    If I’m interpreting this right, he means your wife will do the same job for you as a hunting dog would. You shoot the duck and your woman will go fetch it and bring it back to you.

    Of course, i guess “pick your duck” could mean the same as to pluck it by picking its feathers off.

    Either way, she’ll be doin’ what she’s told and she’ll like it and won’t be mouthin off about it neither.

  3. terry says

    everyone knows its not pedophilia if you’re hetro and everyone knows ALL gays are pedophiles. freedom of speech my ass. It’s all about money and good old hate.

  4. Mytzie says

    Omg! This man gets more vile with every new story that comes out about him,and some of the right wingers will blindly support his bigotry just to oppose liberal opinions.

  5. anon says

    Phil’s turning out to be the crazy relative you normally keep in the attic. The rest of the family probably puts up with it since he made them all so wealthy, but considering how fakely they now present themselves, they are assuredly not agreeing with him 100%.

  6. Randy says

    Hey, A&E or A+E or whatever, how’s Phil working out for ya?

    Just like Toronto and Mayor Ford, you picked him. He’s yours. And he’s a gift that’s going to keep on giving. No returns.

  7. Mike R says

    Hate to let you know…but check this out…
    Arizona: 15 with court order
    Hawaii: 15 with both parents & judge
    Indiana: 15 or 16 can petition court
    Minnesota: 15 with parental OR judge OK
    Missouri: 15 with judicial approval
    Montana: with judicial OK
    New Hampshire 13! for girls with parental OK and 14 for boys
    New Jersey with court OK… New York 14-15 with parental and judge OK
    North Carolina: With judge’s OK
    Pennsylvania: under 16 needs judge’s OK….
    South Carolina… 15 with parental ok unless pregnant then 13!!!!!!!!!
    Utah: 15 with parent’s OK and judge’s OK.

    Plenty of states with DD fans up there.

  8. Joseph Singer says

    @Matt Munson: You evidently do not understand motives of A&E. Their motive of sacking Robertson was a stunt so that they could have him back. The sole reason they did this was for the $$$ and the ratings eyeballs. A&E doesn’t give a cråp about what’s right or who they degrade.

  9. ratbastard says

    He’s scum. And it’s slooooowly trickling out. Presumably people in the know on all sides were well aware of this.

    Phuking perv is right. He tried that feces with my kid he’d be a dead duck.

  10. jamal49 says

    Old news. Troll around the internet. That man’s ridiculous rantings have been there forever. He’s an evangelical. What else does anyone expect? The “Quiverfull” movement advocates such marriages in order for young women to begin child-bearing in their “most productive years”. Evangelicals are penis-obsessed chauvinists anyway and the women easily acquiesce to male dominance because it’s “biblical”. So are polygamy and incest and rape and genocide.

  11. jjose712 says

    This is going to be funny. They mess up so much with this guy that i’m pretty sure a lot of videos of this type (or worse) will resurface on internet now, and it’ll be difficult for traditional media not to cover it, because they did it with the outrage over his non firing

  12. American Dreamer says

    The media are not going to let go of this story now that he is back on his tv show

    Which means more disclosures about inappropriate beliefs are going to come through

    Hopefully it will be enough to turn more people against him

  13. Carlos says

    Well, I advocate girls educating themselves and having their own financial independence, so that they’ll bypass men like Robertson. After which, men like Robertson will eventually, die out.

  14. Contrarian says

    Bravo, Mr. Singer and one or two enlightened others here. This really isn’t about some self-described “white trash” with the IQ of a large gnat. This man is who he is and can’t really change at his age. No, it’s about A&E, ratings and money.

    This is a self-inflicted wound by the LGB community. Who runs Hollywood, or has great influence there? Two groups the Duck Dipsticks undoubtedly despise, or at least don’t appreciate much, Jews and Gays. Who put Robertson on TV? The Rev. Billie Bob? Sarah Palin in the neck? NO and NO! Gays and Jews, who now get the blowback. You get no sympathy from me.

  15. NE1 says

    I take that as his nice way of saying he’s slept with under aged girls and doesn’t give a f–k because the bible said it’s OK.. He probably doesn’t even count that as the “sexual sins” he’s admitted to.

  16. Bernie says

    wow! he is so……….ignorant and what he says is illegal! Sex with someone under the age of 18 is illegal……but I guess in Phil Robertson’s world it is ok as long as it is heteroscxual!

  17. Contrarian says

    @Bernie. Well you got one thing right. He is a dim bulb. But leave the legal statements to lawyers or those in the know. The age of consent in many U.S. states is less than 18, and even lower in many other countries. But don’t plan on putting videos up on the net or sending them through the mails. There the age is 18 for visual depictions.

  18. Graphicjack says

    What’s next? No education for women? Polygamy? KKK? Who knows the depth of this guy’s beliefs. It’s a scary world… And if people think he’s not an anomoly, they are mistaken; he’s just the only one with a platform. Vote in a black president and all the crazys come out of the closet. Be afraid.

  19. gregorybrown says

    His stance makes sense if you are a white racistworriedabout the future. Projections show that a combination of immigration and fertility among non-whites will make Caucasians a minority in the USA in just a few decades. Getting young white women to produce=e more children over a longer part of their lives is a survival strategy. eddy Roosevelt sounded the alarm about Race Suicide a century ago and his warnings have been dismissed for a long time, with expected demographic outcomes.

  20. gregorybrown says

    I wish folks would learn the definition of “pedophilia” It refers to sexual attraction to and/or relations with Pre-pubescent children, generally 11 years old or younger. Sex with pubescent/adolescent males is “pederasty”. The legal definitions that deal with sexual child abuse vary from place to place, just as “age of consent” laws do.
    It’s not a quibble to insist on using correct terms. The recent flap here over the presumed relations between Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black had a lot to do with confusing some posters’ personal distaste for and discomfort with age discrepancies between a pair who might be having sex and the choices people can make for themselves when they are legally able to do that.

  21. Mary says

    As ridiculous as this sounds to most of us, his advice is a step above what Levi Johnston (Palin’s almost-son-in-law)seems to believe in, which is not to marry them at 15-16 but to make them unwed moms at 18. I don’t doubt Sarah Palin would have preferred the former for her daughter.

  22. Cadence says

    Mike R, even if it is legal in some states for teens between 15-17 to get married, Robertson’s statement is about marrying a teen, because they are easier to control and manipulate. That’s how predators think and operate. I’m sure that other men and women who prey on teens have spouted similar things as what Robertson said.

  23. andrew says

    This rube is just echoing the teachings of the Creator of The Universe, about child marriage and women, as found in that collection of books called the “Holy Bible”. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Bill says

    [ wisecrack alert ]

    Er guys, the definition of pedophilia is an attraction to prepubescent children. At 15, it is not pedophilia, although charges of statutory rape and child abuse may apply.

    Just to give him an out, would it be OK if he married a 14 or 15 year old but they immediately put the poor young thing in “escrow” until she reached an age where sexual relations with an adult would be legal? I guess, instead of locking her up, they could simply attach a chastity belt and give the keys to the local District Attorney so he’d have to prosecute himself if he gave the husband the keys too early.
    We know how to make chastity belts – they were in vogue in the Middle Ages.

  25. daniel says

    Apparently her parents felt they were both mature enough to marry, which was true for them then. Maybe not for all people but since you are generalizing, it works out apparently. It was common to marry at twelve in the Old West. And it was not lust with them as it was or is for many of you here but true love which is still while they have not? How many have been divorced here while they have not?

  26. Media1 says

    It used to be the norm for young people to get married, but over the last fifty years, teenage marriage has become increasingly stigmatized. Nineteen-year-old Miley Cyrus and 22-year-old Liam Hemsworth’s engagement announcement has prompted people to speculate that they’re not old enough to make a lifelong commitment to each other. There’s no “right” age at which to get married, but age is important to take into consideration because it’s reflective of one’s maturity, education, and financial stability.
    “Marriage today has changed so much since 1960, when half of all women were married by age 20,” says Stephanie Coontz, the Director of Research and Public Education at the Council on Contemporary Families. “Don’t confuse lust with love,” says Coontz. “Friendship, on a deeper level, is about knowing each other’s interests and sharing those interests; not just having fun together. Women are frequently higher earners than their husbands, and you have to be sure that you’re picking a guy who won’t be threatened by that.”
    The wedding is just the first step.
    “Your wedding day is not going to be the biggest day of your life,” says Coontz. “It is part of a journey that you and your partner should be conducting together, where both of you will be investing in your own education and careers so that you can have a life that complements the relationship, not a life that depends on the relationship.”

  27. Media1 says

    The German penal code in the nineteenth century set the age of consent at 14. In 1897, the Scientific Humanitarian Committee began circulating a petition calling for repeal of the sodomy statute (a campaign that lasted twenty-five years, without success).

    It hoped to make its proposal more palatable to the authorities by proposing that, in exchange for repeal of the statute, the age of consent be raised to 16! It thereby began a trend, which has continued in the gay movement to this day, to shift the focus away from the consensual nature of sexual acts toward achieving greater sexual elbow room for adults at the direct expense of others – boy-lovers and young people, whose relationships they know (or ought to know) are no less consensual.

    The writer John Henry Mackay expressed indignation at the efforts of Hirschfeld’s committee to trade off an increase in the age of consent for repeal of Paragraph 175. In his 1907 pamphlet Gehör! Nur einen Augenblick! (Listen Only a Moment!), he noted that “No law can protect youth from seduction. Only enlightenment can do that.” Instead of the law, we should trust the unwritten “law of love.”

    He denounced “professional seducers of youth” who would seduce a boy “before he has reached the time of maturity,” but noted that everyone is different and therefore age cannot be the criterion: “This is where the borderline lies, and not in an artificial stipulation of age. One person is mature, yet still looks like a child; the next person is still a child, although we take him to be mature on account of his age.”2 Summarizing his struggle in 1912, he concluded: “it is our task, those of us who love young people, to win them for ourselves – not through persuasion and seduction, but through love and friendship.”3

    So long as we deny that children are sexual beings, however, that is exactly the kind of law we are going to have.

    From the NAMBLA Bulletin, Vol. 24, No. 4, pgs. 10 – 13, Oct. 2004.
    Copyright © NAMBLA, 2008.

  28. thom says

    …If we are patient, this scumbag will wind up on the heap of reeking garbage eventually….Of course there are people who think he is cool (just listen to the redneck laughter at this speech)..they love Rush and Sarah too. In the end they are the real losers the Robertson’s are the winners raking in all that cash with their filthy ways. They are con-artists, folks. Wise up. May 2014 see the end of this whole embarrassing tribe of low-lifes. No wonder people in other countries think we are one of the most advanced but backward at the same time cultures on the planet. They play NO PART in my love for my America. They are just greedy and seedy and disgusting. God, I love free speech. It gives them the right spout off insane babblings and at the same time gives me the right to call them out on their trash.

  29. BROCODE says

    WHY ARE WE SURPISED? HE’s a hick? They are a country TRain -wreck thats why people watch the show. What he really meant is Marry 15 year olds who happen to be your cousins!

    Leave him alone, His Racism, Homophobia, Misogyny, and outdated ignorance are refreshing and entertaining.

  30. Brian Mouland says

    Hey Phil watching these entitled ,self-obsessed moral authorities moan and poo their panties about what is obviously is a joke is funnier than your TV program. Keep them coming Duckman!

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