Russia High Court Upholds Constitutionality of Ban on ‘Gay Propaganda’


Russia's highest court has ruled that the oppressive anti-homosexuality law, the ban on 'gay propaganda', is constitutional, RIA Novosti reports:

The Constitutional Court dismissed a complaint from Nikolai Alexeyev, a leading gay rights campaigner, that St. Petersburg city council had acted unconstitutionally by passing legislation to ban the promotion of homosexuality among minors…

The ruling regarded a May 2012 case in which Alexeyev had been fined for holding up a poster featuring a quote: “Homosexuality is not a perversion, unlike grass hockey or ice ballet.” The quote was made by Soviet-era actress Faina Ranevskaya.

Alexeyev had asked the court to rule that the law was based on prejudice and permitted discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation. But the judges concluded that the Constitution obliged the State to protect motherhood, childhood and family.

Legislators therefore had a duty to “take measures to protect children from information, propaganda and campaigns that can harm their health and moral and spiritual development”. The court ruled that the law against gay propaganda was such a measure, arguing that the exercise of civil rights and freedoms could not be permitted at the cost of other people’s rights.

The court's ruling was made in late October but not released publicly until yesterday.

The Russian wire service adds:

In a separate case, a court in the northern city of Murmansk fined Alexeyev and fellow activist Yarosvlav Yevtushenko 4,000 rubles each on Tuesday. The GayRussia campaign website said that the two men had been convicted under the gay propaganda law for holding up banners outside a children’s library that read “gay propaganda doesn’t exist. People don’t become gay, people are born gay”.


  1. renovato says

    I hope he takes this to the EHRCt.
    I suspect they will not agree with The Russian Constitutional Court. They have after all disagreed and fined the Russian regional administrations for the local versions of this law.
    Young People knowing that gay people lead happy healthy normal successful lives does not harm young people, Homophobia, prejudice, defamation, lies and discrimination and inequality- does.

  2. MikeKV says

    “…arguing that the exercise of civil rights and freedoms could not be permitted at the cost of other people’s rights.”

    My guess is the court didn’t notice the delicious irony in this statement…

  3. Hey Darlin' says

    The world will remember how Russia wanted to protect young people every time we watch a young person being abused by it’s citizens for being themselves.

    Todays young gay person who sees abuse by the citizens who go unpunished for their horrible actions will become tomorrows lawmaker sooner than Russia realizes.

  4. MaryM says

    There is no point in taking this to the European Court of Human rights – Russia ignores the court’s rulings.

    Since that hateful country signed up to the ECHR the waiting time to get a case heard has jumped from 1 year to 10 years because of the massive volume of human rights abuse cases being taken against the Putin dictatorship.

    Economic sanctions and boycotts are the only way to deal with the fascist Putin regime.

  5. CPT_Doom says

    So, it’s official, Russia will not protect freedom of speech, leaving LGBT Russians with absolutely no means of fighting for their equality, as to even argue for that cause is a crime. Shall we see another shrug of the shoulders of the IOC, as they concentrate on their real concern – $$?

  6. GregV says

    The Soviet Union had a long tradition of “protecting” the whole populace from having a real education complete with valid facts on this and a multitude of other issues.
    That mentality of “protecting” people (right from school kids on up to members of the court) from having too much knowledge continues in Russia.
    The result is and always has been a society thst is deeply dysfunctional politically, socially and economically.
    “Protection” from the opportunity to understand issues has never benefited individuals or motherhood and apple pie or anything else.

  7. jerome says

    “…. The court ruled that the law against gay propaganda was such a measure, arguing that the exercise of civil rights and freedoms could not be permitted at the cost of other people’s rights….”


    Orwell was right to leave the East.

  8. Saturnalia says

    “…. The court ruled that the law against gay propaganda was such a measure, arguing that the exercise of civil rights and freedoms could not be permitted at the cost of other people’s rights….”

    Good for Russia.

    And all of you towleroads have no problem with Americn schools banning Christmas cards on the ground that they might send some child to Church.

    Hypocrytes one and all.

  9. says

    Saturnalia: you probably saw that TV report on Rossiya 1 about the horrors of Europe where all the boys are made gay, all the girls are forced to be prostitutes or abducted by Turks, and everybody dies, and thought it was real.

  10. says

    A literal translation of the text is as follows:

    The ban on the given public actions is intended to prevent children from having heightened concentration of attention in questions of sexual relations, which might lead to significant deformation in the mind of the child about the role and value of such relations and hinder the formation of an adequate identity.

    Note: “deformation” and “hinder the formation.” This from the constitutional court.

  11. Saturnalia says

    Thank you VNV for the link. But it badly tastes of damage control. I am more inclined to believe original report, the moment it mentions atheist organizations pressuring schools. Until I see reports that are aplogy for misinterpreted events, I will stick to original.

    KEVINVT, do not use Google translate please, it is proven inneficient and horribdly lacking in regards to slavic languages over and over. Russia has the right to regulate own affairs.

    As for the report from Russia 1, I have not seen it, but it bares a striking resemblance to the plot of my new novel, though I do not use Turks ( I think if they said something like that, I mean TV station, it is really off base and disgusting )but more a conglomerate of gay mobsters from the west :).

  12. Daniel says

    So the court system is no longer valid. They fine people which just leads to millions of LGBTA people no longer upholding any law since it’s pointless with corrupt courts and politicians violating human rights, which leads to billions of dollars in damage in Russia in response, which collapses the government because the nation’s economy is so pathetic to begin with. Russia’s government brings its own destruction through human rights violations against others. How fitting and easy an end. And are Russian officials expecting the international LGBTA community to uphold their diplomatic immunity anymore or any of their interests around the world?

  13. Saturnalia says

    Your vision of economic colapse because of withdrawal of pink ruble ( russian money ) in some form of protest is thankfully pure SF. Also, as I do not see anyone withdrawing diplomatic immunity of officials iof the states that does have penalties in laww, against homosexuals, the other thing is not likely to happen either.

    Stonewall was much more result of mixiang cocain with alcohol, methinks. And if someone tried that schtik in Russia, there is law against disruption of order in public spaces.

    Not everyone would – nor should – stand as aclay pigeon when protestors hurl stones and whatnot at them. Find the news about attack on US border patrol. Those man should be honored for staying resolved and not mow the attackesr with battons as they were in right to.

    You do know that these laws are for supressing sexual activism around minors, right? It is nothing to do with attacks on gays, and just for the record you have more serious attacks in NY than in whole of Russia.

  14. Daniel says

    You don’t think the LGBTA community has already thought through how to deal with regions that violate human rights? You cannot possibly be that ignorant. The LGBTA community has experienced every atrocity imaginable throughout history and learned carefully the entire time. You must be one of those people who likes to pretend people experiencing human rights violations will simply go along with it. The LGBTA community in Russia vastly outnumbers the government. And the international LGBTA community vastly outnumbers the entire population of Russia. You have to be crazy to think that people – gay, bi, or straight – preserve the rule of law in places that violate human rights.

  15. Saturnalia says

    …wait what? So this whole Arab Spring thing is in fact a massive homosexual uprising? The riots in France couple years ago?

    Silly me. How did I not see it befoere?

    Interesting, you ascribe to the same rules as you interpret Orson Scott Card of confoming to, and damn him for it. Hypocrisy at its finest.

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