1. David From Canada says

    Beautiful clip.
    I’d hate to clean up all that mess. That’s what happens when you suffer from internalized homophobia and being very shy and withdrawn. There’s a whole lot of work to be done to clean up the mess and pain afterwards – but it just takes time and lots of patience with yourself and other people.

  2. Don in GA says

    This production spoke to me on a deep level. I grew shy after experiencing a lot of teasing and scary moments, some from family drama. I drew into myself because I trusted no one. I feared more hurt and confusion. Thing was I remembered a time when I led exactly the opposite life. I was a very outspoken, extroverted child so withdrawing hurt me as much as it protected me. Better the pain and fear I know. Anyway, after many years I seek to repair the damage, to learn trust, to lower this heavy shield and come out. This video isn’t a message against shyness. I’m bashful but I want to relate, to express and smile. This is a message to me that I can do it if I want to. I only have to believe, work hard, and stay on course. I love Harry and his team for taking the time to send this message, thank you.

  3. TRH says

    Beautiful artistic performance. One of the most under-rated performers on Glee, I guess because he isn’t a singer. Of course, watching this clip, I became fearful and distracted thinking what horrible chemicals he might be breathing in with that red pigmented dust. But that’s just me.

  4. Tristram says

    He’s not very good looking for an asian guy, not a great actor and I’m Not a big dance afficionado either, which makes me wonder what his attraction is? Must be the dancing ….?

  5. David says

    So very beautiful.
    This was a great combination of dance, photography, visual design, music, spoken word, the total effect being much greater than the sum of the parts. All came together in a way that was very moving.
    Harry Shum always seemed under-utilized on Glee,as though the producers did not know how to fit him in with the rest of the cast. Let’s hope he finds another vehicle for his talent.
    I too was worried about him breathing the red dust.

  6. MichaelJ says

    As someone whose first impulse is often to retreat into a shell in spite of learning how to break through the shell in most instances, I found this very moving.

    @Tristam: Harry is “…not very good looking…”?!?! Everyone has their tastes in men and is of course entitled to their opinions, but I bet many if not most Towleroaders would think you are blind.

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