Smartphone App Blued Knocks Out Grindr And Jack’d In China

BluedA new "gay match-making" app has taken off in China, amassing a little over 2 million users in the least year according to Al Jazeera. Blued has already become more popular than Grindr, an app that is perhaps most prevalent in the United States. "I use Grindr, but people in China use it so little," said Clint Wang. Jack'd, a gay dating/hook-up app created in Belgium and popular in larger Chinese cities like Shanghai, is oft referred to by its "Chinese name jie ke di, which literally translates to a place where a sex worker finds his or her John." Still, Blued has outpaced Jack'd and Grindr, gaining preeminence in "China's second- and third-tier cities."

However, the release of the figures estimating Blued's popularity comes on the heels of China's government controlled news agency expressing concern that apps such as Blued will increase China's rate of HIV infection. However, the CEO of Blued, Geng Le, does not agree with the government's characterization of the risk:

[Le told Al Jazeera that he] feels his company is part of the solution, not the problem, to China's HIV/AIDS epidemic. "We have helped the government spread education to combat the HIV/AIDS information."

"If HIV/AIDS is an issue, it's because of bad sexual practices," like unprotected sex, and misinformation, Geng said, not apps themselves.

Tom Myers, spokesman and general counsel at the AIDS Healthcare Foundation in Washington, D.C., echoed Geng's opinion.

"It sounds funky to me,” he said. “I'd have to see what evidence the (Xinhua) report is relying on."

"What drives the epidemic in the U.S. and in most of the world is people who have HIV and don't know they have HIV," said Myers, adding that finding treatment allows people with HIV to become up to 96 percent non-infectious. "That's a better success rate than condoms."

Geng estimates that there are 13 million gay men in China and Blued hopes to reach 10 million smartphones across the country.


  1. Hammond says

    If we’re in the fight for equal rights and marriage in a traditional sense, why don’t we stop cruising for anonymous ‘dates’ and start acting like responsible people?

  2. says

    Is there anything less sexy than a chinese guy? They are sooo skinny. And small. In different ways, if you know what I mean. The only asian types less sexy than the chinese are the filipinos.

  3. FFS says

    Because marriage and tradition aren’t a panacea for everyone’s pursuit for happiness, Hammond. There are plenty of responsible people who have little to no interest in either. Conformist, much?

    That said, I really just clicked thru to post that Clint Wang would make an awesome nom de porn.

  4. emjayay says

    Holy crap, racist much, LK?

    It is true that on average, Asians (not counting south Asians) are smaller than Europeans. And on average European guys are smaller than Africans.

    Guess what, some even European Americans think Asian guys are often beautiful. In other news, there’s more to what makes a person hot than that.

  5. Mike says

    @EMJAYAY That is not our Little Kiwi. That is just one of Towleroad’s resident TROLLS at work being disgusting and racist as usual!

  6. Mike says

    Damn. I wish Andy would at LEAST put in software that would verify that the name you post a comment under matches your E-mail.

  7. Q says

    Is there an app to make Andy hire bloggers who will make this site relevant, news-breaking and interesting again? As far as I can tell, he doesn’t much care.

  8. jjose712 says

    emjayay: It’s not Little Kiwi, it’s the stupid troll that is always writing stupid things here and it’s too lazy to even put an original nickname

  9. John says

    Problem with this is the Chinese government is likely behind the app and at the least is certainly culling all data from it.

  10. lucien says

    OMG!! They’re all sooo well groomed, thank god they have that app to help them remind themselves they should practice basic personnel hygiene – like brushing their teeth, combing their hair…..

  11. Lars says

    @Nathan, 13m does seem like a low estimate. There are aprx 700m men in China, 73.4% of whom are 15-64 years of age. So working purely off of a crude (highly contested) estimate of 5% of any given population being gay, that means there are roughly 26m adult gay men.

  12. EMJAYAY says

    Wow…I got schooled. You know, I wrote that racist hit-piece using Lil’Kiwi’s name…but no one responded to me (me,me,me)…

    …So I invented “Emjayay” as a poster, so I could point out my very own racist comment, disguised as Lil’Kiwi.

    That I do this is no surprise. Since you all won’t recognize me for the Racist Troll that I am, I simply HAVE TO post while pretending (PWP).

    That I am a moron should be obvious to all.

  13. Q says

    Goah, is there an APP that will ferret out Log Cabin Trollers trying to defame this site through posts?

    We just can’t help ourselves; LGBT Business models should all fail unless they are owned by my Republican Masters.

    Because how can any blog tell the truth UNLESS it is approved by the GOP, ALEC, AFP, or any other Shell-Corp of Kock-Bigot Inc.

    I just can’t wait to post another ‘slam’ against Andy the next time he mispells a word. That’ll prove it!

  14. jamal49 says

    The fruits of Capitalism. An app that will permit you to sell yourself to the highest bidder.

    And, it is THE “Little Kiwi”. The link takes you to its blogspot. Shame on you, Kiwi.

  15. anon says

    Are the photos on this app any more ‘real’ than the ones on Grindr? How about an app that shows the rating each guy got after a hook-up?

  16. emjayay says

    OK, that does it. I thought the racist post was from the real Little Kiwi. You guys straightened me out on that. Thanks, I appreciate it.

    Then someone (same person, no doubt) used my ID to post some even more misleading crap.


    This is a great site. The best gay site. But you have to get a decent commenting system. This is not the first time I’ve said this. The Disquiss system used by a lot of blogs seems to work pretty well, and includes registation, thumbs up and down, and flagging.

    Trolls are ruining this blog by posting anti-gay comments and continually using other commenter’s names.

    Please do something.

    Yes I swear I am the actual person who has commented before using this name.