1. parkrunner says

    Birth defects! Ha Ha Ha! Disabilities! Oh My Gawd! You’re killing me! Too funny, too funny!

  2. BreckRoy says

    Agreed that they had a teed up, brilliant concept here that was completely wasted. TSoM:Live! was ripe for a send-up like no other and it was wasted by going to the well with one of Wiig’s strange recurring characters…meaning no actual creative send up is done, no genius parody has to be written…just put Wiig out there and everyone is supposed to laugh. It reminds me of when SNL had Jane Lynch, a legitimate comic star, on and we were waiting to see how hard they would parody GLEE, a show that was totally asking for a send-up. They start the skit, Jane Lynch comes out as her iconic character…and introduces onw of Kristen Wiig’s recurring characters who then does her schtick for 4 minutes..and scene. No Lynch, no satire…just Wiig doing a character we’d seen a million times before with only the loosest of tie ins to the show beimg parodied. It’s lame and its lazy. If you’re collecting a paycheck to do pop culture satire, then actually do it.

  3. Sam says

    As stated ad nauseum, the singer that should have done “Sound of Music” on ABC was Kristin Chenowith. Voice of an angel and can act too!

  4. Chuck says

    Please send her back to wherever she ended up. Didn’t she ruin enough SNL skits as a regular?

  5. leprechaunvict says

    I also don’t get how Wiig and SNL has “gotten away” with this recurring character. I’m not uptight and obsessed with being PC, but making fun of those with birth defects/being developmentally delayed is a bit weird. Also, as mentioned above, the sketch didnt’ actually make fun or do a very good parody of TSOM. Whatevs, at least Tarran Killam is cute to look at as always…

  6. emjayay says

    Kristen Chenoweth is 44. Just too old to play a novice at a convent. Carrie Underwood is 30 and looks younger.

    Wiig is great, but that character is rather iffy and did divert away from the many avenues of satire possible about this production of SofM, including (but maybe just too obviously) Underwood’s cringworthy acting.

  7. Lee says

    why aren´t people talking about THE production rather than the people? the production WAS the disaster
    people had very little chance to overcome that

  8. says

    I just don’t understand the appeal of this character in the slightest. They had a wealth of material to spoof in the NBC production, yet the choice to use Wiig’s character I found unfunny. Think she’s tremendously talented, just not this character.