Spain Colludes With Russia To Ban Same-Sex Adoptions Of Russian Children

6a00d8341c730253ef017c332b68e0970b-800wiEarlier this year one of the steps that the Russian government took to further demonize homosexuals was to ban adoptions of Russian children by gay couples and even going so far as to ban all adoptions from any country that has legalized gay marriage, such as France, regardless of the orientation of the adopting couple.

Most countries have condemned these actions, but Spain has chosen instead to bow to Russia's whims. In January, Spanish officials will be signing an accord with Russia that will allow the country to continue adopting Russian children so long as Spain prevents any of them from being adopted by same-sex couples. The accord even extends to adopted children who wind up abandoned or in some other way lose their Spanish parents; Spain will be required to report to Russia where the children have been relocated to and will not be allowed to be adopted by same-sex couples.

Sweden is also considering a similar accord, and the Putin mouthpiece Voice of Russia claimed that similar accords with the U.S. and Israel had also been in the works.


  1. Todd says

    Wow, is second status citizenship fun when sanctioned by a bunch of people who spend zero time actually looking at LGBT families who have successfully raised kids in loving and deserving homes that buck the trend of hetero norms?

  2. Jim says

    Amazing how western European states are increasingly willing to appease a tyrant like Vladimir Putin. Given how badly appeasement turned out for western Europe back in 1938, you’d think Europeans would have since learned to draw the line with tyranny. Why is bootlicking back in fashion among European governments?

  3. borut says

    Putin cares more about displaying his homophobia than he does about giving children the opportunity to find loving homes. But should states in the West insist on Russia respecting equality for same-sex couples even if this means so many children will continue to grow up in orphanages?

  4. Randal Oulton says

    Good heavens, there’s surely must be enough children in the First World who need good homes, do we really have to be sourcing them from the Third World?

  5. litper says

    Current Spanish government are a bunch of homophobes! They tried to stop gay marriage but they couldn’t now they terrorize women with abortion laws. I hope Catalonia secedes and lets them drown in their own filth.

  6. Victor says

    But US signed an agreement with Russia back in 2011 that already essentially provided a mechanism for prevention of adoption by same-sex couples (and dissolution of adoption if found out). Here’s the text of it:

    Look at Article I.5) It says that the agency essentially needs to be authorized by Russia and work according to Russia’s domestic laws in the field of adoptions, meaning that no same-sex couple adoptions are allowed. (And the Obama administration had agreed to that.)

    Similar effect: Article 3.2, essentially all of Article 5.

    If you look at Article 14, it essentially authorizes to potentially take away children in cases where adoption was done while one of the parents was closeted, but since has come out…

    There were lots of reports on the agreement signing back in 2011 in Russian news, which included the part about preventing same-sex couples from adoptions, but all the American sources only reported about the agreement in general, completely avoiding the same-sex issue.

  7. Victor says

    This agreement was not a necessity. For decades, Americans adopted children in Russia without an agreement on regulation. It was something that the Obama administration decided to sign in the hope of improving relations with Russia.

  8. Saturnalia says

    BOO HOO, big bad Russia. Why do Towleroad did not report on that gay man who blackmailed teenager to have sex with thim? I think it is a Texas or Florida, look it up.

    Russia is svereign nation and can do whatewer it pleases it.


    That’s because the conservatives are now in power in Spain. But as it always happen, when the politic tables change again, this ludicrous accord will be reverted. In that respect Spain is pretty split like the U.S., two very different sides that demonize each other.

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