1. Perrin James says

    Oh look, another country suffering from overpopulation where the “all for me, none for you” choir thinks that marriage is all about procreation.

  2. Cocoa says

    o,o ……. You know Mike, I hadn’t thought of that until you mentioned it….

    So either they somehow think that somebody that reads English would pass by like a tourist, or they are pandering to the US religious fringe and trying to capture their attention by preparing a sign in English.

    …. Or somebody handed those signs to them and told them show it to the cameras in a stunt picture. Those signs looks terribly uniform for it to be real….

  3. wongsan says

    Btw, many sighs are written in English as those haters probably have both Taiwanese and American citizenships and have resided in these two countries. I’d bet some of them belong to Chinese (Christian) Church or have friends and relatives who are member.

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