Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black Hang Out in Houston: PHOTO


Tom Daley and Milk screenwriter Dustin Lance Black have been photographed for the first time together since Daley's coming out (and since speculation began that he was dating Black). The couple was seen at the University of Houston diving center on Wednesday where Daley is training for the 2016 Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Daley recently told UK talk show host Jonathan Ross that it was "love at first sight".

More photos at Just Jared.

Image: Pictures.

Read about Daley's coming out in our year-end I'm Gay: 53 Most Powerful Coming Outs of 2013 wrap-up.


  1. says

    I work for this university and have tried stopping by the diving center to see if I could catch a glimpse of Tom training. Of course, the day I don’t go, he is spotted.

    I swear I’m not a stalker or anything.

  2. Leo says

    It’s not even the age difference that bother’s me, tbh. It’s DLB’s well-documented history as a chicken hawk with short flings (I’m DONE with people blithely suggesting he perhaps wanted some youthful “perspective”) and amazing hypocrisy involving the leaked bareback tape.

    If DLB’s changed, then I wish them both the best. If Tom wants just a hot fling, wrap up and enjoy. But if it’s anything more he wants, then forgive me the cynicism – I doubt DLB wants to change, and for that I give this relationship 6 months max with an awfully rude awakening for Daley. Would I go as far as to suggest DLB’s using Tom for publicity as well? Given his past stunts, yeah, I would.

  3. Karl says

    I have to agree with Leo. It wasn’t very long ago that DLB was spotted all around Hollywood with Taylor Lautner. He moves on, the twinkier and more famous the better.

  4. MaryM says

    Let’s not forget DLB’s reputation as a exploitative predator of VERY young men.

    His relationship with Daley may be legal but with DLB’s history of being a predatory chicken hawk who abuses his teenage lovers, let’s hope that Daley escapes unharmed.

  5. Brady Black says

    I agree with every word you say, but I would add that “rude awakenings” are a necessary part of growing up, so Tom Daley will still benefit from this in the long run.

  6. crispy says

    Where was Dustin Lance Black on the morning of the Boston Marathon? Flight records show he was in Boston that day. Hmmmm.

  7. jamal49 says

    God! I hope I do not become as cynical and embittered as some of the homo queens here when I grow up.

  8. Bryan says

    @LEO: what well documented history of DLB do you have? People have been saying this and I’m still waiting for non-speculative and purely factual evidence to be provided to me, but no one has been able to do that yet. All I’ve gotten is speculation that he was dating Taylor Lautner which no one is even a 100% sure of, since you yourself are not even sure Lautner is gay. Then we have more speculation about Colton Haynes, another person who know one is sure is gay too.
    So basically, the only “well documented” evidence that everyone has is what they think they know.

  9. says

    What will grown men do with their time if this relationship ends or, god forbid, quietly flourishes? Terrifying to think about …

  10. crispy says

    @Bryan: His boyfriend’s cousin heard it from a bartender who trains at the same gym as Dustin Lance Black’s ex.

  11. Leo says


    I was under the impression everyone knew Taylor and Colton were both out privately and in glass closets publicly.

  12. Red says

    There is no evidence that DLB dated Taylor Lautner and Colton Haynes. People should stop making false claims.

  13. Guido says


    I have this image that you look like Piper Laurie from Carrie, except you’re, like, a lesbian surrounded by a bunch of calicos.

    😀 xoxo

  14. Bestcomments says

    they look great and it looks like they have been together for a bit. some pics are way back to May so that’s more than six months already right? And you know what if anything good comes out of this is that a least Tom is out and proud. Let that serve as inspiration to others.

  15. Howard B says

    Some of you guys need to relax. It’s not as if Tom and Dustin are getting married, or adopting a child together. They are just dating. Best of luck to them.

  16. Mike Ryan says

    I don’t gay what any of the snarky jealous queens say – they look very good and happy together. This is a first for Tom and he went right to the top – an Academy Award winning screen writer. Who knows how long it will last but it certainly puts Tom at the top of the list. Maybe next he can hook up with Jake or Clooney (boy, THAT would send you all into a tizzy!). This is Tom’s first exploration and learning experience. He is smart enough to pick a seasoned man. You never forget your first love!

  17. bandanajack says

    no matter what you think of them as a couple, DLB wearing what at least appears to be tom’s jacket is trashy. “look what i bagged”. KARMA would be well served if tom dumped black for a younger model, or a nicer one.

  18. crispy says

    Little known fact: Only Brits are allowed to wear the colors of the Empire. It was decreed by the Queen.

  19. crispy says

    @Leo: My admittedly poor attempts at humor are “tacky” says the guy who is accusing a stranger of, at best, preying on young men and, at worst, abuse. OK then.

    For the record: I was mocking MaryM, who’s more hysterical than the Queen of Hearts. I hadn’t even noticed your comments.

  20. RK says

    They look good together. DLB looks 20ish, though that doesn’t matter. They look good together as a couple. If it works, who are we to judge. Remember we are judged as gay people by haters all the time. We must support our gay brothers and sisters. It is nice to see a “celebrity” gay male couple for change. Best wishes to them both and long happy life. Now, Matt Lautner should come out already before he starts looking like a clueless fool hiding in the closet.

  21. Profe Sancho Panza says

    Now that there’s no mystery, this relationship is not even remotely interesting. It doesn’t even qualify as gossip anymore.

  22. Leo says


    Accusations of abuse? If by that you mean my opinion that DLB (a public figure, not a stranger) is using him for sex and to stay in the public eye, then yes, you’d be correct.

    Apparently that’s worse in your mind that invoking the Boston Marathon bombing to mock someone on this comment board.

    Whatever makes sense in your sick head, I guess. Have at it.

  23. crispy says

    Yeh, accusations of sexual abuse are worse–FAR worse–than obvious satire.

    And I had no idea that screenwriters were public figures now! Poor Charlie Kaufman must be petrified of TMZ.

  24. jjose712 says

    Argg, i heard again and again DLB reputation this DLB reputation that, but never a fact about in what is based that reputation.

    On a shallow note, Dustin Lance Black looks really good and a lot younger than his age.

  25. Tcolors says

    Tom is only 19 just out of school and this adult man with no moral compass is now having sex with him, It’s shameful. Those of you who say age doesn’t matter. Does that mean Dustin who is 39 can “date” a 13 yr old? If not, age does matter.

  26. jjose712 says

    Leo: Please don’t make me laugh.
    Colton maybe, but Taylor Lautner is doing beard after beard for publicity, he is not in any glass closet.

    And frankly, i doubt closet cases in hollywood get near an openly gay with such public profile.

  27. Glen says

    That is a 39 year old man who dresses like a 20 year old. Even the hair cut. Screams mid life crisis…

  28. anon says

    Tom: Dustin, can I make it show business?

    Dustin: Sure, just make sure you do 30 laps before lunchtime, sweetie.

  29. Fox says

    When I was Tom’s age, I loved the older man in my life. He still holds a most special place in my heart. I wouldn’t give up the time we spent together for anything. In retrospect, it was one of the most meaningful and significant relationships in my life. I just don’t get all the criticism here. These two are only dating. And no, it may not last. Big deal. The majority of people don’t end up with the first person they date, nor the first person they sleep with, nor even the first person they fall in love with. That’s life.

  30. Steven says

    They met last year at the Teen Awards. What do you call a 40 year old man who preys on a 18 year old? A predator.

  31. robroy says

    So a 38 year old and an 18 year old? Feel free to call me a bitter old queen but aw hell no! And id DLB really is 41 like some sites claim I can’t understand anyone letting 40 to 18 fly.

    And WTH kind of 40 year old goes to the teen choice awards???

  32. Bryan says

    @LEO: The glass closet thing is BS to me. Sure you have cases like Matthew Bomer whom everyone knew was gay even though he never said so, he never denied it either.
    You don’t try to cover up any hint of a gay past like Colton Haynes has done or beard all over the place like Taylor Lautner does and try to claim “glass closet”, doesn’t work in this case. If anything they’re closeted, if they’re even gay.

  33. raul5050 says

    the comments about Dustin and his former habit with young men is a stitch.

    don’t any of you remember being 19-20 yr. old?

    No relationship that Daley has at this stage is going to last forever. No one at 19 is the same person at 30-40 etc.

    So everyone just chill! The guys is in love and the rest will run it’s course and lessons will be learned for the young Tom.

    P.S. God forbid most of our first loves or crushes aired in public. You know what I mean?

  34. Glen says

    Look DLB deserves a lot of hate heaped on him just for his “support” of safe sex, then being exposed as a bareback bottom. Truly I think it is a case of leading a closeted life for Tom. The old adage “you need to get laid or you are going to fall in love with the first guy that comes a long” seems true. Good for the two of them if they are in love but I don’t buy it. Like I said DLB is 39 or 41 maybe…and dressing like a man desperate for people to think he is not. Gays guys like this annoy the hell out of me. DLB, Andy Cohen..guys who openly lust after 19 year olds while in the mid to late 40’s? It’s the same as seeing these straight guys dump their wives for a 20 year old. Laughable. I get that gay life centers so much around youth culture but 40 an be proud. Stop wearing Abercrombie and backwards baseball caps, grow up and date someone who can remember cassette tapes.

  35. Craig says

    Very cute. I hope this works out okay for them, especially Tom. It’s impressive that he wasn’t afraid to appear in public with DLB so soon after his big announcement last week. I thought they might lay low from the media attention for a while.

  36. excy says

    In 1952, at the age of 48, Christopher Isherwood met an 18 year old Don Bachardy. The two were together until Isherwood died in 1986. 34 years together….in California. Good luck to DLB and Tom Daley.

  37. SpaceCadet says

    Now that they’ve been confirmed as a couple let’s just move on from this “story” shall we?

    And who says a 39 y/o can’t date or be in a relationship? That’s their business and it’s perfectly legal. And if they bareback in their private lives that’s their business too.

    A lot of bitter queens commenting here.

  38. wheelie81 says

    I frankly don’t give two flying flips about their age difference or DLB’s “supposed” past. But what I do think is wrong is that DLB is trying way too hard to look like he is actually Daley’s age. I say act and look your age, and quit worrying about what other people think. (As a side note: I don’t think either one of them pulls off the skinny jean look at all….IMO).

  39. Craig says

    @LEO, Taylor Lautner and Colton Haynes are in the closet. We may ‘know’ they are gay, but they are still maintaing straight profiles, particularly Taylor. In fact, Taylor is outright bearding! He was photographed holding hands just a few days ago with his ‘girlfriend’ Marie. The photos are online – take a look. Taylor is a year or two older than Tom Daley – he should follow Tom’s example and have the courage to come out.

  40. Joseph Singer says

    People need to back off. Tom Daley’s life is his own. If it’s a mistake it’s not the first time anyone’s made one. Don’t be so “expert” and leave him alone. Just because everyone has nasty things to say about DLB doesn’t mean that he cannot be a decent loving person. Back off!

  41. Craig says

    I think the reaction is because it’s kind of hard to picture Tom Daley in a serious relationship since he’s basically never had one before by his own admission, and he kind of grew up as an innocent little boy in the eyes of the public, lost his Dad, etc. It’s an adjustment for people to see him having what is presumably a sexual relationship with an older man.

  42. mitch reid says

    Dustin Lance Black’s first film he directed was The Journey of Jared Price where a 40 year old movie executive has a relationship with a homeless 18 year old. I didn’t understand the film when I watched it as part of a major gay film festival but now I do.

    DLB was taken advantage of as an 18 year old and now it is time for him to do the same.

  43. lookyloo says

    So stupid and tasteless. Both of them.
    Smartphones in skinny-jean pockets really needs to stop.

    Whether it be the vacuum-seal look (Tom) or the lumpy saddlebag look (DLB), it’s just wrong – And they’ve got perfectly good jacket pockets right there.

  44. MaryM says

    What was Dustin Lance Black – a middle aged man with no children and who does not write movies or shows for children doing at the Kids Choice Awards?

    Why would he allow himself be filmed barebacking?

    Why does DLB think gay people should give money to extremist bigot Orson Scott Card?

    Has he ever been known to have a boyfriend of his own age?

    Not bitter here.

    I find it bizarre that a man who is rumoured to be a predator on very young men is getting an automatic pass just because he is gay.

    Large age differences can work – but they are out of the ordinary.

    But with a reputation as skeezy as DLB’s then these are questions that should be asked.

  45. MaryM says

    What was Dustin Lance Black – a middle aged man with no children and who does not write movies or shows for children doing at the Kids Choice Awards?

    Why would he allow himself be filmed barebacking?

    Why does DLB think gay people should give money to extremist bigot Orson Scott Card?

    Has he ever been known to have a boyfriend of his own age?

    Not bitter here.

    I find it bizarre that a man who is rumoured to be a predator on very young men is getting an automatic pass just because he is gay.

    Large age differences can work – but they are out of the ordinary.

    But with a reputation as skeezy as DLB’s then these are questions that should be asked.

  46. says

    Lots of questions that “should be asked,” MaryM!

    Perhaps a bigger question is why would adults who have no relationship with either of these people be concerned with the details of their relationship at all?

    Might be more useful to concern ourselves with relationships over which we have some control–our own.

  47. Bryan says

    @MaryM: should have just ended your post as “rumoured to be a predator”, because so far no one has been able to provide anything concrete.
    Also, the requirement for you being at the Kids/Teen Choice Awards or any Entertainment award is for you to be working in the industry. Never thought he could attend because he didn’t have kids lol

  48. MercyMe says

    What is so adorable about a man that is 2yrs younger than Toms dad dating a teenage boy? Do you know that Dustin has had 3 teenage boyfriends in past 3 years? Google Jeff Daleacy and Dustin, google Robby Rasmeussen and Dustin, go to Flickr and search for Frank Fay. These are the teenage boys he’s dated in the last few years. An adult man that has nothing in common with people his own age has a problem. I would not call it cute. I would call it sad. Go to Duncan Roy’s blog and you can read a story about how Dustin treated Duncans teenage friend. Then tell me if your happy for yet another teenage boy with Dustin Lance Black.

  49. MercyMe says

    WIKI; Ephebophilia is the primary or exclusive adult sexual interest in mid-to-late adolescents, generally ages 15 to 19.[1][2] The term was originally used in the late 19th to mid 20th century.[2] It is one of a number of sexual preferences across age groups subsumed under the technical term chronophilia. Ephebophilia strictly denotes the preference for mid-to-late adolescent sexual partners, not the mere presence of some level of sexual attraction. In sexual ethics, it may be defined as a sexual preference for girls generally 14–16 years old, and boys generally 14–19 years old.[3] Some authors define ephebophilia as a sexual preference for pubescent and adolescent boys.[4]

    In research environments, specific terms are used for chronophilias: for instance, ephebophilia to refer to the sexual preference for mid-to-late adolescents,[1][2] hebephilia to refer to the sexual preference for earlier pubescent individuals, and pedophilia to refer to the sexual preference for prepubescent children.[2][5] However, the term pedophilia is commonly used to refer to any sexual interest in minors below the legal age of consent, regardless of their level of physical or mental development.[6]

  50. gutandstone says

    It’s not even the age that is bothering me. It’s the fact that Tom Daley still looks like he’s 12 yrs old. Black must like them young.

  51. ty says

    Mercyme YOU ARE EXHAUSTING!! Are you jealous? Why are you so “concerned”? When I was 19 I would always date someone older, they are better tops, have some money, and are generally more interesting. Go after George Clooney if you want to complain about chicken hawks!