1. Craig says

    “…and not much else.” Really? He’s usually in a speedo, the apron is waaay more than he normally wears.

  2. bollox says

    @Jack. It would be impolite not to wear an Xmas prezzie. Remember those vile sweaters from a distant aunt we had to wear?

  3. AmericanDreamer says

    I want DLB to date this twink for a few more months to stretch him out for me then I’ll take my turn on him and pass him to the next guy.

  4. Joseph Singer says

    @Jack: He didn’t buy himself a gay icon apron. It was a gifted item. Please at least _try_ to get over yourself.

  5. FFS says


    @AMERICANDREAMER: If you’d seen DLB’s penis, you’d know that it’ll take an intermediate top between you and him to accomplish what you want.

  6. Jaxon says

    Tom Daley is going thru that immature obsessive love phase while DLB is nearly 40 and pretending to go along with it until one dumps the other. Tom Daley’s coming out could have been good for the LGBT world but this relationship comes off as superficial and creepy.