Two Members Of The 1993 Houston Oilers Were Gay, Say Former Teammates


NFL team the Houston Oilers, now known as the Tennesse Titans, had a notoriously tumultuous year in 1993, according to a recent NFL Network documentary. However, what may surprise some is what did not seem to contribute to the team's woes that year: the presence of two gay players in the locker-room whom most, if not all, of the team knew to be gay. The Houston Chronicle reports:

“Listen, those guys that we’re talking about were unbelievable teammates. And if you wanted to go to war with someone, you would get those guys first. Because I have never seen tougher guys than those guys,” said Pro Bowl linebacker Lamar Lathon, who starred at the University of Houston. “And everybody in the locker room, the consensus knew or had an idea that things were not exactly right. But guess what? When they strapped the pads on and got on the field, man, we were going to war with these guys because they were unbelievable.” […]

[Players] insisted the ’93 Oilers were much more of an inclusive family than most have ever given them credit for.

“I really enjoyed playing on that team, to be honest with you,” five-time Pro Bowl defensive end Ray Childress said.

To prove how united they were in the face of constant adversity, players confirmed a rumor hinted at during the peak of a turmoil-filled era defined by The Choke and The Punch.

“Everybody knew certain guys (were gay). Everybody speculated and people used to see these two guys come in by themselves. They’d leave at lunchtime and then come back,” Bubba McDowell said.

McDowell echoed Lathon’s thoughts, saying the gay players were highly valued on the field and showering with them in the locker room was “no big deal.”


  1. andrew says

    That was 20 years ago. Isn’t it time to come OUT now? You will be criticized by some self righteous homos, who post here, who won’t like your timing, but you can still help young gays by coming OUT now.

  2. bkmn says

    Spending time in a locker room with a gay person is no different than spending time in a locker room with anyone else.

    Anyone who believes differently is spending too much time watching porn.

    Peter LaBarbera, Brian S. Brown and Brian Fischer, this is aimed at you.

  3. Gordon says

    This is becoming a lame dog, rumours, speculation doesn’t make the situation any easier. Yes, commenter it was a different age – why should they make it easy for you? Why should anybody gay have to still justify themselves to a generation ‘accepted’ as bisexual only because they can.

    Alan Turing just got a posthumous pardon for being gay. That was only a parent or grandparent in time

  4. Profe Sancho Panza says

    “And everybody in the locker room, the consensus knew or had an idea that things were not exactly right.”

    ‘“Everybody knew certain guys (were gay). Everybody speculated and people used to see these two guys come in by themselves. They’d leave at lunchtime and then come back,” Bubba McDowell said.’

    I’m sorry, but these quotes only show how “everybody knew” really just means “everybody speculated.” Going from a couple guys keeping to themselves to those guys being gay is a huge leap. Maybe their speculating teammates were right, or maybe they were just making homophobic judgments about guys who didn’t want to hang out with the rest of the team.

  5. Chevytexas says

    Lots of online Houston Chronicle responses, mostly “meh…” “who cares” abd ny favorite theme, “could we please get more gay players then? Posdibly a gay coach if that’ll get that seadon back.”

  6. Rafael says

    Who knows what their lives are like today. These were the players of another era. They could be dead for all we know.

  7. amigao says


    Exactly. It was 20 years ago but today, man, if I were them I would totally come out right now. It’s about helping the youth see that they have role models. That they can be anything. I’m almost 30. If I had guys like this come out when I was in my teens, wow, the difference. I always hated the drag queen, elton john idea of what it meant to be a gay male as out. I respect them, I do, but I’m masculine. I wanted to see ‘guy’ guys be gay and out. We need that !

  8. amigao says


    I wish more masculine guys would come out. I respect the drag queens and the elton johns, I do, but as a very masculine gay male – I love to see people like me represented as a part of the human fabric. Being a gay male has nothing to do, for me, with wearing heals and makeup. Or being musical.

  9. Rick says

    Be a man and embrace masculine values and straight men will accept you.

    Fail to do so and they won’t, nor should they.

    That is the moral of this story….and many others like it.

    If all gay men would be men and embrace masculine values, I assure you that ALL of our problems would melt away more or less instantaneouly.

    On some level, it really is that simple.

  10. Rick says

    “I wish more masculine guys would come out”

    If they did, they would only be attacked by the “Gay Establishment”, who push the agenda of “gender-non-conformity” and promote the culture of effeminacy…..and who are therefore deeply threatened by the idea of masculinity becoming the norm for gay men as it is for straight men.

    The only way it makes sense for masculine gay men to come out is as a group, with the purpose of making a statement, that statement being that they reject the prevailing gay culture and its underlying ideology and that they represent a different ideology and culture, one for the 21st century and beyond……that stresses the unity of men regardless of sexual orientation……

  11. Leroy Laflamme says

    They weren’t openly gay because of this attitude (then & now) – ‘…everyone … had an idea things were not quite right.’ Not quite right …

  12. Elsewhere1010 says

    There were always rumors about Mike Lucci in the early 1970’s when he played for the Detroit Lions…. might have been wish fulfillment on the part of some, but the rumors of a an overheard CB radio conversation were always around…

  13. bandanajack says

    i was intrigued by the ALM LYNCH story, did i did some background checking. all the articles i could find to varying degrees read as coded gay. inseparable, the families and girlfriends described in roundabout ways a devoted couple. one newspaper article without being snarky described them as soulmates in life and death. i’d say it is fair to draw the conclusion that they were lovers whether or not they physically acted on their love.

  14. Pancho Lopez says

    How wonderful. Gay men are now able to join a homophobic organization and get brain injury. Cheers!

  15. throwslikeagirl says

    There are all types of straight men and there are all types of gay and bisexual men. I think relatively few straight men are put off by other straight men who have different personalities and traits than they do. Let’s all try and accept everyone.

  16. I Remember says

    Back then I remember things being so different than now.

    Marriage was unimaginable, for instance.

    And nobody really cared about the military.

    Totally different era. There was a passivity about things. People SHOULD have been more pissed off, but they weren’t. Most of us were just trying to survive.

  17. 604brian says

    Wow.. the Alm/Lynch tragedy seems like it might be these two players. One dies tragically in an accident and the other kills themselves because of it. Sounds like profound love between two people.
    Thanks for the link. It would be incredible to hear the full story of these two men

  18. Fox says

    Snoozeworthy when you think about it, ‘cuz NFL teams have something like 50 players on them, so there could be at least two closeted gay guys on every team at any given time.

  19. andrew says

    @AMIGAO: Why was it necessary to call Pancho a F#G just because he posted an opinion you don’t agree with. There are already enough people on this site who post nasty thing about people they disagree with.

  20. litper says

    One of the top comments calling to kill the gays. I guess only nuclear holocaust will save Texas!

  21. Owens says

    Why the hell are players so hung up on the locker room and showers? What do they think the gay players are gonna do? Rape them? Hit on them? Everybody checks out everyones junk. But we don’t act on it, especially in a public place with reporters, team staff and their bosses there! Grow up athletes!

  22. Joe says

    There is widespread rumor that one of the players was Jeff Alm who killed himself shortly after killing his best friend in a car accident.

  23. Carlie says

    The speculation that Jeff Alm was one of the players doesn’t fit well. He may have been gay [urban legend has it that he was], but he would not have been a “key player” on that team. He was a rarely used backup.

  24. anon says

    I’m not sure about the point of this article. Were the presence of these two “ambiguously gay” teammates a help or hindrance when the Oilers were in trouble?

  25. Bobby says

    Rick seems to be suggesting gay men to ACT like something some of them are not. Isn’t that still lying about who you are? If people can’t accept the masculine along with the feminine in both gay men and lesbians, then it’s obviously the people’s fault who can’t accept them not the people who are simply being themselves.

    I’d rather be exactly who I am and know that I’m accepted for being real instead of a fake.

  26. oncemorewithfeeling says

    My congratulations to everyone for not making this comment section entirely about Trollroad’s resident trolls, but only making about half of it about Trollroad’s resident trolls.

    Stimulating conversation. At least on the part of those who are actually talking about the post, anyway.

  27. andrew says

    It is totally amazing to me that Rick still manages to get people to respond to his One Trick Pony Show. Guys, it should be obvious that he is not amenable to reason. His opinions influence no one. An occasional read lets you see they are just nonsense. Why not stop the knee jerk reactions? Why not stop giving him the attention he so obviously craves?

  28. jjose712 says

    Rick; Yes, because Gareth Thomas is constantly attacked on gay sites. Well, wait, no, in fact no, people on gay sites seems to like him.

    Your obsession with masculinity is a bit pathetic, and sounds like if you were overcompensating.

    The fact is, gay athletes the are masculine have less probabilities of coming out (even after their career ended) because it’s easier not doing it.
    And in team sports i can’t blame them because there are too many hurdles.
    But it would help if they really come out in the last years of their career, it’ll open a lot of doors, and they couldn’t be damaged for that decision because most of the achievements of their career would be done

  29. PepeSF says

    “I had a friendship with Skipper. You are naming it dirty!” -Brick Pollitt, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

  30. says

    Here’s hoping more people just Come Out. Period. Are you a grown adult? Help open the doors for the Youth – Help Out, Come Out.

    And to all the …uh… self-described “masculine gay men” who are commenting on this thread who want to see…uh.. “more masculine gay men”… this is the place to post the URLs to your own webpages, blogs, youtube accounts, instagram accounts, etc.

    You’re masculine and want to see more “masculine gay men”? Start with yourselves: show us all who you are as a gay man.
    And remember, if you *won’t* then there’s the problem: guys like you are so busy waiting for Someone Else to do it, that you never do it YOURSELVES.

    So, dont’ ask to see “more masculine gay men” – show yourself as one

    Here’s hoping that, for once, at least one of you will do it. But I ain’t holding my breath 😉

  31. FFS says

    Tebow missed his shot, looks like. He coulda been the first Outtie in the ‘N’ie.

    Rick, you’re not man enough to hold my jockstrap. But we’ll get you an anal retread for your birthday, so that at least you can be a half-way decent bottom, again.

  32. Rick says

    “Rick seems to be suggesting gay men to ACT like something some of them are not. Isn’t that still lying about who you are?”

    Not at all. Gay men who behave effeminately are the ones who are acting, mimicking the behavior of women when they are not women–totally artificial affectation that does not come naturally to any man. It is learned behavior and can be unlearned, and this is borne out by the fact that there are no biological or any other natural bases for it.

    I am simply suggesting that they do away with this affectation and instead behave in a natural way.

    “Your obsession with masculinity is a bit pathetic, and sounds like if you were overcompensating”

    I’m not obsessed with it–it’s just that I understand that it is THE issue when it comes to gay men not being accepted or respected in society. Yesterday, I say the film “Dallas Buyers Club”–the Matthew McCoughnahey (sp?) character, who is a straight homophobic redneck, is mistakenly thought to be gay by his buddies when they find out he is HIV+….and how do they reject him? By using epithets that call his masculinity into question–“Candy Cane”, “Sweet Cakes”. And if you think about it, all such epithets used against gay men are designed to do the same thing…..all the religious and “moral” stuff is just a cover-up of the REAL issue….and until we address the real issue, then nothing fundamentally will change…..

    “But it would help if they really come out in the last years of their career, it’ll open a lot of doors, and they couldn’t be damaged for that decision because most of the achievements of their career would be done”

    Right, but they don’t do they? For the reasons I gave.

  33. crispy says

    Whenever I see Rick’s name in the Recent Comments box, I click on it hoping it will be the always hilarious and spot-on satire.

    Like Rick’s dates, I hate being disappointed.

  34. jarago says

    Alm is described as an “emotional” guy is that a code word for gay? It does sound like a tragic love story- a sort of Brokeback Mountain with football.

  35. Curelover32 says

    Alm was well known to dive into the “straight” Houston massage parlor scene. John McCain, one of the most well respected news reporters in Houston, said Alm was not gay. It was two other guys. Earnest Givens name has been thrown out there.

  36. Bobby says

    604brian, keep in mind, Alm was the only one who was an Oilers player. Lynch was his best friend (and not a member of the Oilers).

  37. Tyler says

    Crispy, do you think Rick would post rants like that frequently and under that man aliases if he were dating or having regular human contact with actual gay men?

  38. FFS says

    You sure about that there, Ricky?

    Cuz there haven’t been any ballot measures to ban gay rights “but just for the femmes.” Mostly the straigties seem to complain about the whole weenies up the butt thing, be they masculine or femme weenies. And then there’s the whole Bible mishegoss.

    Being so desperate of the approval of people who hate you that you turn on everyone else like you is not the hallmark of sound mind, ya’ Looney Toon.