1. Jay says

    I feel bad for those homeless, hungry, sick and just struggling, for this is how their Government decides to spend its treasure.

  2. litper says

    So TEA party says they’re Taxed Enough Already and that’s where their taxes go? Such a hypocrisy!

  3. Nick says

    Surprising-not at all. LDS, Inc. runs the theocratic state of Utah. Look how much the Mormon Taliban spent in CA to promote their intolerance, hate and bigotry. They would spend 5x the 2M mentioned in this article.

  4. Brian Johnson says

    I think it should be noted that Utah’s television station KSL is owned by the Mormon church and all of their news reporting on this issue has been less than celebratory, focusing instead on the “good fight” to overturn Judge Shelby’s ruling no matter what the cost.

  5. Joseph says

    2 million dollars down the toilet! We need more dumb decisions like that. And yes, the Mormon hierarchy are morons. Time for the ‘prophet’ to have one more of them there “revelations”.

  6. oncemorewithfeeling says

    Republican are evil and Mormon cultists are evil; they’re working together to create evil — including the evil of wasting a fortune of taxpayer dollars on evil when people are starving — is the only sort of marriage either one of them cares about.

  7. gordon says

    I wonder when the rest of the Utah population are going to wake up and put an end to the theocracy in Utah?

  8. Damien says

    It may be that the best thing that can happen for marriage equality is for those opposed to hire the best attorneys they can to defend their position. When the public as well as the judges see that even the best attorneys cannot gather forceful arguments against equality, it will hasten the day when we are all free.

  9. simon says

    Despite their public statement, HRC may secretly want Utah to fight it to the Supreme Court. There is some chance it will lead to the overturn of all the marriage bans nationwise. If the House Repugs were not so eager to take DOMA to the Supreme Court, the dominoes would not have fallen so fast.

  10. NY2.0 says

    Wow, talk about fiscal conservatism at its best!

    On the other hand, this 2 million dollars (and likely higher) may well bring marriage equality across the 50 states.

  11. Bernie says

    omg! You would think these Republicans were fighting for their last breath!! If you read the wording carefully, you really wonder what about marriage equality is so scary for them to react this way…….this goes beyond the bible stuff……….

  12. Jim says

    Spend all you want, Utah. It won’t do a bit of good. The constitution, the case law, the opinions of trial and appellate courts–all these and more are coming down on Utah like a ton of bricks. No more state’s rights BS. This isn’t 1861 and Utah isn’t the 14th state of the old confederacy. No state has the right or authority to nullify the 14th amendment’s guarantee of equal protection of the law and due process to every citizen. So appeal away, Utah. That’s what we want: a final, definitive ruling from SCOTUS that sweeps away every anti-gay marriage ban in the entire country. You have a rendezvous with history, Utah–as a loser!

  13. ty says

    In the end, gays will be proven to be better parents, with longer, more committed relationships, and better role models to people around the globe. I would be scared as well if I were on the wrong side of the marriage issue. They are about to be shown up.

  14. Todd says

    Hmmm…they could be spending 20 million to offer assistance to patience with high debt because of illness, or assistance to parents with ill children, or various cancer research funds, or infrastructure upgrades, or higher pay for civil workers, or…or…or…No, this is the BS they’d rather spend they’re money on. It’s not just in Africa where bigotry is so well funded and decidedly focused.

  15. says

    My guess is that they would have agreed to spend $200M. If that could guarantee them a win they’d have gone for it. It won’t. When you read and see the general public reactions to the Utah ruling you realize that they understand what is at stake here. The LGBT struggle for equality is bigger than civil rights, it’s bigger than states rights. It’s the defining aspect of democracy vs theocracy. As Justice Daniels queried opposition litigator in New Mexico when he said ‘This is about religion. You want your religious views codified into law.’ They voted 9-0 against that because they understood the larger premise. When religious tenets replace constitutional guarantees of equality you have a theocracy and when that happens no one outside that power base is equal.

    They’ll try to hire Clementi. He may turn them down this time. He could go for the money & reason it out that every side should have the best lawyers arguing their side. Or he could counsel them that they’re fighting on the wrong side in a battle they will never win.

  16. Lexis says


  17. EchtKultig says

    “It’s the defining aspect of democracy vs theocracy”
    That’s the crux of it. The only way to truly justify an objection to gay marriage is to do so from the perspective of Abrahamic theology. So, once that falls, once we don’t let that arbitrarily dictate our civil society, Abrahamic theology loses a lot of its sociological power.

  18. EchtKultig says

    Not the mention the practical reason that, as I’ve noted before, internalized homophobia is a huge recruiting tool for evangelical Christian and non-trinitarian (e.g., Mormon) faiths. Anything that threatens that, threatens their bottom line.

  19. Thomas Cardellino says

    The immense American wealth of the Church of the Latter Day Saints (such unbridled EGOTISM in their moniker alone!) is one difference they “possess” from when the Roman Catholic Church was years ago considered a fringe group and not the 24% of the American electorate they are today. As opposed as I am to all of the churches, Roman Catholics and Mormons alike included, neglecting the needs of the poorest in our midst so that they can elbow their beliefs into a Constitutionally demanded secular state, it seems to me patently incredible that in this day of advanced science, psychology, and psychiatry that any organization that claims “awe” at God’s creation would deny the plain facts of a divinely resplendent pluralism amidst humans, and then go on to finance great harm to be done upon a portion of their fellow Americans because of a mere portion of the foundations of their supposed faith. My utmost hope is that their beliefs in a just God are true and they will be sore ashamed when their time of petty pejorative personal accounting might come to be!

  20. says

    This is apparently more important than food stamps for the poor, is Utah another one of those Red states that pays hardly any taxes so Blue state taxes bail them out? If so, it’s a conviently way religious scum are making others, as usual, fund their ideology,

  21. Buster says

    Generally, states defend ALL the laws that have been enacted by their citizens and/or legislatures. It’s part of what they are SUPPOSED to do. You don’t want the legitimacy of state laws to depend on what politicians are in office when a law is challenged.

    Sure, it would be nice if the State of Utah suddenly changed its mind about equal marriage. And I hope the 10th Circuit rules against them. But most of the people there voted to ban equal marriage and the government is right to be defending that vote and Federal court appeals cases can be expensive (that’s a whole separate problem.)

    So all this hue and cry about spending lots of money to defend a “bad” law, is alarmist and misleading.