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34 Couples to Marry On-Air at the Grammys During Gay Rights Anthem 'Same Love'

Queen Latifah is set to officiate a mass gay wedding at tonight's Grammys, at a performance which will also include a special guest, the NYT reports:

Same_macklemoreBut the producers behind the program, which is to be broadcast live by CBS at 8 p.m., are hoping that the biggest show-stopper of the night will be a much more solemn event: an on-air wedding of 34 couples — gay, straight, old, young, of many races and many colors. The ceremony will be part of the hip-hop duo Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’s performance of their Grammy-nominated song “Same Love,” which became a marriage-equality anthem last year just as that issue was drawing intense national attention.

Mr. Lewis, the group’s producer, said that the weddings “will be in our minds the ultimate statement of equality, that all the couples are entitled to the same exact thing.”

The segment follows what the Grammy organizers said was the show’s long history of addressing timely social issues through music, like Elton John’s duet in 2001 with Eminem, who was then widely criticized as homophobic.

“We’re serious about this,” said Ken Ehrlich, the longtime producer of the Grammys.

The couples involved were forced to sign confidentiality agreements and not tell their families, according to the paper.

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  1. This is going to be wonderful to see. The journey continues and before long, marriage equality will be everywhere. It is no longer a question of "if" but "when". This will not be stopped. We will not be stopped. Marriage equality for all!

    Posted by: Bobby | Jan 26, 2014 11:43:24 AM

  2. No.

    Posted by: Francis | Jan 26, 2014 11:59:37 AM

  3. An awful stunt.

    Seems to me that the Grammys producers are trying to make up for years of homophobia. An awful stunt such as a mass marriage won't disguise the continuing homophobia of the music industry.

    Note that no openly gay male person is nominated for an award. Not one.

    Posted by: sam | Jan 26, 2014 12:03:58 PM

  4. By the way, no wonder Madonna wanted to be involved in this!!! No opportunity for pandering to gay men can escape this woman!! She must have a new album in the works....

    Posted by: sam | Jan 26, 2014 12:05:57 PM

  5. Why are opposite-sex couples involved in this mass marriage? The song is called Same Love, not Opposite Love. Does Ken Ehrlich - the Grammys producer - wish to make it less gay by having opposite-sex couples there?

    Memo to Ken Ehrlich: you are not liked by gay men, so buzz off.

    Posted by: jason | Jan 26, 2014 12:09:19 PM

  6. Cue the "shoving gay marriage down our throats" response from homophobes in 3...2...1.

    Shall we place an over/under on number of times that phrase gets uttered on Monday?

    That said, good on Macklemore and Co. and the Grammy's.

    Posted by: littlewoot | Jan 26, 2014 12:16:13 PM

  7. corny and patronizing

    Posted by: jaker | Jan 26, 2014 12:22:03 PM

  8. It's so depressing coming on this site. A whole buffet of cheap, negative bitchy comments.

    Posted by: will | Jan 26, 2014 12:23:09 PM

  9. Yay for gay!

    Posted by: james | Jan 26, 2014 12:26:14 PM

  10. @Will: Don't be too discouraged. Most of those comments are coming from the same conspiracy theorist. "Sam" is one of the MANY screennames that "Jason" has come up with over the past few months. He comments under one of his screen names and then agrees with himself using some of his other personalities.
    "Same Love" is an amazing anthem for equality. I feel inspired every time I hear Macklemore say the words: "No freedom till we're equal. Damn right I support it!"

    Posted by: GregV | Jan 26, 2014 12:33:49 PM

  11. "Eminem, who was then widely criticized as homophobic?"

    What has changed since then? Eminem is still a Homophobe. Elton John is still playing nice with the Homophobes too, only now in Russia.

    Posted by: Mychal | Jan 26, 2014 1:24:01 PM

  12. Why have Queen Latifah officiate? She doesn't even have the guts to come out and admit she's gay. I'm sick of this closet case crap.

    Posted by: Mike | Jan 26, 2014 1:24:37 PM

  13. Dunno. This seems pretty cheap and patronizing.

    Posted by: tranquilo | Jan 26, 2014 1:41:13 PM

  14. Treating equal rights as a gimmick.....real classy..

    Posted by: Ankerich | Jan 26, 2014 1:52:27 PM

  15. I'm looking forward to seeing the performance of the song, but EXCUSE ME, Queen Latifah officiating??

    Was Congressman Aaron Schock not available?

    Posted by: Brian in Texas | Jan 26, 2014 1:52:38 PM

  16. To Jason - the song is called Same Love because the love between a couple is the same no matter if they are straight or gay, black or white. So they have couples of all types getting married at the same time because it is all the SAME LOVE they have for each other. Love is blind, after all. It only sees the spirit of the other person, not the exterior differences.

    Posted by: Cathain | Jan 26, 2014 1:57:06 PM

  17. Jason, you missed the whole point of the song.

    Posted by: Jamey | Jan 26, 2014 2:14:07 PM

  18. Minor point, but the NYT article does not say that the couples were "forced" to sign confidentiality agreements. It said "The couples each signed confidentiality agreements — promising not to tell even their families."

    Posted by: Kevin | Jan 26, 2014 2:22:14 PM

  19. I cannot wait to read all the Twitter homophobes' comments...

    Posted by: Jeff | Jan 26, 2014 2:40:11 PM

  20. Huh?

    Posted by: tinkerbelle | Jan 26, 2014 2:59:29 PM

  21. The Grammys are up against the ProBowl so they'll just be preaching to those who would rather watch an awards show rather than.

    Posted by: MIke | Jan 26, 2014 3:51:27 PM

  22. Good job fellow gay people, thanks for living up the tackiness that they associate us with. This mass wedding is an awful idea.

    Posted by: Luke | Jan 26, 2014 4:10:09 PM

  23. Introducing same sex couples who have legally married in US States on stage during the song would be a good example of showing loving couples to a wider audience but arranging for actual wedding ceremonies onstage would trivialise the importance of marraige

    Posted by: Den | Jan 26, 2014 4:39:08 PM

  24. It may be perceived as a stunt (and maybe is to some extent), but I love the concept. Build on a really great song that wipes out all lines in regard to who should be allowed to marry. Anyone. It's the same love. Stomps all over interracial, same-sex, and other biases toward "traditional" marriage. I am looking forward to seeing this.

    Posted by: KC | Jan 26, 2014 5:41:21 PM

  25. Would have been more impactful if this would have happened 10 years ago.

    Posted by: Timothy | Jan 26, 2014 5:48:08 PM

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