1. TampaZeke says

    Yet, during yesterday’s Tournament of Roses Parade ABC broke away to commercial so fast it made my head spin the MOMENT the float arrived that carried the same-sex couple getting married. They didn’t even mention it!

  2. anon says

    ABC could have made the beginning of 2014 even more gay-friendly if they had not chosen to edit out coverage of the award-winning AIDS float containing a same-sex marriage ceremony from their TV coverage of the 2014 Tournament of Roses Parade on New Year’s Day

  3. Mike Ryan says

    ABC may have felt the float was inappropriate in that it was an AIDs organization that stuck a couple on a cake. We’ll never know but many in the gay community also felt the AIDs association with gay marriage was out of line. Marriage is monogamous and in being such would save many from getting the virus but as we all know not every partner can or will remain monogamous, gay or straight, so to imply that marriage (alone) will protect you from AIDs is misleading and we, as a group, should be less tolerant of organizations [mis]using us for their own agenda. In this case, as an openly gay man, I was happy to see a gay couple marrying but would have much preferred they appeared on an FTD (Flowers) or Tiffany & Co (wedding rings) float rather then on the AIDs float which gives the impression of Gay=AIDs.

  4. Randy says

    “Pope Francis’s comments signaling a shift …”

    No. They only signal a PR campaign. There has been no shift.

  5. GreatLakeSailor says

    Diane Sawyer (or however you spell that): “The highest court in the land REDEFINES family in America…” (loose quote)

    No, ABC/Diane, the Supremes said two things: No standing in prop8, and the wallet is sacred…even for homosexuals. It is not by chance that in a country that values property rights over human rights, that government codified sexual orientation discrimination floats to its death on a dollar bill (actually like 300k of them).

    I’ll take a victory where I can, but no Diane, SCOTUS most definitely did not redefine family. You pretending they did, adopting pro-discrimination framing, is hack journalism and you are a tool and an idiot.