As Boy Scouts Begin Accepting Gay Youth, Anti-gay Predictions of a ‘Mass Exodus’ Fail to Hold Up

Despite the doom and gloom that many anti-gay activists predicted in the wake of the Boy Scouts of America opening their membership to gay youth, it appears the policy change, which went into effect at the start of the new year, has not led to any sort of ‘mass exodus.’ ThinkProgress reports:

Boy scoutsA BSA spokesman noted that the vast majority of religious groups have stayed with the organization despite the policy shift. The BSA estimates that less than 2 percent of its 116,000 Scout units were abandoned by their sponsors.

 And even in some very conservative places, those abandoned troops have found new backers. Joey Kiker, spokesman for the Greater Alabama Council in Birmingham, told a local newspaper that while a few churches that sponsored Scout units have left, “every single unit that lost a charter partner, within an hour, had a new charter partner.” And Brad Haddock, a national board member from Wichita, Kansas likened the warnings to the Y2K scare. “There hasn’t been a whole lot of fallout,” he told the Associated Press, observing that “If a church said they wouldn’t work with us, we’d have a church right down the street say, ‘We’ll take the troop.’”


  1. David From Canada says

    Sorry, but you Americans are certainly behind the times. It’s hard to believe that in the 21st Century you are just starting to change the rules and allow gays in the Boy Scouts.
    Here in Canada, we haven’t had a ban on gays in the Scouts for many years. And gays are allowed to be Scout Leaders as well – it’s something called normal.
    Good Luck to the American Boy Scouts and their new acceptance of other people! And don’t worry about the naysayers. They’re wrong and will go away in time.

  2. ToThePoint says

    @Patrick -No, because at age 18, we become pedophiles, apparently.
    @Malcolm – You are just hoping against hope that an exodous occurs. Your colors are showing.

  3. Bill says

    @ToThePoint: Malcom has a valid point in that Jan 2 is too early to tell. If there is some sort of exodus, including a microscopic one, it is possible that

    (1) some parents will merely not let their kids go to meetings or will not renew their kids’ memberships.

    (2) some parents will only react if they find out that another kid in the same troop is gay.

    (3) some parents who are planning on taking their kids out of it may have been preoccupied with Christmas and New Years and have not yet gotten around to it.

    Now, I’d be surprised if more than a tiny fraction of parents reacted in this way, but I wouldn’t declare victory immediately.

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