1. Lestat says

    Beck can talk the talk all he wants, hopping on the tolerance bandwagon. I doubt what he is saying is heartfelt.

  2. hugo says

    oh dear. Glenda is about to come out. He already has his own ‘fashion’ line, he’s sporting bowties and hipster glasses, the first gays are already falling for him (see above)…

    It’s the end of times.

  3. Gregory In Seattle says

    I find myself very, very curious about his change of heart: previously, he’s been one of the cheerleaders for our destruction.

  4. David says

    I wouldn’t quibble about the details: this is a good thing. To the “unconverted” conservatives this could help bring about a change of heart.

  5. Rawn says

    @gregory casual glances at these Beck pieces give me the impression that Beck really really really hates Putin. He hates Putin so much, he’s discovered gay people are people.

    @david It probably won’t last, but you’re right that any day one less person hates us is a good day.

  6. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    The man is a crazy demagogue & his followers are just plain crazy.

    However, if he plants some confusion in the minds of his hate-filled zealot fans, perhaps their long-held bigoted beliefs will begin to crumble.

  7. says

    We have Glenn’s kids and their young out proud friends to thank for this amazing change of heart. And the prior generations of LGBT activists that gave them the strength & platform to actually be out. That is the pattern and the future of our struggle, changing hearts.

    Instead of giving Beck the brush off they bothered to show him the results of anti-gay rhetoric and the hate speech we face daily.

    Has any other nationally known conservative spoken out against Putin crony hetero-fascist Okhlobystin calling for homosexuals to be burned alive?
    Glenn Beck is the only one I’m aware of. He did it unequivocally. His was without a doubt the strongest denunciation of anyone with a national platform.

    Now he is speaking out again not only that he is a supporter of LGBT equality but that he is brokering no nonsense from those in opposition. What more can we ask from him going forward?

    Thank you Glenn beck. I wholeheartedly welcome your support.

  8. redball says



    white-supremacist piece of nasty caucasoid sh.t!

  9. says

    Glenn Beck came out in favor of gay marriage in August 2010 on the O’Reilly Factor. He did it again in late 2012. The majority of the comments a year ago sound exactly like the majority of the comments today: “F**k You”. Because most gay commentators are leftists they’re blinded by hatred of anyone who isn’t a leftist. Party affiliation takes precedence over sexual orientation. Good NAZI soldiers.

  10. redball says



    you tried to come for me on the “suicide bomber in sochi” thread, and i demolished you (

    and now i notice that your URL is (that’s already a huuuuuge clue as to your impaired cognitive function), and you are xenophobic and factualy incorrect as hell in your bashing of the awesome socialist kshama sawant (factually incorrect because a living wage is not only a human right–look it up–but it also does not increase unemployment–for example, australia has a much higher minimum wage than we do, even after adjusting for their slightly higher cost of living, AND they haev a lower unemployment rate). anyway, ‘NUFF SAID.

  11. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    Glenn Beck, hot?! OMG, we’ll have to set some realistic goals for Mr. Beck at this point. He needs to lose that spare tire around the middle for starters. Time for a few crunches, Mr. Beck.

  12. Junior says

    glenn beck has made many supportive LGBT comments throughout the years. I find it fascinating we target him yet constantly give a HATEFUL HOMOPHOBE like sherri shepherd a pass. Shepherd IS a homophobe. Proud homophobe. Why aren’t we angry at her?

  13. Matt says

    Every second of that, I was waiting for him to say something that I disagreed with but I agreed with everything he was saying. It’s probably the only time I will ever say, “I wholeheartedly agreed with Glen Beck.”

  14. I Disagree says

    Thanks, but we have enough insane friends already.

    Glen, if you’re gay – just come out already, OK ?

  15. andrew says

    @Stan Schulz: One of the reasons that so many LGBT people are on the political left is because the political left has been very supportive of LGBT equality. The political right is where most of the enemies of LGBT equality reside. It ain’t rocket science: we support people who support us.

  16. redball says

    @JUNIOR, uhhh, IDK, I’m black, and I can’t stand that raggedy-ass fool Sherri Shephard, and I call her out whenever she makes her homophobic and another asinine comments.

    Problem is, a lot of WHITE GAYS can’t criticize a black homophobe without being RACIST (maybe that’s why they tend to not say anything; not sure).

  17. jamal49 says

    Gee, Glenn, uh, thanks but no thanks. With “friends” like you, who needs enemies? You’re and @$$wipe and you will always be an @$$wipe. Period.

  18. EchtKultig says

    “oh dear. Glenda is about to come out. He already has his own ‘fashion’ line, he’s sporting bowties and hipster glasses, the first gays are already falling for him (see above)…

    It’s the end of times.”

    LMAO! Thanks, HUGO!

  19. MuchMuchMunching says

    Mr. Beck (who many claim is a closeted homosexual) has, by and large, left the LGBT community alone. He runs with a crowd that is intolerant – but he has rarely said squat about LGBT people.

    This may or may not be grandstanding, but Putin and his hypocrisy and obvious self-loathing probably pushed buttons for this guy. If you were a deeply closeted conservative (and Mormon to boot) you might find it really difficult to be okay with who you are, but really clear when others are persecuting the thing inside themselves that they can’t admit.