1. Rowan says

    Perry, tbh Louisa has been at it asking EVERYONE in the house. She was also the one who asked Evander Holyfield re gay boxers…so you should direct your BS to her…

  2. Chaz says

    There’s obviously something about performance that attracts gay and bisexual men. In the old days, (and to a certain extent it may still be true,) growing up in the closet makes you into a natural actor. If your spend your early teenage years getting quizzed on famous women whose huge tits you think are gorgeous and giving satisfactory answers so as not to get called THAT WORD, then you probably ens up with a pretty good facility for dissembling.

  3. Sam says


    My thoughts exactly. If a guy over 30 is never seen or been known to date women, they’re gay. Even back when my parents were growing up they knew that but more eloquently referred to it as the “bachelor lifestyle”.

  4. BreckRoy says

    This makes me smile since I remember “Lee from Blue” being the guy Robbie Williams said he’d stop teasing and finally jump the fence for if given the chance. Hmmmm…

  5. Paul R says

    @Chaz: I’ve always thought so too. Not to mention that not as many straight guys get excited about the idea of putting on costumes and pretending to be someone else. As for boy bands, most member are recruited in their early to mid teens, and not many straight boys are super interested in singing and dancing around that age. Certainly there are exceptions, but some stereotypes hold true.

  6. LarrySanders says

    What difference does he make what his sexual preference is? He’s a beautiful guy and anyone of either sex would be fortunate to share in his life. More power to him!

  7. Jimmy says

    He is a handsome lad, whom ever he does the deed with, was one lucky bastard !

    Anyway, just because he experimented, does not mean he is BI, he may not have actually liked it either !

  8. Kevin_BGFH says

    I don’t know, I semi-agree with Nellie. I’m not going to categorically deny that he’s bi but based on this, he doesn’t outright say that he’s bi. He’s said he’s experimented. He doesn’t say how old he was, how many times, what the circumstances were. I had two gay friends in an orgy with a straight couple when they were all on drugs. The straight guy just kinda lay there. Didn’t resist when another guy sucked his cock but didn’t actively do anything. Someone in that circumstance can still identify as straight, in my opinion.

  9. Regina says

    Where did he say he was Bi?

    And he apparently cold-shouldered Duncan James as well…(yep, slight potential of an ‘internalised’ link there, but still not cool)

  10. Bryan says

    Sorry, but all he said was that he’s been with a man and has experimented, does that really make him bisexual? A man who experimented with women before fully realizing he actually prefers guys, does that make him bi too? I don’t think so.

  11. Paul R says

    Almost everyone who drinks, does drugs, travels, or is simply horny is bi at some point. Just not many people like the label because it suggests inconsistent or untrustworthy behavior.

    Technically I’m bi, but I would never describe myself as such.

  12. FernLaPlante says

    The next generations will phase out the terms gay or bi or straight and will identify as having a fluid sexuality or it will simply be the case that most people will of course have enjoyed partners of both genders.

  13. etseq says

    FERNLAPLANTE…and Santa will bring you a magical unicorn for Christmas so that all your self-loathing fantasies about how all the hot jocks from high school who used to bully you actually wanted to have hot…not-gay but fluid – sex with you.
    This pending post-gay nirvana has been a common trope since Stonewall, a relic left from the radical New Left faction of gay liberation grounded in that strange utopian brew of neo-marxism, radical feminism, Marcusian critical theory, and a naive pretense of solidarity with third world anti-colonial liberation movements. Drawing upon Marcuse’s synthesis of marx’s theory of ideology as social reproduction of interests of the ruling class, a false consciousness, with Freud’s theory of sexual repression, early gay liberation and radical feminism asserted that human beings were blank slates with no natural or inherent instincts, drives, or common nature and thus social roles like masculine/feminine and heterosexuality/homosexuality were inherently repressive, a false consciousness produced by the dominant ideology of the ruling class that constantly socialized and reinforced compulsory masculinity and heterosexuality. Only a radical anti-capitalist revolution would truly liberate humanity from all oppression, including compulsory heterosexuality, and humanity would revert to a natural state of universal bisexuality.
    Of course, this New Left nonsense barely lasted a few years after the revolution failed to materialize and both feminism and gay liberation gave way to more modest and realistic political goals of assimilation into the liberal state, like every other oppressed minority before them. There are still a few radicals that cling to romanticized versions of the New Left but that is more a function of nostalgia rather than serious politics. Then you have these addled brained liberal arts majors who think that foucault was a genius without even understanding the implications of his nihilistic anti-humanism and thus view any “label” or natural sexuality as “oppressive” and pine for that fictitious post-gay utopia of universal bisexuality.

  14. mike says

    It’s refreshing to hear a man say that he’s been with men but is not necessarily gay. It’s refreshing because the “gay” word has become so distorted by the gay media and gay rights groups. It has been demeaned by adding concepts like transgender etc to it.

    I’m not saying that transgender people should be excluded from protections. However, transgender is not the same as gay.

    Also, people find the gay word to be very over-used and fuzzy.

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