1. Just_a_guy says

    I personally see his commitment to go through the anguish and scrutiny of a lawsuit as a sign that significant misconduct occurred. Kluwe has a track record of standing up for the right thing. It sure does seem like it would be better for everyone if the team would acknowledge its errors and take steps to truly correct them going forward. That said, if Kluwe has been wronged financially and career-wise, it might take a lawsuit to fairly remedy him. And yet, if the team doesn’t acknowledge it’s errors, he’s not just doing a lawsuit for himself.

  2. Jason B. says

    I love the fact he is committed to advancing gay rights and defending gay marriage. With that said, there have been calls from the left to fire Robertson because as a private company the First Amendment doesn’t apply. Now, we have a guy that may have been fired because of his personal views the private company may or may not agree with but definitely does not want to be part of any political conversation. If private ownership allows the firing of Robertson the same applies to Klue.

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