1. Zlick says

    “I’m stunned, STUNNED, to discover gambling going on here.” That’s from the original draft of Casablanca, though of course Claude Rains changed the line just a little bit.

    And yes, I’m sure you’re “stunned by the abject stupidity” of saying in non-coded English what the plan was in a freaking EMAIL from the Governor’s office. Yes, I bet he regrets hiring such stupid people.

    Personally, I am stunned this is the best he could do when his career is on the line.

  2. Mikey says

    Will there be a criminal investigation? From what I heard, emergency services were inhibited by the manufactured traffic and at least one life was lost because of the delay.

  3. Esther Blodgett says

    As with virtually every political scandal since Year One, it isn’t the actual deed that gets people in trouble (The US is a very forgiving country), but it is the cover-up.

    Come clean. Apologize. Say you won’t do it any more, and then don’t do it any more, and you’ll be fine. Just don’t try to save your neck by fudging and blaming others.

  4. Hansel Currywurst says

    “… and if you believe that, I’ve got a bridge over the Hudson River I can keep you from using. Oh, wait… I do have one of those.”

  5. unruly says

    So he’s stunned but when everyone (and really _everyone_ was calling it) he was making jokes and not investigating. One article and a leaked email and now he’s “stunned.” Yeah… not buying it.

  6. anon says

    A bridge over troubled waters?

    To “get away” with something, you need a bunch of things in your favor. One of those is the press. Once they smell blood it’s all over. However, it’s very early for 2016. What matters next is his effectiveness during the 2014 congressional elections.

  7. Zlick says

    The telling thing is that, on the 2nd day of the Fort Lee traffic jam I believe, reporters were already asking the Mayor if the lane closures were retaliation for not endorsing the Governor’s re-election. I think Christie’s bullying, petty, retributional, intimidation style is an open secret in New Jersey. State and Federal investigations will make sure it’s a secret no longer. Many more instances will come to light, I predict. Christie is toast.

    (Yes, I’m sure this whole plot was cooked up alone by his deputy chief of staff and his hack appointee at the Port Authority. I’m sure getting fired / having to resign was not on their radar then … and you have to wonder why.)

  8. Jonna the Woodswoman says

    Give me a break. No one believes governor lardass. It would be perfectly in character for Christie to do exactly what he’s being accused of doing.

  9. ludovico says

    The fish rots from the head. Christie created the cultural climate in his administration that gives the OK for his underlings to feel warranted to engage in petty retribution against political enemies.

  10. says

    ‘They’re not our kids’
    ‘They’re the kids of people who voted for Buono’

    Next time you hear a conservative hiding behind ‘what about the children’ think of this.

    She had a momentary pang of guilt but was able to excuse it because it was only hurting the kids of people who don’t think like she does.

  11. jcloud says

    God, that man is so full of cr*p, it’s brimming out his eyes… I love that his carefully orchestrated election to fuel his presidential ambitions are being undercut by his own crooked pettiness…

    He spend upwards of 25 million of the taxpayer’s money to hold a special election for the senate seat that became available, he didn’t want a popular Democrat (Corey Booker, who won the seat) to be on the ticket when he wanted to win by a huge margin… He didn’t even get a huge margin…

    He’ll say anything to get to the White House, He’ll throw anyone under the bus.

    Hopefully one of the wounded will start talking…

  12. walter says

    not only will this scandal have legs . it is far from over . some of his aides have already taken the 5th . wait until they go to jail until they testify. those white collar types don’t do well in a jail cell

  13. gr8guyca says

    Enough of the fat jokes! Let’s stick to substance.

    I think every elected official should have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before assuming office. We have learned that the psyche of a leader pervades the office that they hold. Nixon’s insecurity and paranoia created Watergate. Clinton’s recklessness and sexual drive created the Lewinsky scandal.

    Christie’s personality is responsible for this – whether he knew about this particular incident or not. His blunt manner and his take-no-prisoners attitude created the environment that permitted people to take these actions.

    He has seemed like an interesting political figure – albeit one who I disagree with on many policies. But I think that this temperment is not one that I would trust at the Presidential level. I suspect that many others will feel the same way.

  14. Will G. says

    He said he lost sleep for the last 2 days and only saw the email yesterday???? Chris Christy is lying. He is a LIAR!!!

    Can’t wait for this all to unfold and the lawsuits start. Everyone that had traffic problems on that bridge for the 4 days should be compensated.

  15. Kieran says

    Wasn’t Bridget Kelley the high-level staffer about whom Romney’s vetters were concerned?

    I know it’s difficult to imagine Gov.Lapband involved in any kind of sexual impropriety with anyone other than small children, but one of Romney’s reservations about Lapband was over reports that he was inappropriately close to one of his senior (female) staff members–too much alone-time together, too many taxpayer-underwritten “official” trips away together at luxury hotels, too many unexplained, unaccounted for, taxpayer-underwritten travel expenses that wildly exceeded government-approved limits.

    Loose lips do more than sink ships.

  16. Perry says

    It is funny to see he uses the same defense as Obama yet one is called a great man and the other is called a crook. lol Hypocrites i see. Both are crooks

  17. Randy says

    Wastes NJ money for an extra election and now this.!!
    Shame on all the New Jersey folks…especially democrats….for giving this clod another term….How about a special election to recall his lying ass??? That would be money well spent !

  18. TonyC says

    If any of you saw the great Little League 2013 /the appearance of GChristie was astounding in those tight, belted pants.. He does like to show off that insane body. Don’t worry Christ. We’ll vote for you. Just keep giving us SNL sketches to howl about!

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