How You Should React When Your Son Calls to Tell You That He’s Gay: VIDEO

Note: The video posted earlier (a stolen duplicate) has been replaced with the original, which was actually recorded back in May 2012. However, the message has not become any less powerful with time.


  1. Robert says

    How about you quit telling people how they should react. We’re each individuals, we react differently. If someone is going to be offended, they are going to feel offended. Our first reactions are not always the best. Chastising them for not reacting the way you think they should is only going to make people hate the community. You turned what should have been a cute video into a bitchy, passive-aggressive moral lesson.

  2. Kieran says

    My god, it’s like pulling teeth to get this kid to talk. He called HER to tell her something, and she has to do all the work, asking questions that he gives short answers to. LOL

  3. Brian says

    She’s a sweet woman. And I loved that she asked…”Is it someone I know?” That is a classic Mom line regardless of if your son or daughter is gay or straight. That made me laugh and smile. We need more Moms like this out in the world.

  4. TT says

    She said that she’s really proud of him. Well I’m really proud of her. She sounds like a great Mom!

  5. Qj201 says

    @ ROBERT

    FU. Yeah, my mom saying I love and my stepdad backhanding me across the face then chasing me out of the house…and then couch surfing for 3 months before returning home was a better reaction.

    Tool. Really tired of the nasty c*nts on this site.

  6. says

    That she pulled right off the highway and made time at that very moment to speak with her son, impressed the hell out of me. Loved it. Her response was wonderful as well.

  7. Gigi says

    @Robert — “How about you quit telling people how they should react.” Ya Robert, how about it?

  8. Chuck Mielke says

    @ Robert: Yes, we’re all individuals. But, I think the majority of us wish for such easy acceptance when we come out; i.e., we wish our parents would, and believe they should, react as this mom did. Our wishes and beliefs, however, have little effect on reality; others will always react as their nature, socialization, education, and disposition will direct them to react, for better or worse. Now, care to tell us why Andy Towle should feel about this video the way you do? You imply as much when you complain that he shouldn’t say, “every mom should react this way…”

  9. MadisonMike says

    I’m pretty sure no one dictated that this women’s response was to be imitated. I understood it to mean it was something to learn from. I was very fortunate that my mother responded the same way but unlike this cute kid I didn’t have the balls to tell her until I was 35 after we were estranged for 10 years (thanks to ME). So this is lesson to watch (not imitate ROBERT) for all. Be brave and know that good parents and great kids exist. QJ201 – sorry your process sucked. I hope life is good now. And for those out there that get a backhand at their coming out – I own an inn on the beach and there’s always a bedroom here to borrow. We all deserve chances.

  10. jmartindale says

    I received the same advice that the mother here gave, “You have a right to be happy,” from a shrink 30 years ago. It took a decade and a lot of self-destructive behavior before that idea took hold for me. This boy was lucky to get that advice at this juncture of his life.

    So many gay youth don’t have a support systems of a circle of friends to make coming out a bit easier. They are often outsiders. This makes the approval of the parent all the more critical. Cudos to a mother that recognizes that her son’s happiness is the ultimate goal.

  11. anon says

    This must be a lot of fun in ex-gay households.

    “Mom, I’m gay!” … “I hate you son!”

    “Mom, I’m not gay anymore!” … “Whew! That’s better!”

    “Mom, I realized after 20 years of marriage I’m still gay!” … “I knew it! However, I’m too old to care anymore–sucks to be you!”

  12. Alma Mater says

    There’s this kid’s mom. And then there’s Robert Marucci’s mother.

    Compare and contrast.

  13. john patrick says

    “You only get one shot at life. You don’t get to do it over. You have to do it the way it makes you happy.” Excellent advice from his mother. Excellent advice to live by.

  14. Bill says

    The video was removed with a message that it violated youtube’s policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content. Obviously some homophobe didn’t like what he saw and filed a bogus complaint (or maybe a group of them did).

    With all the videos, there is no way youtube or google have enough employees to review them all.

  15. Bill says

    @Ryan – when I tried to view the video on youtube, Youtube put up a message that said the video violated its policy against spam, scams, and commercially deceptive content. It did not say it was removed for copyright infringement.

  16. Will says


    Seriously? That you don’t see the hypocrisy of critiquing someone about telling others how to feel…

    Of course, the young man I once was long ago really wants to tell you FU, with something sharp please. Diminishing the importance of a positive supportive coming out for people is counterproductive to reducing hatred of the community.