1. NealB says

    Trailer makes it look like fun. At first I thought the other guy was going to be the gay guy, so that was a surprise.

  2. steve says

    that’s the highest production value I’ve seen for a teen gay film in a long long time…maybe ever

  3. Uffda says

    “Avoiding stereotypes,” not only is that good, it’s easy because among gay men the stereotypes are waning unto death. Finally, a film that looks as if it tells the truth.

  4. says

    Wow! This looks GREAT! It’s sad that no major studio picked this up for wide release. I would even bet there is a large enough audience for it that it could’ve become a sleeper hit. Oh well. I will definitely be getting this when it’s released. Or, better yet, maybe it will get a release in Orlando.

  5. Mike Ryan says

    Yeah, I liked it too. There were some very funny lines and when it comes my way I’ll definitely watch it. I’ve met freaking idiots like the dancing queen – seriously. LOL!

  6. Charlie says

    This does look promising. I looked up who was behind this and I didn’t recognize anything the director had done but saw that the film’s writer, Alan Yang, is a writer on “Parks and Recreation.” He’s also written some great episodes including “Pawnee Rangers,” “Campaign Ad” and “Sex Education.” He was also the co-writer (along with show creator Michael Schur) for the wonderful episode “Leslie and Ben” where the two characters tie the knot. I also have had a huge crush on Zach Creggers for about five years so I know there’s definitely something to look forward to.

  7. Ian says

    This looks promising, and shows forward progression with younger generations and how being gay with younger people just isn’t a big deal. I will definitely try to remember to buy this when it makes it to DVD.

  8. Reality says

    Doesn’t look great, but might be a nice Netflix-type thing to watch. Glad media continues to venture into equality!

  9. D.R.H. says

    Look, Rick! A mainstream movie with a “masculine” gay lead. Imagine that! It’s as if your absurd sweeping generalizations about gay men and the “culture of effeminacy” aren’t actually true after all.