1. arch says

    This man is most likely being paid a large amount of money to be the “friend” of this nasty little tin pot dictator.

    Rodman should be shunned in polite society; supporting this vicious regime in any way is not acceptable.

    Good on the journalists who aren’t cowed by celebrity or bullying tantrums.

    Keep on at him and more some until he stops his involvement with this regime.

    North Korea is not a joke, its people suffer greatly, its “ideology” is poison and it is a danger to other countries in the region.

    Rodman needs to stop being a clown for a moment and be humbled by the stories of the many many Koreans who have suffered at the hands of his “friend” and the Kim family.

  2. kdknyc says

    I think he’s an idiot at the bare minimum, and should be shunned. But–that said, why don’t the journalists question those in power with the same ferocity about things, like, well, water boarding? Obstructionism in Congress? Any of a number of abuses in power that are ruining our country?

    They can be as ferocious as they want with him, because he’s an idiot, and not important as far as money or influence go. Once they have their punching bag, then they can throw him away like a used condom. He’s worth just about that much for palling around with that little despot, so I don’t feel a bit sorry for him.

    But really—where is this kind of tough questioning in regards to the important issues facing our country?

  3. Steve says

    I feel like the media love to go after Rodman because he is inarticulate and not the most well-informed person. They see him as an easy target to score points. George Stephanopoulos did the same thing after his first visit to North Korea. The problem is – what about all of our captains of industry who do business with China? Last time I checked they had a less than stellar record on human rights. Also what about our government’s connections with Saudi Arabia? Not just the Bushies – even now we’re constantly holding hands with the Saudis too. Where is the media calling out this behavior?

    Don’t get me wrong Rodman is an idiot and North Korea is a horrible place, but let’s look at the hypocrisy here and start asking the media why only certain people get called on these things? Seems like a disingenuous way to score easy points.

  4. JackFknTwist says

    Who cares whether it’s the NFL, NBA,ABC, DHL, or Fed Ex.

    He’s in a belligerent country which threatens war on the South at a whim, executes and imprisons at will and abuses and tortures its own people.

    What the F**k is this big mouth there for in the first place ?

    Could he be any more despicable ?

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    @ “Black trash. Why don’t we find out how much those guys are getting PAID to entertain that family-murdering despot?”

    Wow, Phil Robertson found his way to Towleroad.

    Shouldn’t you be out hunting ducks, honey? Well, I guess you more concerned about the family of the murdering despot. Did you know his uncle personally?

  6. ratbastard says

    Why do dudes like him always need to have a ‘crew’ surrounding him? Hood mentality. Is it supposed to intimidate people? Just annoys me and makes me think he’s really a big (censored P word).

    Rodman is just desperate for the $. Most of his ‘friends’ and crew would disappear in a flash without it.sad.

  7. crispy says

    “Why do dudes like him always need to have a ‘crew’ surrounding him?”

    Uh, I don’t know, maybe because those are the former NBA players and members of the basketball team that traveled with him.

    Not defending him or them, but your comments are more retarded (and racist, if that’s possible) than usual.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    Look, I don’t like the North Korean murderer, but I will always have a soft spot in my heart for Dennis Rodman.

    Rodman was a sexual/gender role rebel going back to the 1990s. People said he was physically ugly, and many Black folks called him a “freak” (because of his gender role non-conforming flamboyance).

    No, he’s no f.cking statesman. He’s just a flamboyant celebrity…semi-celebrity.

  9. Spinnin' says

    Stupid, washed-up, washed-out, broke, has-been jocks.

    It’s like making a film of disabled people and then mocking them.

    Also, from the media’s perspective, where is the “concern” for gays and lesbians in Russia, and the United States participation in the Winter Olympics? Hypocrisy makes the world go ’round.

  10. Paul R says

    @KDKNYC, the media did try to ask questions about torture. The problem was that the main people they wanted to ask (Cheney, the head of Guantanamo, etc.) rarely gave interviews, the few they did give were with sympathetic conservative outlets (Fox), and the others with mainstream media were tightly controlled. As in, the interviewers were told to avoid certain topics, and if they didn’t the interview ended right there. Yes it was pointless, but it wasn’t the fault of the interviewers.

    As for questions about Congressional obstructionism, those get asked every day. Both parties just blame the other. Not to mention, it’s already pretty clear why it’s gotten so bad. The Republicans have to kowtow to their tea party faction, and many resent having a black president and figure they might as well impede progress since so many Americans disapprove of them anyway.

    As for Rodman, yes he’s clearly on drugs in this interview. Derrick, I appreciate your sympathy given his devil-may-care attitude in the 90s, but what was surprising and amusing at first quickly became self-parody. He was also screwing Madonna and other celebs for much of that time, as another way to get attention. Now he just seems unbalanced.

  11. Eric says

    @PAUL R

    Actually, no. Today’s “journalists” are overwhelmingly subservient to the government, to the point where they call journalists that aren’t friendly to the government traitors. If they wanted to, they could easily keep after the administration to answer pointed questions, but they simply don’t because they’re 1) worried about losing access, and 2) they’re corporate bosses don’t want them to look into anything too closely. MSNBC protects the Obama administration just as much as Fox News protected Bush. The truth is that almost all US media is controlled by just a handful of corporations, and it’s in the best interests of the corporations and the government to remain in bed together while the public is screwed at every opportunity.

    They go after Rodman because he’s an easy target, and he doesn’t pose a threat to them.

  12. woodroad34 says

    Did he answer the question? No; he puffed up and tried to intimidate–didn’t work. He’s still a clown setup by himself to be disrespected–he reminds me of a 1930’s Fleischer cartoon. Stay there, fool. They deserve you.

  13. Paul R says

    @Eric, I don’t see how anything you said isn’t in line with what I said. I said the government controls the interviews and access, so we end up with pointless interviews or none. I’m well aware that the media are controlled by a small cabal of wealthy corporate drones who serve as mouthpieces for whoever is giving them that year’s tax breaks.

    It’s not exactly new. Every president since at least FDR has cut off reporters who got too inquisitive. It’s just that the corporate links have grown stronger, strong reporters have to grovel to get scraps, and weak reporters deliver most of the drivel that gets published or broadcast. The US government has never been a model of transparency, despite its claims to the contrary. If a reporter pushes too hard, they lose access, which means they lose their career. I never claimed otherwise.

  14. jamal49 says

    Gee, Den-Den. The little midget Korean twerp could get MY friendship if he was to pay me the millions he’s paid you to suck up to His Royal Smallness. Maybe he’s got a thing for tall men with big, um, cigars or something. Shame on you, Den-Den.

  15. Bill says

    Come on guys. Do you expect anyone with half a brain to say anything critical of North Korea while in North Korea? That CNN “host” must surely have known that any of those guys would risk being arrested for criticizing that country’s government if they had said anything against it.

    Meanwhile, the CNN “host” is at a safe remote location where he can spout freely.

  16. anon says

    I’m sure they’re having a blast in NK and getting paid millions while the rest of the country starves. It’s probably completely depraved. All the things that would be illegal here in the states that you could think of would be made available on a whim in NK.

  17. DennisSucks says

    Dennis Rodman is attempting to be an ambassador of some kind, however, even if we give Dennis the benefit of a doubt that he is truly trying to keep this at a B Ball level, he is a royal idiot and absolutely not the person I want representing ANY interest of the US to anyone else. He’s entirely to stupid to realize the real under-currents that exist. He doesn’t speak well, he’s a pervert and a freak.

  18. Grego says

    I really believe that if Kenneth Bae was black, Rodman and his Crew would be raising the issue of Bae’s detention instead of implying that he did something heinous and got what he deserved. He’s not a brother, so they kick him to the curb.

  19. Traje says

    Ok, let me get this straight. Americans can travel to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iran and even North Korea to pal around with its dictator. Meanwhile, Cuba is off limits on pain of prosecution.

    Really? In what kind of nonsense alternate reality does that make sense?

  20. Thomas Cardellino says

    Had the USA’s sense of monetary priorities not been so dismally askew, Dennis Rodman could never had even made a living and been able to afford the VAST amount of drugs that rendered his brain on life support, unless American capitalism equated childhood game playing by adults with immense monetary wealth. How is it that 1930’s America had to contend with JFK’s father, Joseph Kennedy, a brilliant but ruthless and amoral Wall Street tycoon cozying up to Hitler, but in the 21st century we have the seriously medically brain damaged Dennis Rodman lured into this propaganda bonanza “friendship” initiated by a shrewd and cold blooded internecine murderer, Kim Jong-Un, who would sacrifice annually to starvation 100’s of 1,000’s of his own countrymen so that he can maintain a few nuclear armed missiles to compensate for his absolute lack of authenticity in “leadership?” The USA’s Presidencies, State Department, CIA, and the now “unwanted guest” in every American’s household, the NSA have failed miserably by allowing Pakistan to give over the secrets of nuclear weaponry to North Korea decades ago. Rodman is a 21st century demented court jester to a Ruthless King of America’s own manufacture. Does anyone with a recordable IQ think that Rodman had anything to do with initiating this “friendship?”

  21. Warbo says

    Quoting CRISPY:

    “I can’t wait for the Academy Award winning movie 20 years from now that reveals Rodman was a CIA operative collecting intel the whole time.”

    Are you kidding? Rodman couldn’t even spell CIA, much less work for them.

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