1. Mike B. says

    First jaguars, now dolphins. I wonder what mechanism makes recreational drug use so prevalent among mammals? A byproduct of the way mammalian brains function? If so, what function?

  2. ratbastard says

    Outrageous. It must be banned! No…scratch that! Regulated and taxed! That’s it, that’s the ticket! Do it now,for the children….er, baby dolphins. Puffer fish are a gateway drug! Look how cute and cartoonish they ate, obviously marketed to appeal to teenage dolphins! And ban it in public places, we don’t want anyone dying from second hand puffer fish toxin.

  3. Galbanum says

    @ WoodRoad34D, CPT_DOOM, you guys cracked me up :-)

    @ RatBastard, clever!

    @ Mike B. It’s not just mammals, but I remember reading once about a kind of insect that gets high. I wouldn’t be surprised if blissing-out just comes with the territory with sentient beings, no matter the substance and form.

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