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Drinking Coffee Can Boost Your Memory: VIDEO


Most of us don't need any reason to drink our daily cup of coffee beyond simple caffiene addiction, but for any who were considering kicking the habit some researchers at Johns Hopkins University decided to research whether or not caffeine can improve memory. The result?

Caffeine boosts memory consolidation, which is the process of strengthening memories to make them more permanent, and about one strong cup is about all you need to drink to reap the benefits. 

Pour yourself a cup and watch the video for yourself AFTER THE JUMP...

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  1. My first question about this study would be: Did they analyze a sub-group who are NOT regular coffee drinkers?
    If not, it could be that MOST of the participants are already addicted to caffeine and therefore need the coffee.
    From personal experience, I can say that back when I drank no coffee, I had no problem getting up at 5 am to start my day at the gym and then move on to my studies.
    For the past few years, I've been an avid coffee drinker and I definitely can't say that I have more energy overall; what I do find is that without the coffee, I can't function as well as I did when I didn't drink it at all.
    There's nothing scientific in my anecdote. I just wonder sometimes if we coffee drinkers need coffee to just get back to "normal" and not really to a superior state of functioning.

    Posted by: GregV | Jan 14, 2014 9:30:30 AM

  2. BEST coffee? Death Wish coffee. Can't live without it. You can only buy it on the web. Look it up, buy a pound and I promise, you'll fall in love with coffee again.

    Posted by: Mike Ryan | Jan 14, 2014 11:42:15 AM

  3. This is one study and I haven't had time to read through it all yet, but I do know that one thing that studies have *consistently* proved to improve memory is getting enough sleep after learning, and getting enough sleep in general. Two of the most important things in life according to research: sleep and exercise. You get enough of both and you're 90% on your way to being all set up.

    Posted by: Eric | Jan 14, 2014 2:45:37 PM

  4. I'll stick with iced green tea. Much healthier and way more bennies.

    Posted by: Sean Maloney | Jan 14, 2014 3:40:10 PM

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