1. AriesMatt says

    I knew the moment I watched their video on that she’d have them on her show. Very cute segment. Very humble and actually decent performers.

    And from watching their video, you don’t realize how tall these guys are, especially the one with that body. Or Ellen is really tiny…

  2. Vin says

    I am glad to see these nice boys getting their moment. There’s a reason why people enjoy seeing healthy, wholesome young men like this and not the sleazy, gender-warped gyrations of circus acts like the “Prancing Elites.”

  3. Sam says

    Awesome cool segment…what fun! The interviewing was very coy but both Ellen and the boys knew what was behind the name (snicker…gaffaw!). But OMG, Bill is so frickin’ HOT!

  4. Uffda says

    Ellen loves guys, it’s that simple. It’s part of what makes her such a right-on gal. In fact all the healthy women I know prefer nice men to all other things – their faces, laughter, bodies and good nature when they are good natured. We share that.

  5. Rick says

    Really sad to see that some young gay men continue to allow themselves to be used by women as playthings and as a source of cheep entertainment, especially sad when it involves objectifying themselves.

  6. Rick says

    “White urban fortysomethings everywhere rejoice!”

    Well, you can always go back to Mexico or Guatemala or whatever Third World hole you crawled out of if you don’t like it–of course, watch TV in Mexico or any other Latin American country and you will quickly discover that the standard of beauty in those countries is whiteness, not brownness…..but you already knew that, didn’t you?

  7. Craig Tompkins says

    I love how Gigi attacks the Latino guy – he must be a Republican, because he doesn’t love mindless crap! – and then allows Rick’s racist vitriol a pass.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    And the racist and sexist homo trolls come out to speak their minds. See comments above.

    Happy these fun and humble guys made it onto the show. And Bill can creampie me!

  9. crispy says

    The story about how they got their name Cream Pies reminds me of a friend of mine who’s favorite restaurant game is go around the table and name everyone’s butthole after someone from the desert menu.

  10. james st. james says

    Ellen, always so thoughtful, the cut shirt was hemmed.

    I can’t blame the other three for being too shy to take their shirts off on camera next to The Body.

  11. Larry D. says

    Towleroad has always been the most racist and racist-accommodating of the major gay news blogs. You can witness lots of closeted homophobia, sexism, ageism, transphobia, and other social evils at Queerty, BuzzFeed LGBT, Joe.My.God, et cetera, but Towleroad seems to attract especially racist trolls. The demographics of the site’s visitors must encourage the blasé attitude towards it.

  12. Rick says

    @HISPANIC MILLENNIAL – maybe when you actually do something besides whine online about the good things that happen to other people, then Andy will write a post celebrating you.

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