1. Paul R says

    Never heard Yaaaaas. Rarely hear the rest, many seem kind of dated. Except fierce, which is timeless.

    I always thought a kiki was a sex party, not just a regular party. Live and learn.

  2. Knock says

    1) Being gay doesn’t make you a comedienne, dude.

    2) What’s with the commercials for Looking?

    3) Say hunty again.

  3. languidbrows says

    Funny video.

    @ Paul R, you’re thinking of KaiKai which would be sex. Kiki’ing is laughing with your friends.

    I don’t think Eliot Glazer gave a very good definition of “realness”. He is right that it is the descriptice contextualization of an aesthetic, but there is something important he missed.
    A really good definition can be found on the movie “Paris is Burning”. ‘Realness’ is when that contextualized aesthetic ISN’T real but can pass as real. So his example of ‘temporarily immobilized realness’ would be wrong if the person is actually injured. If let’s say the person is fine and they’re just an actor playing the role of an injured person with a neck brace and leg cast, THEN it could rightly be called ‘temporarily immobilized realness’.

  4. Tristram says

    A villanche! Elliot is 10x funnier than the warm urine people like willam bell-end or musical parody ‘genius’ todrick hall put out. Plus, non gay people will actually laugh at this – fancy that!

  5. crashops says

    This is just an ad for Looking hoping to go viral. Hope you got paid for posting it, otherwise it’s just free advertising.

  6. mike128 says

    I love how a certain set of gay white guys just loves to appropriate black/queer vernacular. And at the same time generally wants nothing to do with the communities these words come from.

  7. says

    Not really a great piece….

    And I don’t think he fully and clearly defined “hot mess”. I always believed that a hot or “hawt mess” was something that doesn’t look all that great but for some reason pulls off a particular feel or look. It is a mess that some how works.

    Perhaps an outfit that is a train wreck but somehow looks great on the person wearing it. Maybe a feeble attempt to sing a song that somehow ends up sounding great. In short, something that is not right but works….

    For example “Lady GaGa’s hair was disgusting but it looked good on her at that moment. Or to the better point “Anna Nicole Smith was a HOT MESS at the awards show.”

  8. lookyloo says

    Gay vernacular..? Sheesh.

    More like; “Lingo found in some African-American beauty parlors, appropriated by drag culture, now also used by a small segment of gay men… vernacular.”