Gay Indiana Candidate Leaves the Republican Party Over GOP Drive for Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Andy Markle, a gay Republican running for state representative in Indianapolis, announced he is leaving the Republican Party on Tuesday in response by the Indiana House Speaker's power play on marriage equality which advanced the gay marriage ban to the full Indiana House.

MarkleWrote Markle on Facebook Tuesday:

Today is a day that will never be forgotten in the hearts of many Hoosiers, including my own. For the past few years, we have seen political posturing occur over a divisive amendment that has been the subject of great scrutiny by constitutional lawyers, economists, business persons and even politicians. We have seen a state divide over an issue that should have never been an issue. We have seen a state full of hospitality become a breeding ground for inequality and a debate that does not show the true values that the Hoosier State encompasses.

It deeply saddens me to see the state that I have called home for the past 8 years plunge into a debate over a minority group's civil rights. 

It is with a heavy heart but with a clear conscience that I announce the end of my run for Indiana State House of Representatives, District 99, as a Republican. With today's announcement by House Speaker Brian Bosma, that he is using extraordinary and unprecedented rules to change House Joint Resolution 3's committee assignment, I have no choice but to resign my candidacy as a Republican. 

As an openly gay male and a conservative, I find it deplorable that the state would choose to take such extraordinary measures to disenfranchise me and my fellow LGBT brothers and sisters. In an era where my party declared that it was the party of "small government" and "less intrusion", it has been confirmed that it is not the party of small government or less intrusion. 

I am not leaving the Republican Party; the Republican Party has left me.

HJR-3, the constitutional ban on gay marriage, was moved to the Elections and Apportionment Committee by House Speaker Brian Bosma in a power play after it began to look like it might fail in the House Judiciary Committee. Bosma's unusual move turned out to be successful for the anti-gay conservatives. The bill passed 9-3 yesterday and now moves to the full House. The amendment would need to pass two separately-elected General Assemblies and be approved by a voter majority in a public referendum before becoming part of the constitution.

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  1. Hey Darlin' says

    The republican party continues to leave more and more people behind. The bigoted minds who once flocked to the welcoming party have become the modern day yoke around it’s neck.

  2. Mark says

    I don’t feel any sympathy for gay Republicans. The GOP has been homophobic and racist for years. Bush used anti-gay ballot initiatives in 2004 to help win the vote.

    Divide and conquer using hate via the Southern Strategy began in 1968 with Richard Nixon. Reagan launched his campaign in 1980 in Philadephia, MS by saying he was for States Rights–the rally cry of the Confederacy.

  3. Todd says

    He was never a serious candidate. The district he was running in has a 24-year incumbent Democrat, who has consistently won with over 75% of the vote. He never had a chance anyway.

  4. slappy says

    I always struggle to understand why people will vote and work against their own well-being.

    Gay repugs, Black repugs, Latino repugs: needs more thought.

    And if you are in one of these groups and hate those in another group… well, you figure it out.

  5. says

    Again I ask why is it with white gay republics, the anti-gay animus is the last straw for them? The republican party has shown they are racist, xenophobic, anti-women, and just anti-progress for years now but they can overlook all that for what?

  6. says

    I’m glad he’s not just leaving the GOP but explicitly explainin *WHY* – and yet, yeah……. he just caught on *now*? I’m a weeee bit confused; is the GOP of 2013/2014 really that much more homophobic and bigoted and hypocritical than they’ve been for…uh… the last 20 years?

    What needs to happen is more of this – and not just from politicians – but from those “I’m a republican but i’m not anti-gay folks” – your party won’t change if you give them no reason to. So far, your party cares about the votes of Bigots, and not *you*. That…uh…should say a lot, to you.

  7. Andy says

    So basically, he has no problem belonging to a party that regularly demonizes people of color, wages war on women’s rights, and actively seeks to deprive the poor of health care…but he draws the line when they target his own specific group.

  8. Preston says

    There is such a thing as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal, which is where (I assume) Mr. Markle falls. I think there are a lot more people like this than we want to admit…

  9. JackFknTwist says

    Did this guy not listen to the Republican National Convention Committee Platform prior to the last election ?
    It had a virulently anti-gay agenda.
    The ship has sailed leaving the Repugs . stranded with the angry old white men support on the pier waving in deluded self satisfaction.

    From what I can see, (being in the States about half each year,…RICK, you ghoul) is that the Repugs. have gained the Tea Party, and lost the Latin, Gay,Black and female vote.
    They have also lost the ‘Invincibles’.
    They have alienated the workers/unions with their squalid mean denial of Unemployment Insurance and they have looked furtive in their denial of Health Care to the poor uninsured.

    Yeah, Romney that 47 % that you didn’t care about have grown.
    And the naked divisiveness of the Repugs. on SSM is showing up the Party of Republicans for what they are……….self righteous bible thumpers.
    And we should rally to the cause of Hillary in 2016….she will be around for 8 years…..and our rights will be consolidated within that period.
    Just look at cable tv as an example of the differences between the supporters; Repugs have O’Reilly, Hannity , Huccabee.
    Dems. have Ed Schultz, Rachel Maddow, Ezra Klein and others.
    The intellectual quality difference is startling.

  10. jamal49 says

    No “openly gay male” of any good character and honesty could ever align himself with the brand of “conservatism” that rules the GOP today. Nobody of any honesty or integrity could ever be a Republican or a “conservative” of any kind.

    Rats (gay or otherwise) fleeing the rapidly-sinking ship of the GOP.

  11. Steve says

    The Republicans are NOT fiscally responsible. They are terribly for most people’s finances. They love wasting money, they love taxing the non-rich and they love corporate welfare. For decades, the deficit has gone up under every Republican government and down under Democratic ones.

  12. Gay Guy says

    Why are you knocking him, at least he had the good sense to leave the party, even if it is belatedly. Now if he can also stop being a “conservative,” that would be nice.

  13. woodroad34 says

    Well, I guess “better late than never”. Along with Jimmy Salvia publicly denouncing and then leaving the GOP, perhaps there will be other minorities and women who will realize (as Jimmy S. said) that there is a small group of Republicans in control who don’t like anyone that is not like them and they’re more afraid of losing a sliver of angry, hateful bigots than keeping, or bringing in, more conservatives (moderate or not). The undecideds are gaining in numbers because the GOP has left them.

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