1. james says

    I would think that there should be some video of this. That particular area of midtown should have street cameras.

  2. whitneyisadude says

    I live in nyc and sadly all these hate crimes have made me extremely weary to walk around between the hours of 2 and 6 am. Seems to be the witching hour for these bashings. Arm yourselves. Über a cab. Get off the streets.

  3. jamal49 says

    @ELWOODL Since the victim is gay perhaps an assumption is being made that it was a gay-bashing incident, thus a hate crime. The report above doesn’t provide much information in this regard. In the past two years or so, violent crimes targeting men specifically because they are gay or assumed to be gay have increased dramatically in NYC. Hell’s Kitchen is a gay neighborhood with many gay bars and assaults have, unfortunately, become quite common there.

    But, why ask such a question? Support the man and his family. This is a tragedy.

  4. JeffNYC says

    The reason this is a suspected hate crime is that nothing was stolen and the beating was savage.

    When Randy was found, his wallet, cash and credit cards were still on him, and the back of his skull had been beaten open.

  5. elwoodl says

    @JAMAL49, The reason I ask is simple. Not everything bad that happens to us is because we are Gay.

  6. tommyz says

    Having just move to NYC and living in Hell’s Kitchen – I have to say how SHOCKED we are at how homophobic the states are… even NYC (we moved from Holland). The ‘male behavior – piss on the fire hydratn’ type attitudes are overwhelming… it is so strange. That and the fact that NYC is literly the worlds most beautiful outdoor prision! Don’t smoke here, don’t let kids play in fountains, don’t let dogs off leash, don’t smoke pot in your building… we thought America was all about freedom? Clearly not.

  7. ratbastard says


    Welcome to NYC. NYC is just one small part of s very diverse country of 320 million people. Regarding the highly restrictive nanny state laws in NYC, it’s primarily due to ‘progressive’ advocates, especially anything to do with tobacco and alcohol. They’er totally cool with crack cocaine and heroin so feel free to knock yorself out.

    Tommy, coming from the uber nanny state EU you should be quite familar with governments that over regulate and tax people to death. As for Euro vs American males, aside from those with a ghetto mentality of all so called races, there isn’t much difference in the what appears to kinda scare you machismo department. NYC s very diverse with a huge population of immigrants whose home countries aren’t exactly known for being as PC as the Netherlands (a country that acually legalized child porn in the 70s for a period of time and was well known by pedophiles worldwide) or Sweden,etc.

    Yo want to smoke weed your home or even outside in parks, go to Seattle, Denver, or even Boston.

  8. redball says

    @whitneyisadude, I feel you–but only up to a certain extent, because there have been vicious daytime bashings in NYC as well, such as that young (20-something) white gay couple who were bashed right by Penn Station/Madison Sq. Garden by a gang of men, maybe two years ago or so.

    Basically, I’m nervous being gay anywhere in NYC at any time. The queerphobia is so disgusting.

  9. redball says

    @ratbastard: the tobacco industry needs to be abolished anyway, so no one gives a about your complaints re: tobacco regulation. :)