GOP Congressman Aaron Schock Locks Down Instagram Account Amid Gay Rumors


Rep. Aaron Schock (R-IL) locked down his Instagram account today amid renewed rumors on social media that he is gay. Rumors that Congressman Schock is gay are not new, and the reason that they continue is purely because of his positions on issues such as marriage equality, and that being an out gay man would also make him a very public hypocrite.

Not only is Schock opposed to same-sex marriage, he supports a federal marriage amendment, opposed repeal of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell', opposes the repeal of DOMA and voted against adding sexual orientation to federal hate crimes statutes.

SchockMany of the gay rumors surrounding Schock seem to be tied to his obsessive attention to his body, as well as that of other Republican congressmen. Schock, who has been accused of misusing campaign funds to further an exercise habit, flaunted the results of that regimen in a Men's Health cover story last May after which he became known as the Congressman with the abs. In June 2010, a photo of Schock at a White House picnic in white jeans, an aqua belt, and purple gingham shirt posted by Gawker (above) sent the gay rumors into overdrive. Schock later tweeted that he "burned the belt" after the photo went viral.

Schock has also denied he is gay.

The latest rumors were brought to a head today after a post on Facebook by journalist Itay Hod went viral. Writes Hod in the post:

here's a hypothetical: what if you know a certain GOP congressman, let's just say from Illinois, is gay… and you know this because one of your friends, a journalist for a reputable network, told you in no uncertain terms that he caught that GOP congressman and his male roommate in the shower… together. now they could have been good friends just trying to conserve water. but there's more. what if this congressman has also been caught by tmz cameras trolling gay bars. now what if you know that this very same guy, the darling of the gop, has also voted against repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, opposed the repeal of doma, is against gay marriage; and for the federal marriage amendment, which would add language to the us constitution banning gay marriage and would likely strike down every gay rights law and ordinance in the country?

Are we still not allowed to out him? 

let me ask another question… doesn't the media have an OBLIGATION to expose his hypocrisy? if he had done something so hypocritical and he wasn't gay, wouldn't we demand journalists do their job? but they can't… because we won't let them. you're not allowed to out ANYONE, we tell them. 

we've created a situation where even though news organizations know this guy is gay, they can't report it because he hasn't said so on twitter. 

if we keep saying that being gay is genetic; ergo, it's no different than having blue eyes or blonde hair… than why are not allowed to mention it? why do we need anyone's consent to talk about their sexuality? are we not allowed to say someone has blue eyes until they post a fb message telling us they are in fact blue?

Hod's post to Facebook appears to have been inspired by a post blogger John Aravosis posted to Americablog on Thursday which hypothesized that Schock might be gay based on interpretations of photos from his Instagram account.

What is lacking so far in any of the discussion, as amusing or voyeuristic as it may be, is any sort of direct testimony or evidence of Schock's sexual orientation.

SchockCan someone be "outed" by a belt? Or for the care they take of their body? Or something heard from a friend of a friend of a friend? Is determining someone's sexual orientation based on how they look an appropriate avenue because the person is a villain, or is it simply undercutting the LGBT community's arguments against stereotypes and defamatory phrases like "that's so gay"?

In any case, Schock appears to be closing the window to prying eyes as a result of all this chatter, and that may just be the catalyst that drives people to look for the evidence that is needed to expose him.


  1. TampaZeke says

    It was hardly “a friend of a friend of a friend”. It was a reporter friend of Itay’s who walked in on his roommate in the shower with Schock. That doesn’t sound nearly as convoluted as you presented it Andy.

  2. Randy says

    “you’re not allowed to out ANYONE, we tell them. ”

    There is no “outing”. There is only the truth. Do it.

  3. Rich says

    Oh jeez. He’s out at the gay bars in DC all the time. I don’t know anyone in DC who HASN’T seen him out at the bars. Since he’s not really trying to keep it secret, why hasn’t he been fully outed?

  4. Lucas H says

    I think there’s been a lot of interesting discussion around this since Hod’s post, and it is worth having. I agree that this does not qualify as an “outing” since there really is no direct evidence or testimony, and plays more like a round of the telephone game. I do, however, think Schock is a big old closet case, and I’m curious to see if this story goes anywhere from here. I can’t imagine the congressman isn’t feeling some heat from it.

  5. walter says

    don’t usually believe n outing anyone it is a personal choice but when the person is a politician who is working hard to destroy the rights of people and is a blatant hypocrite well then all bets are off . and if people have pictures of him in the bars they need to post them

  6. Mike C. says

    You can’t out someone with he said vs. he said. Gay guys are obsessed with Aaron Schock and like kt say he’s gay the same reason why they obsess over Henry Cavill: he’s hot. And the idea that a dude with a “hot bod” has to be gay is so misdirected it just showcases the gay bubble most of you guys live in.

  7. Tadpolicus Wex says

    After a tea-tard primary challenge loss he’ll EVOLVE and come out swinging in the mold of good old closet queen Charlie Crist and re-brand himself as a Democrat just to win his seat back – power trumps ideology for narcissists like Schock…that being said in the immortal words of Will Ferrell in The Other Guys “I’m gonna brake your hip”.

  8. Cam says

    Look, This guy is single, handsome, and has a powerful job and NEVER DATES. And the line about being too busy is idiotic considering other Congressmen or Senators are married and still have time for affairs or to visit hookers.

    Sorry, but somebody his age who is single, never ever is seen dating is obviously hiding something. Obviously a closet case, but the fact that he votes against gay rights makes me wish I was wrong and he was hetero.

  9. james st. james says

    All we know for sure from that story is that he is a color-blind conservationist and may be moderately anorexic. That accounts for the clothes, the saving water fetish and the nice abs.

    Now maybe he’ll clear things up, like Charlie Crist did, and get married.

  10. stevetalbert says

    Maybe someone was confusing Aaron Schock with Aaron Rodgers.. Aaron is gay and he won’t/can’t come out.

  11. robroy says

    Wasn’t the rumor that Mark Kirk is also gay? That’s a lot of gay R’s in one state’s delegation.

    Although I swear both my senators are gay Graham and Scott. Although I find both physically – and politically- repulsive.

  12. says

    If he is gay (if I were a gambler, the odds for Yes are looking good), what’s interesting, and strange, is the extreme disconnect it must take for a young politician to think he can breeze through his political career in such a grand hypocritical state. You could pull that off in the olden days–now, ain’t gonna happen. If you’re closeted and voting anti-gay, your closet door is going to be blown wide open (no pun intended) sooner or later. That special gay brand of Republican is the kind in the bubble, not the rest of us.

  13. ophu says

    Apropos of nothing, he’s almost the spitting image of my closeted gay cousin who currently lives in Illinois and has four daughters and a wife who may or may not know that something’s up.

  14. TANK says

    Wow, some of the bitter, pathetic middle-aged queens who post here have a knack for focusing on the trivial. Let Tank keep it real: this guy is a closet case, period, end of story. If he doesn’t have gay face I don’t know who does! What a loathsome, self-hating gym bunny he truly is. But let Tank add this: a lot of you folks who are trashing him would gladly get wild with him if you had the chance, LOL! Even though he is an evil force politically he is kind of cute in a twinkish way.

  15. Jules says

    I agree with TampaZeke. But further to that I think that Andy is jealous of Itay Hod and that is why he doesn’t want to give him too much cred.

  16. shanot says

    he’s not gay. he’s a closet homosexual. they should be defined, by journalists as smart as itay hod, as different and worthy of distinction. that would be the way to sort all these issues out in the future. and yes, hod is correct; we are maintaining as a community that homosexuality is inborn, and quite frankly, many of us know it when we see it (something akin to ‘gaydar’ but that is just colloquial term). it is truth. now whether or not you’re gay is a different, happier, prouder, more enlightened thing entirely.

  17. Jeff says

    Even on the small chance he’s not gay–or so closeted that he can’t even admit it to himself–he now knows what it’s like to be persecuted for being gay. Maybe that’ll help him be a bit more sensitive the next time he decides to do something like exclude gays from a hate crimes bill.

  18. Jules says

    Also…that he locked up his Instagram suggests that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed.

  19. Joseph Singer says

    One wonders what lead to the abrupt closure of his instagram account if he wasn’t trying to hide his tracks.

  20. ny2.0 says

    He’s your classic gay republican, all about money and power. He will vote right-wing to discriminate so long as he gets his cake. When he retires, he’ll pull a Ken Melhman stunt and suddenly evolve and beg for forgiveness. Disgusting!

  21. jjose712 says

    Sorry, but i doubt the gay rumours were about that belt.

    It’s like saying Jake Gyllenhaal rumours are because Brokeback Mountain, he had gay rumours before, and Heath Ledger was in the same movie and there weren’t gay rumours about him (even when his first role in australia was a gay teen too).

    I don’t think nobody would care about Shock’s sexual orientation if he hasn’t such record on gay issues.
    I’m not for outing, not even closeted actors/athletes dating beards (that’s pathetic but in the end the only damaged is the closeted man), not even if that guy makes homophobic comments (but i wouldn’t be angry if someone outs him), but Shock is a polititian with power to make real damage in the lives of other gay men.
    He can hate himself all that he wants, but he has no right that his hate damage other gays lifes

  22. andrew says

    Not all gay men support gay marriage. Even gay men who support gay marriage don’t actually want to marry. If you look at the stats, very few gay men have actually married. It’s more a female thing.

  23. Matt27 says

    He’s between a rock and a hard place (correct term in English?). Nobody else to blame but himself. His life could be so much easier, if he’d been honest to himself and people around him. Media will continue to chase him until he says something about his personal life. Not nice, but his reality at the moment. I wish him all the good.

  24. Perry says

    Typical trash from gay people who don’t want people going into their bedroom but want to go into other people’s bedroom. It is a shame gay people would actually try to out others or pass around gossip. i am sure these same people didn’t appreciate the gossip about them growing up and would have been horrified if/when they were forcibly outed before they were ready to come out.

    All the intellectually dishonest justification people come up with to out people does not but loses you support among the the general public. You are nothing but disgusting pigs.

  25. SpaceCadet says

    This is still all old news. No proof here. And who just let’s someone walk in on him in the shower with someone else in there unless he’s trying to get caught? That would have been perfect proof if there was a photo or video of that!

  26. t2 says

    How can men like him exist? How can he vote like that against gay people when he is himself gay?

    He has definite mental issues.

  27. litper says

    @Spacecade him following Tom Daley is news. How many rabid anti-gay republicans are following gay divers Instagrams full of photos in nothing but speedos?

  28. R2D2 says

    Hod doesn’t seem like the type to lie, whereas Schock, well, the jury is still at Teadance deciding.

  29. SpaceCadet says

    Yes, but I want proof on the magnitude of a sex scandal! I already assume the guy is gay. Him caught in the shower with another dude would have been perfect.

  30. Marlon Manroe says


    Oh please, you can let go of the pearls you’re clutching. First off, I’m not seeing many comments about what he does in the bedroom. Secondly, there’s no shame in being gay. Schock’s shame is that he’s a hypocrite who is hurting a group of people that he belongs to, people he represents, all the while lying in order to enjoy the supposed privilege he does.

    However, you’re happy to feel however you’d like about it and gay people. Irrelevant.

  31. Marlon Manroe says


    Oh please, you can let go of the pearls you’re clutching. First off, I’m not seeing many comments about what he does in the bedroom. Secondly, there’s no shame in being gay. Schock’s shame is that he’s a hypocrite who is hurting a group of people that he belongs to, people he represents, all the while lying in order to enjoy the supposed privilege he does.

    However, you’re happy to feel however you’d like about it and gay people. Irrelevant.

  32. JoshG says

    “Not all gay men support gay marriage. Even gay men who support gay marriage don’t actually want to marry. If you look at the stats, very few gay men have actually married. It’s more a female thing.”

    Oh, dear. What statistics, princess?

  33. rroberts says

    If Schock is a closeted queer, that’s newsworthy, and I absolutely applaud exposing hypocrisy. BUT !! — until there’s solid, incontrovertible proof, it’s like anyone else accused of something – he must be presumed innocent until (or unless) proven guilty. So far, the proof doesn’t exist.

  34. jiminy cricket says

    There has been plenty of talk of this Schock and his hypocrisy regarding the gay community. But what about the straight Republicans that voted him in based on his platform? Boy has he created a conundrum for himself!

  35. says

    @Andrew: a gay man not wanting to marry personally is nothing like a closeted gay politician opposing all gay rights. The comparison is silly in the context of this story, as is the notion that “very few” gay men have married.

  36. Sergio says

    What a weird tone to this article. Do you actively support Schock’s hypocrisy, Andy, or are you just bothered that Hod got there first? No other gay media outlet – hell, no media outlet I’ve read so far – seems to be giving Schock as much of the ‘benefit of the doubt’ as you are. This isn’t the time for an abstruse philosophical debate about the merits and drawbacks of outing. This guy deliberately hurts our community – show him the door.

  37. Kenny C says

    When the pictures surface, OUT the self-loathing, hypocritical mfckr faster and louder than anyone has been outed before!

  38. m says

    if its true then his abs shouldn’t be the only thing ripped. if there are actual facts to support the rumors bring them on. he is not entitled to a private gay life while publicly pretending to be someone else. not when you publicly express extremely homophobic positions and vote the same way. this kind of politician shouldn’t be tolerated by anyone. conservative voters will be even harder on him.

  39. anon says

    Hypocrisy comes very easy to politicians since they are constantly lying about many, many things at once. It’s really the art of lying since most people don’t want to hear the truth. My guess is that since this is IL, AS was put in Congress by the Rep. state party machine out of Springfield and he’s the perfectly compromised candidate to run. He has no choice but to do what the machine wants since they protect him. It’s probably why the IL state delegation is so full of oddballs and dimwits–anyone that can’t stand up on their own.

  40. Ben in Oakland says

    If you have proof, let’s see it. Outing is a fake moral issue. If you put one toe outside of the closet, you run the risk of being outed.

    If you don’t have proof, please shut up.

  41. wilfi says

    If Andy Towle was a stand-up guy he’d buy an airline ticket and fly to Peoria and seduce this Schock guy, all the while wearing a wire.
    Now that would be hard hitting journalism from the trenches!

  42. Frank says

    I went to highschool with Aaron, and even back then the rumors about his sexuality were rampant.

  43. Kevin says

    What is with Towleroad’s recent turn towards attacking/belittling of LGBT activists? First you deride Signoreli and now you dismiss this as a witch hunt.

    As Hod mentioned it is not out of bounds to report a candidate was born with blue eyes, so why is it wrong to report they were born gay? The only position that can be held against the outing of public figures is one based in a deep rooted belief that being gay is somehow wrong or something to be ashamed of.

  44. Le_Tigre says

    When he does come out, I hope the headline is something like: SHOCK! Jock Schock Talks Cock!

  45. Steven Stanley says

    Andy, if you’re going to report, do so accurately. Itay Hod’s allegations are not based, as you incorrectly put it, on “a friend of a friend of a friend.” Read Hod’s post, in which he states, “one of your friends, a journalist for a reputable network, told you in no uncertain terms that he caught that GOP congressman and his male roommate in the shower… together.” This is information Hod received directly from an eyewitness. Your blog is too respected for you to so carelessly rephrase and recategorize a respected journalist’s words.

  46. Anon2478 says

    I hope he isn’t gay.

    1. Because he’s told us so, and I would hope, dearly, that you could trust him at his word.

    2. Because if he is gay, the amount of harm he does to his own people is so insurmountable that he will become hated. Hated by our community, and reviled. Rightly so, unfortunately. It would be an awful, awful position for him to be in, and one the consequences of which would probably haunt him personally, morally, and spiritually forever.

  47. JackFknTwist says

    Is this seriously an issue ?
    Is there any doubt about this hypocrite ?
    There should be only one discussion; how do we bring down this twisted enemy of our rights to equality.

    He has acted malignantly against us and we should have the muscle to act against him.

  48. ian says

    If he is indeed gay he should be outed. there is a difference between outing a closeted private individual and a hypocritical lawmaker, a public figure. the former should be allowed to accept themselves and come out, or not, at their own pace and volition, and out gay men and women should be gentle and supportive of their process. the latter, a congressman voting against basic legal equality for gay citizens to increase his hetero bonafides should be exposed for the turd he is.

  49. Christopher T. says

    Thank you Steven Stanley. I think we all have to question Andy Towle’s motives here. Perhaps Mr Towle has some previous “experience” with Mr Schock that he’s not letting confessing to?
    I’ve no clue, but obviously he’s not reporting this story from a fair and balanced perspective.

  50. Rob Tisinai says

    He’s always pinged my gaydar, but I wouldn’t read too much into his setting his Instagram account to private. He’s probably getting a lot of mocking comments and wants to shut that down, that’s all. He wouldn’t have posted anything genuinely incriminating in the first place.

  51. Homo Genius says

    Without getting into specific of this case… There is an unwritten rule in the media going back decades that they don’t out people. Even people who might privately be out and be living a “gay” life.

    Instead it becomes a titillating Blind Item game or reports on reports which to me is worse.

    Anyone closeted is by definition being deceitful and many times lying.

    Ok that said…

    “his male roommate in the shower”

    what is it with all these financially secure adult celebs having roommates? The only reason anyone over a certain age has a roommate is if they simply cant make it on their own or its a temporary helping out of the roomie. There is just something fishy about over 30s with roomamtes

  52. juliazale says

    The information from this other article is plenty proof for me: “[He] ended up in Congress because he didn’t want to take showers with other guys in gym class, so he fought his school board so he didn’t have to take gym, got on the school board, and then ran for Congress, and won, after that.” If that’s not internalized homophobia, I don’t know what is.

  53. Francis says

    I don’t care about Aaron being outed because of his anti-gay record in Congress, but I don’t like how many gays have glee in tearing Aaron Schock down and basically trying to ruin his career and potentially his life. Which you all know could happen. And really, that’s what it’s all about. It’s not about hypocrisy. It’s about getting back at Aaron Schock. That makes you almost as low as he is.

  54. crispy says

    “He’s out at the gay bars in DC all the time.”

    Oh please, Mary. I live on the Hill, and some hateful betches might say I spend far too much time in gay bars. But I have NEVER seen Aaron Schock out. Ever. And if he was out as much as you say he is, there would be dozens of pictures of him on the Web considering that, ya know, every queen on the planet is carrying a smart phone in their pockets.

    She probably gay. And I’ll out him in a heartbeat if I spot him sipping a Cosmo on the rooftop at Nellies. But saying he’s out at gay bars in DC all the time is simply wishful thinking.

  55. Francis says

    I don’t like this new trend of forcing people out of the closet or forcing people to come out and immediately hold a gay mantle and be a loud and proud advocate. It comes off desperate and needy. I think Aaron Schock should be outed because he’s a hypocrite. Hypocrisy should be exposed.

    To compare being gay to having blue eyes is ridiculous. Being gay, like no other trait, affects your life and the way you see the world and others see you, in MAJOR ways. Not having blue eyes. To even compare the two is an insult, frankly. Diminishes totally the impact coming out has on an individual.

    And to make clear again: I’m not defending Aaron Schock whatsoever. He’s responsible for what’s happening to him. But a lot of you aren’t much better than he is.

  56. Homo Genius says

    @rich “Oh jeez. He’s out at the gay bars in DC all the time. I don’t know anyone in DC who HASN’T seen him out at the bars. Since he’s not really trying to keep it secret, why hasn’t he been fully outed? ”

    The same thing with Anderson Cooper. Everyone in NY saw him out all the time and it was just common knowledge. He would be photographed with his BF’s. But then he is on CNN and he was “protected” from being outed in the media.

    That’s the big issue here. The media needs to come into the 21st century and stop enabling/protecting celebs until they are “ready” to talk to PEOPLE.

  57. James says

    We all agree that if he’s gay (and he probably is) he should come out.

    But doesn’t anyone else find Itay Hod’s obnoxiously coy post to be just as hypocritical? If Hod really believes he has the goods, then out with it.

  58. says

    To some of the posters here:
    – I am a friend of both Itay Hod and Signorile and respect them both, and am glad Itay’s post has regenerated this discussion.
    – I would be pleased to see Aaron Schock outed for his hypocrisy, along with other anti-gay closet cases.
    – Although it’s intriguing, I don’t believe hearsay from friends really amounts to ‘outing’ if the sources remain anonymous and if nobody’s willing to come forward with evidence. There has to be some out there.

  59. juliazale says

    Oh Francis, you don’t seem to know how instant Karma works do you? Aaron Shrock as a congressman and with his voting record is ruining the lives of gay people and women everywhere. If outing him puts an end to his hate how is that hypocrisy or spiteful?

  60. Mike says

    Honey. It is not just THAT belt, (Or even his whole outfit.) that screams GAY! The facts that he is too “busy” to date women, (and apparently has been since high school, (without even a convincing beard). Add to it the fact that his gay face is well known at every Washington D.C. gay bar, takes the time necessary to keeps his abs in shape at his age.

    This GOP congressional embarrassment is so FLAMING that he did not have to burn the belt. It would have spontaneously combusted!

    Normally I am against “outing” another person. However, his hypocritical voting record causes such REAL and lasting grief to so many good people to leave this self loather in office is totally unacceptable and just dangerous!

    No. The fact IS that Rep. Aaron Schock so obviously practices LIPOSUCTION OF THE PENIS the old fashion and good way on a regular basis is conclusive and there is no question . . .

  61. Francis says

    It’s spiteful, Juliazale, because it’s not really about Aaron’s hypocrisy. It’s about getting back at him and tearing him down for the wrong he (most definitely) has done. Eye for an eye makes the world go blind. I don’t have any issue with him being outed, but for the right reasons, in a much more professional way than this is being handled.

  62. Francis says

    Like, a lot of LGBT’s are looking like catty bitches and it’s embarrassing. I don’t take pleasure in *intentionally* hurting people. I do take pleasure in exposing hypocrisy. A lot of you are in this for the former.

  63. Leo says

    How would you approach the latter while avoiding the former, Francis? Take off the rose-colored glasses.

  64. Buckie says

    I think not outing him for as long as possible is a better strategy.

    Because he’s so obviously gay that when he finally does come out, resistance in the area he represents will really be minimal.

  65. Francis says

    Basically it’s this: His hypocrisy hurts people (true) so in response, I’m going to publicly mock, shame, and embarrass him.

    Pretty much eye for an eye. Aaron Schock hurt me, so I’m going to hurt him even worse and laugh as his life/career is turned upside down and potentially/probably ruined. That’s pathetic. I don’t support that. We should be better than that. I want to see him outed because he’s a hypocrite who has potential influence for us as a community that he not only isn’t using, but ditches in favor of votes against us. If his career is ruined, so be it. But I’m not jumping for joy in wanting to see someone’s life torn apart. I think it’s sad he’s closeted, and I think it’s sad how people are only in this for a “gotcha” and then you’ll just toss Aaron Schock to the curb after you get your kicks in.

    It is what it is.

  66. will says

    Aaron Schock remains unmarried. Apparently the 32-year-old House Congressman has a “roommate”. He love the gym (and has appeared a a number of fitness magazine covers), loves cooking, and was a guest judge on “Top Chef”.

  67. Jake says

    I don’t understand WHY the media feels the need to hide public figures due to gay rumours? It is hypocritical of the press, since they discuss the private lives of heterosexual politicans. I say out the closet cases like Aaron Schock, he’s against gay rights even though the man is homosexual himself. Schock is the ultimate uncle tom!

  68. Jake says

    I don’t understand WHY the media feels the need to hide public figures due to gay rumours? It is hypocritical of the press, since they discuss the private lives of heterosexual politicans. I say out the closet cases like Aaron Schock, he’s against gay rights even though the man is homosexual himself. Schock is the ultimate uncle tom!

  69. will says

    Josh Barro pointed out that of the 71 people Aaron follows on Instagram, one is diver Tom Daley. There’s an irony in that.

  70. TANK says

    I know some of the bitter, pathetic queens who troll this website aren’t going to like this, but Tank is going to keep it real. This guy has gayface per excellence. If he isn’t as gay as a goose then neither is Ryan Seacrest or Clay Aitken. And yes, while he does have butterface, with that hot little body, I bet that all of you critics of his politics who are spouting off here would be happy to have a go at this guy! Hey, folks, I just have to keep it real… it’s my job!

  71. stevetalbert says

    I don’t understand why people make it seem like outing is a curse. It’s either true or not. Being gay is not a bad thing. What is bad is a public servant making decisions based on personal religious ideas of right and wrong. He has made some terrible votes that hurt people more than they will ever help. If he thinks that hurting gay people is what his constituents want..then they deserve to know he he is gay or not so they can vote against him if they want.

    Welcome to the world where people can be hurt by innuendo. Maybe passing some gay rights laws and supporting marriage equality would help put an end to that.

  72. emjayay says

    I don’t know if he’s really seen all the time at DC gay bars, but I sure do wish someone had taken a photo. This sort of thing just can’t get proven so it can be covered up and denied forever, without a photo or arrest or something.

    I remember the Exodused cover boy success story guy that someone got photos of in a gay bar in DC, even before everyone had a camera in their pocket. It marked a big step in discrediting the whole operation, which of course more recently imploded.

    He may have blocked the Instagram, but check out his Facebook page on which he posted the photo of the box of gayish footwear he bought himself, of all things. Lots of you’re gay come out already comments. Jeeze, all the guy needs to do is sport a paisley ascot.

    The oddest thing about the whole saga is that he is so needlessly upfront about showing his gay abs and gay shoes and wearing that outfit to the political picnic a few years ago, while being too busy to date for twenty years. It’s like a cry for help or something.

  73. says

    This guy certainly isn’t “self hating” or “self loathing.” Far from it. He clearly loves himself and loves being a Congressman.

  74. Glen says

    Okay did people miss the part about him being caught in the shower with his “room mate” and TMZ having multiple video of him trolling DC gay bars. It is not wishful gaying, the guy is gay. Everyone in Chicago knows he is gay, everyone in DC knows he is gay.

    He is a gay man voting against his own civil rights…

  75. Joel says

    Someone call in the paparazzis to hound this dog until his end days until they find him humped up in the act with another man, or even just jerking off to some gay porn would be OK. I am sure that this one has it.

  76. says

    Has anyone tried outreach? The ACLU hired several gay GOP’ers for this kind of thing. Here’s your chance guys. Nothing screams ‘HELP!’ louder than a single non dating body building man wearing a pink gingham shirt to a GOP fundraiser.

    Maybe he just can’t break down the closet doors by himself.

    Itay, whatever you decide to do with whatever proof you have just be prepared to live with the consequences of your actions.

  77. says

    Some guys are just plain cowards…I used to get together with an actor in the 80’s who was and still is married with kids…recent contact panicked him and he locked me out of Facebook contact with him!
    Pathetic way to live the lies.


  78. shawnthesheep says

    I’m usually one to argue for respecting privacy, but a liar and hypocrite like Schock needs to be exposed. His “moral” objections to homosexuality are nothing more than a craven attempt to gain wealth and power. He doesn’t morally object to gay rights. He simply does not care about anyone but himself and his own career. He’ll do or say anything to maintain his status in the Republican party. And it’s important that voters know this about him. If Schock wanted to live the quiet life of a closet case, he shouldn’t have run for office as a gay bashing GOP congresscritter.

  79. SpaceCadet says

    A comment above mentioned everyone in Chicago and DC knows Aaron Schock knows he’s gay. I’m not saying he isn’t and I assume he is but I live in Boystown and go out pretty regularly and have never seen this guy in the gay bars. Neither have any of my various gay friends and acquaintences that do the same. If he had, it would be all over Facebook with proof. I imagine this would be the case in DC as well. I think someone as closeted as Schock wouldn’t frequent the gay bars. More likely he does controlled discrete encounters off of gay hook-up sites.

  80. Quoter says

    “So Aaron Schock is happy to affirmatively harm people based on their sexual orientation, but expects people to not affirmatively harm him based on his sexual orientation.”

  81. Bill says

    Good Lord almighty – it’s 2014! Nobody gives a rats ass if you’re gay. Get over it, Gwendolyn. If mommy and daddy can’t handle it you need to grow a pair of brass cojones and tell them you’re fine with being nixed from the will. Damn, if Utah Mormons can deal with it and Pope Francis is cool – get a freaking life Schock-a-rama!

  82. Bill says

    Good Lord almighty – it’s 2014! Nobody gives a rats ass if you’re gay. Get over it, Gwendolyn. If mommy and daddy can’t handle it you need to grow a pair of brass cojones and tell them you’re fine with being nixed from the will. Damn, if Utah Mormons can deal with it and Pope Francis is cool – get a freaking life Schock-a-rama!

  83. crispy says

    And Gawker is now reporting that “journalist” Itay Hod has been lying about being a CBS producer for 2 years. This is just a case of an eager queen trying to make a name for herself.

    Closeted politicians absolutely should be outed. But do it with more proof than Instagram photos of their wardrobe… and frankly Schock’s clothes aren’t that gay looking, just tacky.

  84. BrokebackBob says

    Out him, he’s a Congressman for God’s sake!
    Shouldn’t at least our representatives be completely truthfully who they are! We’re supposed to trust them! I bet he didn’t burn that belt either honey.

  85. tbl41 says

    He should be outed as gay whether he is or not… he uses his political position to perpetuate hate against gays. What better consequence than to be presumed gay and suffer the same persecution and judgement that homosexuals suffer every day?

  86. Jay says


    I believe the reporter and his friend are the roommates, Aaron hooked up with one of them at their place and got caught.

  87. JD says

    If you’re closeted and you speak or do harm to our community, be prepared for us to come at you. Don’t even dare play victim!

  88. Two Dads says

    Francis, you’re normally a voice of reason, and call out blatant homophobia like this politicians, and don’t play the ‘concerned troll’ game of trying to lecture us gays about how to properly ‘conduct’ ourselves in the face of bigots, I’m veryyyy disappointed in you and your ploy here. Spare us the lecturing. Gay people have been told long enough how to conduct ourselves. we don’t need a self righteous fellow gay to get on his high horse and give us a monologue about how to be kind to bigots.

  89. jamal49 says

    The man is closeted. He is gay. It is common knowledge he is gay but closeted. His family knows he is gay. His immediate circle of friends know he is gay. His congressional colleagues know he is gay. Why Schock won’t admit he is gay is obvious: his career in politics would be over because the hypocrisy of supporting such virulent anti-LGBT legislation would be too great to overcome if Schock were to come out.

  90. Mark C. says

    don’t do damage to the gay community and we won’t do damage to you, but using our people for sex objects then voting against their rights means you are fair game for personal attacks of your hypocrisy

  91. says

    In Washington circles there has been much talk
    A story was written about Aaron Schock
    A staffer replied
    That the author had lied;
    “Aaron’s not gay, he just prefers cock”


  92. John says

    It’s called dissociation. And it’s a mental disorder. When you are, in effect, two different people. An idiotic, conservative republican, and a closeted, self-hating gay man – simultaneously. When Schock finally breaks down and comes to terms with who he is, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Sexual orientation is not private – as Hod correctly points out, if there is a genetic component to our orientation then it’s about as private as hair or eye color. It is Schock’s own fear and self-loathing that keeps him in the closet at the expense of his gay and lesbian constituents in his state. Out him, now.

  93. Joe De Hoyos says

    He outed himself by wearing that aqua web belt with white pants and a purple gingham shirt. A little too precious and soooooooo g-g-g-gay!

  94. Robert says

    we need to focus on getting him replaced with a democrat. i do not care if he comes out or not. it won’t change his voting record.

  95. AmericanDreamer says

    I just want to know if he is a top or bottom

    I wish when public figures outed themselves they identified themselves as one or the other!

  96. woody says

    He should come out… In a few years, the GOP will be looking for a gay poster boy they can point to to say they’re integrated.
    You know, like they did with Herman Cain and Alan West.
    Integrated, my ass.
    The GOP: what a bunch of liars…

  97. JJ says

    Politics really does attract creepy sociopaths like this vacuous queen. Yikes – I’d stay clear of him.

  98. IJelly says

    Journalists have no trouble talking or speculating about which public figures are dating, splitting up, even schtuping – all of which are a discussion of sexuality. However, if the parties being discussed are both the same sex, then out comes pious talk of journalistic ethics regarding sexuality. It’s hypocrisy and more often than not it’s committed by journalists who claim to have no bias against gay people and gay issues.

  99. AmericanDreamer says

    If people want to out a closeted gay hypocrite like this one they should have the balls to NAME the hypocrite and NAME the person he was with and give SPECIFICS.

    All of this innuendo without naming names or giving specifics is pathetic and unfair.

    Unless yiou have specific facts backing it up you shouldnt be acting like a 14 year old school girl with all this innuendo.

  100. AmericanDreamer says

    I wish some of these reports would disclose whether Aaron has had a real live in girlfriend

    Becaue if he hasnt I dont see how anyone can still think he is straight

  101. Scott says

    Oh, queens, queens, queens. Thanks for the laughs today as I read through all these comments. Nothing like a a bunch of smart, sharp-tongued queens to make a man laugh after 4 days sick in bed. I LOVE US. We can scratch and claw but in the end, we all know a queen when we see one. (and yes, Dorothy, you can out a man by a belt!)

  102. juliazale says

    From Francis “I want to see him outed because he’s a hypocrite who has potential influence for us as a community that he not only isn’t using, but ditches in favor of votes against us. If his career is ruined, so be it.” Which is it Francis? You are either against all outings or okay with it. You can’t have it both ways and keep arguing we want Schock outed for different less noble reasons than you. He wouldn’t warrant our disgust, or revenge if he didn’t vote against us. I agree with TBL41 even if he’s not gay he deserve to have gay rumors due to his voting record. He’s no different from any other politician who votes against us and is called a closet homophobe. Gay rumors have been swirling around Schock on Data Lounge since 2012. Now please, Francis step off your high horse before you fall and get hurt.