1. Matt27 says

    Delicious. The main guy in black t-shirt is hot.
    @Crispy, you know they’re really hot, when they’re hot without taking off their shirts.
    @Mark, det var mycket bra.

  2. bicuriousus says

    I don’t know if John Travolta comes to Towleroad or not but if he does he must be feeling pretty proud to see his early work inspire these soldiers after all these years!

  3. Regina says

    Wow – they can lip sync, dance, occupy foreign people and oversee Western ransacking of a country all in a day’s work – now *that’s* multi-talented!

  4. says

    Awesome…this video works on so many levels.

    It gives me real hope in humanity. No kidding. Great production, great looking men and in essence lets the world know that a wonderful and improved era in masculinity has finally arrived. So different than the small minded stuffy macho attitudes of pre 1970. Thank you Swedish Marines!

  5. anon says

    I always felt the X-Factor was stupid. Now this makes it obvious that it can be done entirely on YouTube. What are the odds they’ll be invited on Euro X-Factor now?

  6. EchtKultig says

    ” straight guys who probably hate them in 3…2…1″

    Sweden is the country where the military forces are about the least likely to hate gays. That being said I don’t think it’s true of the average American soldier anymore.

  7. bravo says

    Watching this video, I assumed that Sweeden must be very comfortable with gays in the military, including a warm embrace to whichever queen choreographed this thing.

    My only complaint is that this video does not have enough racial and ethnic diversity.

  8. SpaceCadet says

    Regarding the complaint about the lack of racial and ethnic diversity in this video…it’s the Swedish army for Christ’s sake! SWEDEN! Not the U.S! Jesus!

  9. JonnyNYNY2FLFL says

    A while ago, you posted a video by Finnish or Norweigan sailors called “We’re On A Boat” & it was too cute for words.

    Alias, I can’t find it anywhere now. Boo-hoo. Please help!

  10. bravo says

    @spacecadet – I looked on a map of Europe. Is it possible that Sweden is suburb on the fringe of an increasingly multi-ethnic Europe? As ‘white flight’ to the suburbs in the US, shows us, geography is, by definition, racism. This video is hot, but likely offensive. My next step is to assess the number of foreskins in the video to see if it includes Jews and those with phimosis who had to have a circumcision due to strangulation.

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