1. stevetalbert says

    Rep Grimm is a public servant. He should have answered the question. .however brief. He isn’t forced to run for office. The question was reasonable and legitimate for a Rep.

  2. Jack M says

    There are plenty of guys like this. I remember when I was living in Philadelphia in the 90s, one member of City Council threatened to throw another one out a window. Just because you’re a politician doesn’t mean you’re not a bully.

  3. JC says

    It’s nice he is co-sponsoring ENDA, but that does NOT excuse threats of physical violence, especially considering that he is in a position of power over the other individual.

  4. Lucas H says

    That’s crayyyyyyzyyyyyy!!! Dude, what a moron. Has he never been told to reply to crap like that with “no comment”? And he is still running his mouth.

  5. Not That Rob says

    If you’re siding with Grimm you’re an idiot. He should have said no comment and left it at that. His behavior was completely unacceptable and there’s clearly homophobic/sexist undertones in what he said.

  6. says

    In less time than it took him to vocalize two threats to the reporter, he could have simply said, “Sorry, I’m only here to comment on the union address.”

    And THAT would have been respectful and professional.

  7. ED says

    He’s a bully and an idiot and his apology smacked of entitlement. If you have ever been a reporter, you know that you must ask the questions, even if they are hard, which in this case, they were not. If you are a member of the House of Representatives, excuse me, but you are 100% open to scrutiny at all times. There is a reason that the Press is referred to as The Fourth Estate. In our sound bite, tightly controlled, stay-on-message world, we have forgotten this. Screw this guy. The reporter was simply doing his job. End of.

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