1. borut says

    Goldie Hawn has also travelled to Russia to listen to Putin sing. She probably has no clue about his policies, either, and just thought his singing was wonderful.

  2. bryan says

    i love Goldie and have complete trust in her support of the gay community – she’s a smart caring lady and she gets it.

  3. Trasker says

    It still bogles my mind at how few people even hear about this stuff. Yesterday had to educate a friend on the homophobia in Uganda (“Kill The Gays Bill”) and all that. At work when I said I was not going to watch the Sochi Olympics people acted as if they had no idea what was happening there. “But its the Olympics!”

  4. fedorajoe says

    Thank you for clarifying, Ms. Hawn! I thought this had to be the case and it’s good to have it confirmed. Yes, it is surprising perhaps how many people don’t know what’s going on in Africa, but she’s educated now, and that’s what matters.

  5. Francis says

    That’s because most straight people don’t care about LGBT rights, Trasker. Sad, but true. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing–being anti-gay doesn’t register with most, anymore. But neither does being actively pro-gay, either. Most straight people just don’t care because it doesn’t really affect them directly, or their closest friends.

    Anyway, I appreciate Goldie Hawn apologizing.

  6. Jeff says

    I trust her. I believe her explanation. It contrasts the defensive attitude from the One Direction kid Liam unknown last names classless, defensive rants of a few days before.

  7. Mike Ryan says

    None of us should be surprised at how stupid people are about the rest of the world. If they aren’t the center of that world they pay little to no attention. Mariah Carey runs off and performs for dictators for the cash despite the fact that these dictators kill thousands of people. Goldie Hawn is old enough (as she proves here quite nicely) to know exactly what she is doing and she was willing to meet the guy for the sake of the bad/good publicity it would bring here. Had she not met and posted their picture would she be all over the news? No. It’s always me me me with these faded celebrities and that is really pathetic. The sooner she fades out of the limelight the better.

  8. BCNKC says

    It probably really isn’t her fault that she didn’t know. Its the fault of the news media. Unless you specifically follow news of interest to the gay community I guarantee you have not likely heard of any of this. Sad but I don’t think we can blame Goldie especially after years of being and advocate for the LGBT community. Clearly her apology is heartfelt.

  9. says

    She did what we asked yesterday. Speak out. Lend her voice.

    Thank you Goldie. From the LGBT community here in the US for our helpless brothers & sisters in Nigeria. We can’t do this alone. When any marginalized group is scapegoated the world needs to speak out. This set of circumstances ending with Goldie Hawn saying she had no idea about the atrocities LGBT face in Nigeria showcases the greater failure of mass media to inform.

    Nigerian President Goodluck was invited to participate in an international gathering of business & civic leaders and no one challenged him about the atrocities he endorses against his countrymen in the name of religion. But for an innocent tweet and an LGBT supporter making her aware she would have gone on unawares as does much of the American populace.

    We in the LGBT community have been calling out the deteriorating situation in Africa since before the laws were introduced. When Lively & co first started making trips there. More than two years this has been brewing and major media says nothing. Call out their failure Ms Hawn. Help raise an international voice against this barbaric treatment of innocents.

  10. BEAHBEAH says

    If I didn’t seek out gay news, I would know NOTHING about what’s happening in Nigeria. I haven’t seen it covered once in mainstream news. So blame the media on their lack of coverage on these atrocities.

    Most of you gays wouldn’t know sh*t either if all you followed was mainstream media, so stop judging. A 70 year old straight woman probably doesn’t make a constant effort to keep up on gay events, like 99% of most straight people in this world.

  11. jamal49 says

    Ms. Hawn need to talk with her publicist then, just so she can at least be a little more informed about what’s going on in the world. I refuse to believe that Goldie Hawn was unaware of Nigeria’s extremely repressive policies against LGBTQ people. I don’t but it. I don’t accept her apology. Those days are gone where a rushed apology, an insincere mea culpa, for a stupid comment that never should have been said is accepted without question. Sorry, Goldie. I ain’t buyin’ it.

  12. Lexis says

    I believe her. And if anything, her stupid mistake is giving the horrific situation in Nigeria some additional press here in the US.

  13. Sean Maloney says

    She needs to fire her handlers as they should have at the very least given her a quick heads up about “Goodluck” (really? Goodluck?!). And that HuffPuff interviewer is dumb.

  14. Kim says

    I would guess 75% of Americans are likeGoldie and have no idea about the anti Gay laws in Nigeria

  15. belle poitrine says

    she has now brought the situation to the attention of the mainsteam. so by all means continue hating her forever.

  16. RexT says

    @Trasker Will & Francis – Spot on. The lack of knowledge and understanding remains a constant part of what slows down progress on every front. There is a shift happening, slowly, as more and more people are finally hearing the rhetorical noise and taking an interest as they learn more. Information and education which gets others to stop and actually engage is always the greatest challenge.