1. Matt27 says

    He is so talented, creative and so handsome. You could see his talent already in 3rd Rock, when he was just a kid, and he acted so well with the rest of the cast.

  2. CATWALKER says

    This looks like a great show, and JGL is so talented and handsome, too! It’s wonderful the way he collaborates with others on this creative venture, and he just keeps amazing me! Wow!

  3. StudioTodd says

    I hate going along with the popular consensus, but he actually seems like a truly kind person, on top of everything…not something you usually see in someone who started as a child actor.

    He comes across as someone who feels good about himself and feels compelled to try and get other people to feel good about themselves.

    Hope it’s not just great PR and media manipulation…

  4. Joe De Hoyos says

    Love the show. Beats anything on network TV in terms of creativity. Please don’t go corporate!