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    Schools need to teach critical thinking and real science. Extreme weather, including cold spells are part of climate change which is caused by global warming. It’s not up for debate anymore and news station have to stop the false balance of giving the “other side” when there isn’t one on this and quite a few other topics.

  2. jjose712 says

    In fact global warming could bring a new ice age.
    With increasing temperatures polar ice will melt, and the new sweet water would change the salinity of water making the gulf stream to stop. And gulf stream is what make European temperatures so moderate, without gulf stream all europe (maybe without portugal and spain) would suffer extremely cold temperatures.

    but of course when you don’t know anything at all about science you can chose what you want and make you fit your stupid theories.
    Creacionism and the whole inteligent design (i understand the design but i can’t see nothing inteligent in it) are a pure joke.

    And it’s curious because that is a merely american concept. Catholics maybe are pretty conservative, but are not anti science, because they were smarter just saying that you can’t take the Bible literally, you just need to interpret, so that way the Bible didn’t collide with any science advance

  3. MIke says

    [“” It’s not up for debate anymore and news station have to stop the false balance of giving the “other side” when there isn’t one on this””]

    Spoken like a true (and rather hilarious) cultist. ObamaCare is nothing but a national re-distribution of wealth and this is nothing but a global one. You think people are stupid?

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    If conservatives would bother to look at a map of the temperatures across the globe and not just North America, they would see that it is unseasonably warm across Europe and northern Asia (Russia/Siberia). What we are currently experiencing is an anomaly and the average global temperatures for the year will continue along the same pattern.

  5. SB says

    I consider myself a scientifically minded person of age 58. The more I hear about “climate change”, the more absurd it seems. The thought process applied by the public is not scientific but belief based. That’s not scientific, dispassionate, critical observation and thinking. People have accepted a model of climate behavior, a theory, that instigators don’t even understand but they conjecture, based on theory and belief. I would question any scientist who asks you to accept theory without remaining skeptical. When you lose skepticism, you lose science.

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