1. Mike says

    Instead of making a video on how to pick up guys perhaps they would be better off to watch a video on how to not be SO continually egocentrically obnoxious . . .

  2. Gregory In Seattle says

    All that is needed to complete that picture is a beefy, bearded daddy. Then you’d have (all together now)….

    lions and tigers and bears!


    Pair ‘o hotties…………

    However don’t usually see many Gay dudes accepting fashion tips from Scarah Palin…………

  4. Ben Trovato says

    So, you know, uh, talk to people and you know whatever, go to places and uh, you know, so…




  5. Mike Ryan says

    There are a lot of gay Youtube couples but Mark and Ethan are most likeable. Will and RJ post on a daily basis and takes us into their daily lives. Income is derived from Google ads and in the case of Davy Wavy enough to buy a new home. There’s a new good-looking guy moving up the ladder, The Crazy Gay Guy. He has removed some of his first videos, which were hot and fun, and now offering SF video landmarks to visit. Look for him under the Cary Chauvet moniker (

  6. Michael in Toronto says

    I like ’em, too. But if they had any self-respect, they would drag that monstrosity (that hideous grey thing) to the curb.

  7. anon says

    No, the real challenge is picking up a guy when you’re over 40 (his age won’t matter unless he’s over 60). Otherwise, it’s not a challenge to find a “guy”, the challenge is to find the “guy” you are interested in.

  8. Howard B says

    I agree with Anon except for the age thing. The challenge is not finding guys to date, the real challenge is finding a boyfriend that you are compatible with on the different levels that exsists in serious relationships. You can’t go out expecting to find this person, you just have to put yourself out there and hope that your path crosses with someone that is just right for you.

  9. Jay says

    What a stereotypical bunch of dreck. Why does every twink suddenly think they are YouTube sensations telling people things they already know?

  10. Paul R says

    I don’t hate it, I just don’t find it notable to discover that people meet at gyms, coffee shops, and bars. Throw in libraries, gas stations, and the street and that’s basically how strangers of any type ever meet.

  11. Sean Maloney says

    Ugh, along with that Davey Wavey person (who are really nothing more than interchangeable) be gone, already.

  12. FFS says

    Remember those old hair dye commercials where Sibyl Sheppard said the tagline, “Don’t hate me cuz I’m beautiful?” ‘Member those?

    Bitter, jealous queen is not an attractive color on anybody.

  13. GregV says

    I disagree with their suggestion to ask: “So, hey, do you have a girlfriend?”

    This type of question has always struck me as both sexist and heterosexist (as if the asker naively thinks the whole world is straight).
    If someone asks me if I “have a girlfriend,” I say no, I don’t.
    If someone asks me if I’m “seeing someone,” or “in a relationship,” I say, “Yes, we’ve been together for 8 years.”

    The more open question leads to the more meaningful answer.

  14. Tim says

    Um, picking up guys is ridiculously easy, and by that I mean tricking. Investing some time in your physique will bring great rewards, as I found out when I was younger. But tricking gets boring and old, and is dangerous (STDs, etc). Find a boyfriend, now, seems totally impossible. It’s a common complaint, but every guy I’ve been with that I really like didn’t want to stay and the ones that are interested in me are all psychotic. Severe mental health issues for gays in my age group (I’m 47) are the norm. I know the young guys just don’t get this. And I don’t stray much from my age range. And lastly, I don’t want to hear “how to pick up guys” from such an attractive couple. They have no idea since it is so easy for them. Good for them, but I want an ugly guy, seriously.