1. MaryM says

    Russia is the host country of the FIFA 2018 World Cup.

    The World Cup is the most important and popular sporting event in the world – bigger even than the Summer Olympics.

    The day after Sochi 2014 is finished the campaign to have the World Cup removed from Russia must begin.

  2. Jeff says

    This is very sad. We need to help our Russian brothers and sisters as best we can and no matter where we are from progressive or non-progressive countries believe that it cannot happen to us either. Fight for your rights and for those who have none.

  3. Mike Ryan says

    We are fools – absolute fools for not doing more to stop these terrible Russian injustices. We should have announced a boycott of the Sochi games long ago instead of pussy-footing around and whining over depriving American athletes of their “moment to shine” which is utter bullpucky. I’m totally disgusted by so many…