Islamic Court Trial Begins for 11 Suspected Gay Men in Nigeria; Death Sentence Possible

Trials have begun in the northern Bauchi state of Nigeria for 11 men arrested recently under the country's new anti-gay law, the BBC reports:

BauchiAn Islamic court in Nigeria's northern state of Bauchi has put on trial 11 Muslim men accused of being homosexuals in violation of their religion, a religious leader has told the BBC. A 12th person arrested – a Christian – would be tried under secular law, a BBC reporter says. Under Islamic law, a person can be sentenced to death by stoning if convicted of homosexuality.

The BBC adds:

Jibrin Danlami Hassan, the commissioner of Bauchi state's Sharia Commission, said the alleged homosexuals were arrested by residents of Bauchi city. They were handed to the Islamic police force, which interrogated them, he said.

"They accept that they are doing that dirty game," Mr Hassan said.

Ms Aken'Ova said some of those arrested had been beaten up and tortured, but Mr Hassan denied this.

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UPDATE: A new AP report:

Amnesty International says Nigerian police have arrested 10 people suspected of being gay in four majority Christian southern states in the highly religious nation. It says the arrests follow President Goodluck Jonathan's signing of a law outlawing gay organizations and meetings as well as same-sex marriage.

So far there have been reports of 38 arrests total.


  1. SFshawn says

    So on January 15,2014 the gay holocaust begins! So how many gay/suspected gay Nigerians, Africans, Russians are going to be tortured and killed while all the politicos stick their collective heads in the sand and pretend it isn’t happening?
    Those 11 men are just the start.
    It’s a sad day when the world leaders allow hatred and bigotry to trump justice and freedom.

  2. andrew says

    “Islamic Court Trial” In this 21st century Islam and it’s primitive beliefs and actions are the greatest threats to human freedom. Many Western liberals tell us that Islam is a noble religion that is being used by terrorists and other extremists to justify their actions. That’s not true. Islam and it’s primitive doctrines are the root cause of the problems. The silence of most Muslims in the face of Islamic atrocities tells us just what the heart of Islam looks like. It is a primitive Religion that needs to be defanged. It took Western Civilization centuries to defang and civilize Christianity and Judaism. In the Islamic world that process has not even begun.

  3. says

    What the phuck is an Islamic Court ?

    Isn’t ‘Islam’ a religion ?
    Or has it become the New Nazi ?

    And why hasn’t the UN expelled Nigeria for repressive bigoted laws ? And intended crimes against humanity ?

  4. David says

    The obvious questions are: How much US and foreign aid is Nigeria receiving? When will the Nigerian government be told that the aid is being stopped because of its homophobic laws?

  5. Derrick from Philly says

    As I said on Rod McCullom’s blog a few weeks ago, Nigeria may be headed for another civil war (they had one in the 70s).

    You cannot have part of your country ruled by Muslim extremists. Not that the Christian majority are treating Gay Nigerians much better.

    Nigeria’s anti-Gay actions are for two reasons: to appease the Muslim extremists, and to take attention away from Nigerian oil billionaires who steal from the Nigerian people.

    Yep, they’re headed for civil war.

  6. Richard says

    Where is the outrage from the international community? Take off the gloves, John Kerry and Ban Ki-Moon, and stand up to these blood-thirsty homophobes! Carefully-worded press releases indicating indignation and disapproval won’t suffice with lives at stake.

  7. says

    Point taken.

    “Sharia Law”, so called, is only the set of rules attached to a religion.
    “Law” can only mean those principles passed and approved by the people and subject to such inalienable rights such as liberty, due process, freedom of expression and assembly etc

    Let’s not elevate the diktats of Sharia to anything more than what they are, the rantings of bigots.

  8. Randy says

    If any of these men are executed, I demand the BBC and the AP to be there to film it. We have to stop permitting Sharia to operate in secrecy. Shine a light on this garbage.

    In 2010, the National Post (in Canada) covered Amnesty International’s report on Iran’s instructions for stoning adulterers to death, in diagram form:

    If it happens, the world must see this in human form, and accept responsibility for allowing it.

  9. says

    Absolutely agree. I give Sharia the same sanction I do American fundamentalists claiming whatever their blinkered minds derive from the Bible as ‘God’s law’ is superior to the Constitution. Zero. Period.
    Was just quickly answering your query about ‘Islamic Court?’

    We still have quite a bit of that mindset here in the US. The Constitution is only applicable when it fits their prerogative.

  10. Gordon says

    2 world wars, many many wars later, still those that have money & literally bet money on whether a country can survive. The Middle East with oil, African states – only with oil, countries where money makes hypocrites of the uk empire, religion is false, belief is. But please stop the banks first, some still live in entire confidence only because of money.

  11. Bill says

    Apparently we were giving Nigeria something like 647 million dollars per year in 2011, according to .

    That’s partly because they have oil, but also to help prevent terrorist groups from gaining control. The U.S. has made noises about cutting aid due to corruption in Nigeria.

    Maybe we could put the aid on hold and offer to release it if they let their gay suspects apply for asylum with us. The only downside is that the thought of getting out might make half the country gay, and that’s too much for us to handle.

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