Janet Napolitano Talks Sochi, ‘Evolves’ on Gay Marriage: VIDEO

Napolitano on security in Sochi:

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Gay marriage, Clinton:

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  1. Voet says

    “This was something that society in a way, the arc of history, as it were, needed to get there, and the arc of history has clearly arrived.”

    So your position depends on which way the wind is blowing? Not very principled.

  2. says

    She looks like a lesbian? Are we really going down this revolting road again. JN is an unprincipled, ghastly woman who does what she is told to do. A puppet. What do you expect of your elected officials? Who you choose reflects the nation you are. You deserve what you get.

  3. JMC says

    Voet, I find it a bit refreshing in a sad kind of way that she straight up admitted to being an unprincipled hack whose only concern is political expediency. Politics would be a lot easier to swallow if everyone was this honest.

  4. says

    Perhaps I need a new set of eyeglasses, but…. I don’t seem to see in this article any reference to an apology by Ms. Napolitano for her past opposition to and obstruction of the civil and human rights of a tenth of the population. Or perhaps she believes her past homophobia is excusable because “everyone was doing it”?

  5. ian says

    She’s a real profile in courage aint she? I used to play tennis at the same venue as her when she was Gov. of AZ. She’d have a coterie of girlfriends with her and there was no mistaking this was a group of gay women, none. I have no idea if she was romantically involved with any of her tennis mates, but she is a gay woman and a cowardly careerist.

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