1. HUNTCHASE says

    Interestingly enough last season he was seen in a speedo holding hands and giggling on stage with other bachelors in a beauty contest.Oh, and his talent was baton twirling. I rest my case. Consider the source and ignore it.

  2. Jim says

    He just dug a hole with his first apology. Now he has issued a second apology, which he obviously had no hand in writing, and it is much better. And, in it, he states he will be meeting with GLAAD to get better understanding.

  3. andrew says

    The most negative comment that can be made about the USA is not that the Republican Party controls the U.S. House, as bad as that is, but that millions of free men and women choose to watch such immoral shows as The Bachelor. They are without any redeeming social value.

  4. ChrIslam says

    He’s a deadbeat dad who instead of marrying the mother of his child is out whirling himself to women.

    Maybe if he spent less time casting stones at others he’d work more on his sins.

  5. Mary says

    We have to stop these celebrities making a homophobic comments then come back to apologize. That’s for me a strategic way to spread a homophobic comments without hurting themselves with the media.

  6. Mark says

    On a purely linguistic level as someone who speaks both Spanish and English fluently I understand what he was trying to say. By using the work “pervertido” he was trying communicate the stereotypical belief that gay people are hypersexual or more sexually liberal than straight people. That said, I think the comment is more indicative of his own heterosexist cultural bias than it is a homophobia. It’s like people who don’t have any problem with gay people until their son or daughter comes out. Suddenly when the issue enters their reality bubble and then they are really challenged in regard to their attitudes and beliefs.

    Hopefully he’ll realize how ignorant his comment was and learn something as a result of this scandal instead of just wasting everyone’s time pretending to be contrite as part of a damage control campaign.

  7. MuchMuchMunching says

    Truth be told, how many of you guys had fantasies about this guy before the stupid came out of his pie-hole?

    Maybe you’re just disappointed that he was more John Wayne and less Tab Hunter (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about – read a book).

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