1. Henry Holland says

    Obviously YOU do Mike, you took the time to click on the link and leave a comment.


    Bieber’ll be dead before he’s 21, he’s not even going to make the 27 Club.

  2. david from Edmonton says

    about frigging time – this little jerk needs a serious slap upside the head but we all know he will buy himself out of it because in the US, money buys people out of serious incidences that normal people would go to jail for. Reckless and unsafe driving, driving under the influence, mouthing off to a cop and resisting arrest. At least he is in jail. but from the mug shot it’s all a big joke. Scooter Baun needs to drag his ass off to rehab.

  3. Contrarian says

    Other than those who deal in schadenfreude, why is this of interest to the readership here? Oh foolish me, I forgot too many of your readers have the sexual tastes of female tweens. Please, leave skinny blond man-child types to the papist clergy of Rome, and get some self-respect.

  4. says

    meanwhile in America in 2014 – your country has already had eight (8) school shootings since the 2014 school term began. Eight shootings in …two weeks?

    but hey, let’s get back to the self-destruction a spoiled brat surrounded by people who use him for his money.

  5. Bill says

    How many people smile for a mug shot?

    It must come with practice – a smile goes on whenever looking at a camera (something musicians, politicians, actors, and other public figures presumably learn). He probably didn’t even have to think about it.

  6. ratbastard says

    @Little Kiwi,

    The U.S. had 320 million people. Percentage wise, the number of people shot and killed, including suicides, is very small. Far more people die from everyday mundane things, especially accidents.

  7. jamal49 says

    Love the gin blossoms and alcohol zits now populating your face, Justin. Dear boy, you need some new friends and some new mentors. The descent from the heights of fame is a long and torturous one. Your bottom can not come soon enough.

  8. andrew says

    This is a sad story. Is there anyone who didn’t see this train wreck coming. From his early teens he was earning millions of dollars and had millions of adoring fans. How does a young boy keep his head on straight when everyone around him is kissing his ass?

  9. SpaceCadet says

    To watch someone’s self-destruction is always sad but it’s hard to feel sympathy for him when he’s attained so much success and wealth and can’t be humble about it nor live in peace without disturbing his neighbors nor endangering pedestrians. There are plenty of other successful young stars that don’t go off the deep-end like Bieber so excuses shouldn’t be made for him. Where’s his mom in all this?

  10. Bill says

    @ Derrick from Philly : you must be gay. How many straight guys would even catch the reference to Norma Desmond, nor know that the actress who played her was a silent-film star (which I presume you do know).

    @ Mitch : to do a fair comparison for his mug shot, there was one of Frank Sinatra (in his twenties) after an arrest for “carrying on with a married woman,” later changed to adultery, and eventually dismissed. Here’s the mugshot:

    One obvious change – the new ones are in color.

    As to the arrests, they are none of my business. A 19 year old getting nabbed for not behaving like an adult should not be national news.

  11. TonyC says

    Send this looser back to Canada.. He’s a waste of so many vital city sources ..and that smile just gets me more angry.. Thank god I never had brats like this

  12. AZXPAT says

    Yo, little kiwi. Are you seriously so clueless? Millions of young girls think he is a god. He has now proven them wrong. You don’t think that has an important impact?

  13. L G. says

    i do not care that I don´t care! The public has made this monster….those of you who swoon and gasp…it´s your fault! talentless and surely unable to survive your adulation!

  14. Derrick from Philly says

    @ BILL,

    LOL…yes, I’m a member of that segment of the Gay world that people like Rick love to despise. I love old Hollywood movies and old Hollywood stars. Beiber’s long neck sparked that side of me–the Norma Desmond side. I am a stereotype of a queen. I just happen to be a darker version.

    Most folks are making jokes about Bieber’s arrest, but some of you are taking this quite seriously. I respect your view that this is no laughing matter. Driving while drunk can devastating even when there is not an innocent victim. It can ruin the life of the drunk. I gotta’ a cousin who is dealing with that misery right now.

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