1. Jay says

    Hunting is unethical and this guy kicks it up a couple notches. Just do an image search for his name. Most of those animals seem young and fertile to me. The bad press and the threats are well deserved.

  2. Boris says

    “I’m a hunter, I want to experience a Knowlton. I want to be intimately involved with a Knowlton. If I go over there and shoot it or not shoot it, it’s beyond the point.”

  3. Cory says

    Disgusting TRASH. There’s a difference between hunting for food and hunting for fun.

    “I don’t hate them, I respect them..” Except the endangered species you plan on hunting…..

  4. Willy says

    Interesting how concerned he is about death threats. I can only imagine how freaked out the Rhino would be if he knew this guy was coming after him with a gun!

  5. Perry says

    Hunting is unethical? lol I wonder how many people that think hunting is unethical support abortion. Too bad your caveman ancestors’ genes survived to produce a fool like yourself.

  6. crispy says

    Would love to hear that the rhino gored him.

    But this coward will no doubt be using a high-power rifle from quite a distance, likely from a vehicle, and will never be in any danger at all.

  7. Daniel says

    Wow, he’s having repercussions for his actions? How sad.

    You know what? When you do something people have the right to react to it. You don’t live in a vacuum.

  8. jaker says

    having a flashback to “9 to 5″ where jane fonda fantasizes about hunting dabney coleman around the office.

    not all hunting is unethical. this bloodsport is

  9. Seansie says

    So. I am a veterinarian and a vegan. I typically don’t support hunting as it is many times not necessary. However, many times it is. This is usually due to over population. If these animals are not removed, they will either starve or in many situations begin harming other species that are needed. In the case of the black rhino, there have been a number of individuals that have been identified to be removed as they are hindering other males from breeding. Instead of it costing them money to remove theses animals themselves, they offered someone to buy its removal via a hunting permit. There is nothing unethical about this. I think if people were better educated about the situation, there would be much less blow back.

  10. crispy says

    So he should spend his $350,000 to have the rhino relocated, particularly since he claims to be concerned about conservation. This is really not that complicated.

    Killing a member of an endangered species, even one that is non-breeding, is unethical, sets a bad precedent, and send a powerfully poor message.

  11. seansie says

    My guess is auctioning off the removal and indefinite housing of a black rhino would not win many high bidders. The money would be better to go towards the conservation of breeding individuals anyway. At this point, priority has to be given to them.

  12. seansie says

    Zoos are truly a terrible place. I was once a zoo keeper and took care of black rhinos. I wish a zoo on nobody. That is besides the point though. No zoo wants an aged overly aggressive black rhino. It would be extremely unfair to the rhino to place them in such a stressful situation. Until, a realistic option other than culling is found, I will support the most humane option which unfortunately is culling. It only makes sense to make money and place it toward their survival. I know it is tough when it comes to situations like these but what is best for the animal should be taken into account and not what makes us feel better.

  13. kipp says

    I grew up in a hunting family and was given a gun when I was 10 – and then implicitly expected to start killing things with it. I did kill things for a while and then, in fairly short order, stopped doing so. I do not think hunting, in priniple, is wrong. One can hunt ethically or unethically and one can positively or negatively influence and ecosystem with different hunting practices. White tail deer in eastern North America, and wild pigs throughout the western hemisphere, need to be hunted or they will, quite literally, destroy their habitats. Hunting of rhinos throughout Africa to support growing east Asian consumer demand is driving these species to extinction.
    This is not a case of either unethical or harm-causing hunting. In fact, if we trust the wildlife authorities to be telling the truth about this rhino, he will be benefitting the rhino population by removing this one.
    The hunter himself is not doing himself any favors by trying to nobly narrate his rather primal desire to track and kill a giant, intidimating animal. He’s not going to get to know anything, he’s just going to have an exhilirating time doing it.
    I find that exhiliration distasteful and morally suspect. I would prefer the man were more serious about what is something of a tragedy even if it serves an important function.
    But that unseemly desire to kill for sport is also the kind of thing that can motivate otherwise self-centered rich people to spend $350K to fund better wildlife management in Africa – which is what the auction is actually doing. Even objectionable, vice-indulging desires can be directed to good (or at least better) ends by an open and tolerant society – we should all appreciate that.

  14. jjose712 says

    He wants to be intimately involved with a black rhino? i don’t know what to think about that.

    Frankly, i think that people who feel the need to shoot a helpless animal (no matter how powerful a black rhino is, in that circumstances the animal doesn’t have any chance) has a lot of issues to resolve

  15. Sam says

    I think if perhaps he went on TV and explained the rationale for culling and why this is actually a positive thing for the species and he hopes his money will go a long way to preserving the species instead of sounding like a sociopath with blood lust who really just wants a trophy to hang, maybe people wouldn’t rush to judgment.

    It’s amusing though to hear all these preservationists discuss culling as if nature doesn’t do this on its own without interference from human beings. Were humans not bloodthirsty sociopaths, culling this one rhino for the sake of others wouldn’t even be necessary.

  16. says

    SEANSIE: So why not let the animal live somewhere else? I think people are plenty educated and are disgusted by his passion for killing, which is different from wanting to eat or regretfully needing to kill animals to save other animals.

  17. Dback says

    My dad hunts ducks, deer & elk and I went with him once (it was boring, wet and cold). Hunting these overpopulated animals is very different from hunting an endangered species-as Crispy and others said, it sets a really bad example. This guy acts like he’s never had to think about the ramifications of anything in his life, which I find very revealing.

  18. Seansie says

    I’m not claiming that this fellow or anyone that has a desire to hunt big game doesn’t probably have some sort of deep seated issue. Based on the comments he has gotten, it is nearly impossible to say that people are educated on the matter, specifically the ones that are threatening him and his family. Educated people don’t threaten to kill people. Matthew, Where is this animal going to live and who is going to pay for it? Nature culls on its own? Well, nature culls in an extremely cruel way at the expense of the species usually. And the fact that we wouldn’t be in this situation if it weren’t for humans is a moot point. We are in this situation. Let’s fix it the best we can.

  19. crispy says

    “I was once a zoo keeper and took care of black rhinos.”

    LOL! First, you’re a vegan who believes in trophy hunting. And now you’re a former rhino zookeeper who thinks one should be killed.

    This is epic concern trolling.

  20. Seansie says

    Crispy, I’m a vegan that yes in this instance believes that an animal unfortunately needs to be culled. I don’t agree with trophy killing and do not think that this is trophy killing. What difference does it make if officials have it killed or sell a permit to have it killed. At least this way, there will be money to put towards conservation. I am embarrassed that I ever was a zoo keeper. I do not believe that animals being kept on zoos really benefits anyone, other than the pockets of places like sea world. I really wish that people would think more about going to zoos. I’m assuming the argument that would be made on the pro zoo side is that the suffering of the few kept in zoos helps the species as a whole. How is this really any different? The extremely briefly suffering of one black rhino will help the species. But hey, let’s threaten to murder this guy and his family instead.

  21. Mark Twain says

    If he so dearly wants to be intimately involved with a black rhino, in his own words, I’m sure it can be arranged for the rhino to screw him for a couple hours them stomp him. That would be intimate enough I guess.

  22. vlad says

    god knows how many magnificent animals are mounted on this rich egotistical pricks walls at becomes an obsession to get a trophy of every species,he probably didn’t have a black rhino.he could give it to a reserve in texas,there are plenty of places that will take it,the fact of the matter is they want to kill it and cut its head off like some terrorist al queda or something,it makes me ashamed to be human ,because without our technology,we would give these animals respect,there is not much cuter than a baby rhino,who are usually butchered along with the mother by African poachers.these people are the lowest forms of scum on earth,it makes my heart ache for these gentle brutes,who just want to left in peace,they already deal with natural predators let alone ak-47’s.i only hope humans are wiped clean some day,and hopefully a few of these creatures will survive to inhabit an earth that was intended for all creatures and not one manipulative evil species being the human race,i only hope and pray.if I could die knowing trees and animals and the coral reefs remained,then I would die happy as possible,but knowing these beautiful things are being exterminated a handful of rogues and bandits,while we stand idol hands tied by our own laws from hunting these muthr fukrs down and giving some mob says in the bible beware of apathy,well we are about as apathetic as we can get,we walk by people being assaulted in the streets,we allow animal cruelty ,for the most part,people don’t get involved because of the police and fear of being or getting involved or hurt even.APATHY…..lines must be drawn,when these lines are crossed,you must take action.i hate to think but I am sure this rhino has probably already been shot.if it wasn’t this prick it would go to china for an aphrodisiac,those chines assholes are to blame for most poaching,there are too god damn many of them.they create a market for tiger bone and pelts any big cat pelt,cats and dogs for food and fur,they overfish and poach in other waters,they don’t have water treatment plants in most Chinese cities goes in ocean,bear bile and bladder as well as pelts,ivory from elephants,rhino horn for aphrodisiac and stupid trinkets and carvings,they use their legs for stools.gorilla hands,you name it those locusts want it to eat or kill.enough said.

  23. matt says

    Agree with Crispy. It’s open season as it were, may the hunter become the hunted.


    “Someone genuinely upset about death threats doesn’t continue posting to “Public” on Facebook. He loves this attention”

  24. andrew says

    Most of those condemning the private ownership of guns and hunting sit down every day, at meal time, and eat the flesh of slaughtered animals. Self righteous phonies!!!

  25. crispy says

    “Most of those condemning the private ownership of guns and hunting sit down every day, at meal time, and eat the flesh of slaughtered animals. Self righteous phonies!!!”

    Complete non-sequitur. He’s not killing the rhino for food.

  26. Stephen says

    @SEANSIE, I TOTALLY agree. Most people posting here do not know the entire story. We kill wild hogs where I live. We kill them to thin the population PLUS we eat the meat. IF we did not kill them they would be out of control. This Rhino is hindering growth among the population. I say, take the money for research, and let the man get his rocks off by killing an older one. Everyone wins.

  27. andrew says

    @CRISPY: Would it be Okay if he were killing the Rhino for food? Animals are just as dead whether we kill them for sport or food or a combination of those motivations.

  28. Richard B says

    Intimacy with animals generally does not include killing them for sport. If Captain Prick here were going to kill an animal for food that would be different. To kill animals just because you can is not acceptable.

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