1. brian says

    While I agree that this is disgusting and disturbing, what does Towleroad propose to do about it?

    It’s one thing to simply paste stories of homophobia on a gay blog. It’s another to propose some sort of contribution towards a solution.

  2. James says

    Brian, what a stupid comment. By your logic, no newspaper would ever publish a story on, say, the economy or war unless it could also solve the problems.

  3. brian says


    Towleroad isn’t a newspaper. It’s a blog which often carries judgmental stories, particularly on Republican politicians. That’s fine – they deserve it.

    There are simply too many stories on Towleroad that seem like gap-fillers taken from other news sites. They simply repeat and offer no solution. A gay blogger should at least make a few suggestions.

  4. james st. james says

    Sounds like the police are supplementing their income by “gay-shaming.” Which would not work if their society wasn’t so homophobic. Which is probably the result of their religions.

    Solution: Try to spread intelligence and science so that the old superstitious religions retreat into insignificance.

  5. Brian1 says

    This Brian making the above comment is really Jason. He made the same dumb comment on a couple of stories yesterday using different names as usual.

  6. dixichuk says

    @Brian. I agree with James. I think of Towleroad as primarily a news clearinghouse blog as opposed to an opinion blog or a political action blog. The writers add a teaser synopsis for a news story, sometimes editorialized a bit, but it is up to the reader to click a link if it peaks their interest. If you click the link in this video exposing a horrible and unjust situation, it will lead you to the Human Rights Watch web page. Hopefully the suggestions proffered there will inspire your own plan of action.

  7. jamal49 says

    Brian, I mean, Adam, no, I mean Brian, no, I mean, Adam! Nice to see you have many aliases. Regardless, you’re a troll. You don’t do anything except gripe and troll so don’t be telling anyone else what to do. I don’t see your sorry ass doing anything to make this world better so sit the hell down and shut the hell up.


    It is sad to get this kind of news from countries you barely knew they existed by it’s geographical location and similar regional sounding names.Then that is the world we live in, and Russia is their role mored in this case.