1. TampaZeke says

    I am so proud of both of these women. They were so amazingly well spoken and informative. They truly did the Trans and the entire LGBT community proud.

    I’m particularly impressed with Carmen’s growth and maturation since her time on Drag Race. She seems to have grown up quite a bit.

  2. dixichuk says

    I didn’t know of either of these women, but wow, just wow. They are role models for all of our possibilities.

  3. mike128 says

    Katie: but people are *really* interested in your penis, and did it hurt? … I don’t think Katie was coming from a terrible place. Sadly, her narrative is about as sensitized as most on this issue. That’s why it’s so great to suddenly see trans people speaking for themselves in the media… and not just the oversimplified I-was-a-woman-trapped-in-a-man’s-body story, where the “man” finally becomes a “woman”. There’s so much pressure here to push ourselves into the binaries of gender and parts. I love that these two women resisted this line of questioning and redirected it toward what the world needs to know about the trans community’s “lived experience” and trans community needs. Laverne Cox in particular continues to blow me away with her combination of warmth, intelligence, and courage.

  4. Randal Oulton says

    This site is so lousy with viruses in the backend it’s not funny.

    If you get ANY notices about ANY updates needed while on this site, IGNORE them. That’s malware phishing happening.

  5. Gary says

    I remember Carmen on season 3 Drag Race.
    He was a beautiful drag queen, now she’s so much more beautiful, because she’s the real person she wanted to be.

  6. johnny says

    Wow, Sam, that was so enlightened!

    Laverne and Carmen are not men and most likely have never been men except for their parts. That’s the point, but it’s probably lost on you because you’re still disturbingly fixated on the “cut off their penis” story. And that freaky fixation is the whole point of this article.

    Maybe we should just start calling you Katie.

  7. Knock says

    They had their man parts removed so they could conform to the expectations of the opposite binary gender. There’s nothing groundbreaking about tits, girly hair and makeup in a dress, so why would we want to talk about that? The only thing that makes them different from any woman off the street is the surgery.

  8. Wesley says

    “Most likely have never been men except for their parts”

    If a person is born with solely male parts that person is male. It’s fine if they want to dress up or present themselves like the opposite sex and get surgery, but they are still men.

    I wish them all the success though.

  9. Tigernan says

    To be honest, the trans thing grosses me out – but I’m not comfortable with that so I challenge myself to find out more about it, and I would defend a trans person with everything I had. I guess I wish more people dealt with things they “didn’t like” in this manner.

  10. La Garza says

    I’m cool with just calling them Carmen and Laverne. That’s what their smiles say. Bravo.

  11. Zell says

    I think transgender people may be better off if they didn’t keep going on about the evils of thinking of gender in a binary way. It makes people uncomfortable for the sole reason that the gender binary is the experience that most of us are biologically programmed to have.

    Some gay and bisexual people do the same thing with sexual orientation; “let’s do away with labels,” they say, to people who are comfortable labeling themselves. “Your whole life, the struggle you’ve gone through to be gay, everything you identify yourself with, is wrong, and everything I say is correct.” It goes against what most people know to be true about themselves and ends up being off-putting.

    If your gender identity, or sexuality, is fluid, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and I will support you, and, in fact, I completely believe what you are saying. But telling other people that the gender and sexuality they are comfortable with are false is counterproductive.

  12. Richard says

    Transphobia from gay men. Gays want to use science and their own personal experience to justify their existence. Sad that some gay men on this site would ignore both to deny these women their transgender nature!

    There is plenty of science that shows that transgender people have brain structure that matches their gender identity. Why is it so hard for people to understand that?

    Statements about being born “male” makes one “male” is about as helpful as saying that because someone was born with a penis he has to be heterosexual.

  13. Mike in Iowa says

    Is Facebook preventing the sharing of this story? I’ve tried multiple times and each time it simply didn’t show up on my page, unlike when I followed the exact same process with the snow shark story.
    Also, I believe Carmen specifically declined to answer questions about surgery to her genitalia. So KNOCK’s assumption that she’s had her “man parts removed to conform to the expectations of the opposite binary gender” seems a little baseless, no?

  14. Ann says

    SAM is exactly correct. Neither of these two are women. They’re MEN. Sexist MEN. Stop calling them women.

  15. Ann says

    @ Richard. There’s is no such thing as transphobia. These guys are Autogynephiles. They’re mentally ill misogynistic MEN.

  16. Tyler says

    Sam and Ann are the same person. And that person is Rick. This was proven a while back. Rick always uses other aliases to agree with his points. We can’t be certain that the other transphobic commenters on this story are him as well, but I wouldn’t put it past him. Don’t feed the troll.

    Both of these gorgeous (inside and out) women have more integrity in a single toenail than any of the transphobic commenters on this site will ever have. Bringing awareness to the realities of transgender life and demonstrating how wonderful life can be for those who identify as transgender is just wonderful.

  17. Merrill says

    How hilarious that 2 people with mental illness are “schooling” a normal person.

    Trans activists are not gay. They don’t respect LGBs and they don’t hesitate to attack LGBs and LGB rights if it serves their purposes. We should not be cheering them on, let alone associating LGB identity with them.

  18. a says

    Merrill, what the heck are you doing right now? Do you know how ironic your statements are? You’re attacking trans* people with sweeping generalizations, a tactic you yourself despise.

    Don’t you remember that not that long ago LGB AND T were all accused of mental illness together? Please don’t sink to the level of the people who seek to discredit and create divisions in our community. Please don’t generalize and please think before you speak.

  19. Knock says

    MIKE IN IOWA: Whether or not she had the surgery on her penis and testicles, she’s still conforming to the binary gender scheme transsexuals complain about whenever someone gets too “cis” for their liking.

    (Rae Spoon, on the other hand, defies the gender paradigm.)

  20. Merrill says

    A, what’s with the asterisk? Is this yet another way that trans activists are screwing around with language?

    Homosexuality has not been a mental disorder for 41 years. Transgender has been a mental disorder for all of that time and the new DSM V continues to list it as a treatable condition, even though it now appears under different categories than before. So no real comparison there.

    LGB and T are not “a community.” They are two discrete communities with their own characteristics and priorities. Arguably, even T is not one community but several different ones forced together by trans activists. Since I am not trans, I won’t wade into that fight. But what I can say is that LGBT is BS.

  21. Chuck Mielke says

    Looks like Sam, Ann, and a few others still need to express the binary bigotry of the uneducated. I will confess I have difficulty not thinking in the traditional he/she sexual mode; as a gay man I still think of myself principally as a man. Referring to a trans co-worker in the third person, I too easily think of “her” rather than of “him” in his own identity. So I know how easily we rely on traditions and first impressions, and resist updating our pronouns. Too many folks like Sam and Ann, however, seem to reject reality and prefer the traditional delusion that sexuality exists only in “she or he” with a smattering of diseased or abnormal individuals. This offers yet another reason that public schools should teach about sexuality, despite what local parents might want.

  22. TheSeer says

    Neither gays nor trans are men. To be a man, you have to have both male genitalia and male brain. Gays and trans have female brain and male genitalia, so they are not men. Only in blind and superficial Abrahamic worldview they are men.