Malfunctioning Power Strip to Blame for High-Rise Fire That Killed Gay NYC Man


This morning we reported on a tragic high-rise fire over the weekend in Manhattan's Hell's Kitchen neighborhood which took the life of Daniel McClung (above left) and critically injured his husband Michael Todd Cohen.

City fire marshalls now report that the fire, which broke out on the 20th floor, was caused by a malfunctioning power strip, possibly connected to a Christmas tree.


  1. Nick says

    Some filthy hate-freak has already called this an “act of God” at the linked news stories comment section.


  2. SpaceCadet says

    Best to ignore the haters. Anyone can say anything about God because there is no proof to it all. God killed Paul Walker because he was angry at straight people. God caused the record cold temperatures in the U.S. because he’s angry at Americans. See, it’s all ultimately silly.

  3. Sam says

    Don’t overload a power strip. Had one short circuit in the extreme cold on Saturday and could have easily started a fire.

  4. Francis says

    Very sad all around. Daniel seems like he was a sweetheart. Heart goes out to Michael in his recovery and the fact he has tragically lost his husband.

  5. says

    This is GOD’s way of saying he does not approve of the gay lifestyle. I am a good Christian and go to Church and read the Bible daily. I do believe the Almighty has spoken here…and sent a message that gays must repent or perish ! He speaks in mysterious ways, and surely decided on that day to sacrifice a gay man to show the world that the evils of marriage equality and gay liberation are destroying our world. There is just no other valid explanation. He may have left the survivor to now repent and seek the lord’s help in ridding himself of the homosexual devil within him. That is possible through prayer. These things we can never fully understand now. However, one day, everyone that has died will rise again. This is in the Bible. On that day, we can all speak about our experiences with GOD and will understand the true meaning of eternal life. Until then, we must fight homosexuality at every turn…it is an abomination and the gravest sin of all here on Earth.AMEN.

  6. Don says

    FRANCIS, you are wrong.
    My grandparents perished in a fire in 1976 in the same exact fashion as this apartment fire. They were married to each other for over 50+ years in a devout catholic marriage. Their lamp caught on fire.
    God speed to Michael’s recovery.

  7. says

    Leave it up to some “drunk-on-religion” vile dreg, to post suck evil and twisted trash as the blog by Ronnie Whelan on this site. Is this dangerous and rotten-to-the-core monster serious ? She professes to be a self-described good and devout Christian. Her message speaks for itself, she is the devil and wicked ! This was a fire…it could have killed anyone. This week a beautiful little 4 year old boy was murdered in Manhattan…was that her “God’s” punishment on the child for not praying before he went to bed every night ? There is no vindictive and violent GOD in the Heavens waiting to torture, torment and kill every soul that religious idiots deem immoral or sinful. These people are insane and cannot be tolerated !