Maryland Will Recognize Same-Sex Marriages Performed in Utah

Maryland's Attorney General Douglas Gansler says the state will recognize same-sex marriages performed in Utah before the Supreme Court stay on a lower court ruling striking down the state's ban, the WaPo reports:

GanslerThe Human Rights Campaign has been seeking assurances that the marriages in Utah would be recognized in states such as Maryland, where gay nuptials are allowed.

“If any of them were to move to Maryland, we would recognize those marriages as being valid,” Gansler said in an interview Friday afternoon.

In a letter to Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, Gansler, who is running for governor, said “we are witnessing a historic change in how the American people regard same-sex marriage.”

“Maryland has been on the forefront of this change since 2010, when I issued my opinion concluding that same-sex marriages that are valid in the state in which they were performed would be recognized as valid here in Maryland,” Gansler wrote.

Gansler's announcement comes on the heels of Attorney General Eric Holder's announcement earlier today that the federal government would recognize the Utah marriages.


  1. says

    @PPP: It’s not strange that gay people in Utah would want to get married in their home state, but it’s great to see the federal government and equality states like Maryland taking our side instead of Utah’s. I hope more join in. It’s an important message, especially to the UT couples whose marriages have been cast into doubt by the anti-gay Herbert administration.

  2. David says

    I’m gay and it bums me out so much that we can’t all just discuss calmly the issue of homosexuality. I noticed this in the Duck Dynasty controversy as well. Do we really not have anything to back our cause up? because whenever we are met with disapproval, we use the word “bigot” and try to silence them or revenge them. Why can’t we back ourselves up more when these conversations come up? It’s so frustrating to me. Are we scientologists now? “Don’t defend, always attack” Come on folks!!

  3. RexT says

    Utah issued valid marriage licenses to all of these 1300 couples, who then got legally married. There is no way the Federal Government would back down on what is now the standard of legal recognition of all ‘legal marriages’ regardless of where you may live. The instant lawsuit a group of the 1300 would immediately file with the help of many, would be indefensible for the AG. He’s been very wise in his approach since June and the DOMA ruling, there is only one direction available for the Feds, supporting our Minority and our Civil Rights. Doubt Maryland is alone, other than in ‘stating’ their position – any state that recognizes a legal marriage is bound to it. And, there is no possible way, these 1300 Legal Marriages will be invalidated by anyone – attempts maybe, but success – Never. Those days are over.

  4. TKinSC says

    If the judge’s decision is ultimately overturned, then the marriages will be annulled. I imagine other states can recognize whatever marriages they want, but Utah will deem them never to have existed.

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