1. Francis says

    As a Virginian gay, I’m very happy, but this order only applies to “Virginia state government” employees. Meaning it doesn’t actually protect the overwhelming majority of us throughout the state. We need a state law for that. It’s still great news, though.

  2. j.martindale says

    What a difference a decade makes! Ten years ago, we were the untouchables in American society. No politicians would support marriage equality, and the Republicans thought bigotry was a successful political plank. Now it can be argued that Cucchinelli, the standard bearer of hate-centered politics, lost his election because, in large measure, the public has come to realize the ugliness of that agenda. The first act of the new governor symbolizes eloquently the prospects for fair treatment of LGBT in American politics.

  3. VA Dad says

    THIS is why we as an LGBT need to have a coalition to support a candidate that supports us, and pour our resources to that candidate. We did exactly that here in Virginia and it paid off for us.

    Don’t be complacent LGBT. Get involved in the political arena.

  4. Art Weiss says

    You should strive to avoid headlines that can be misunderstood. As several readers have pointed out this applies only to state employees. In fact, theoretically you may have caused harm, someone who works for a private employer may be planning to come out tomorrow after just reading the headline and end up being fired. Having a journalistic voice requires careful responsibility.

  5. says

    McAuliffe is part of those “New Democrats”, who basically hold Republican principles of old (100% pro business economically, but moderate and decidedly tolerate socially) and are in the party because there was no room for them anymore in the current GOP. If given the luxury, I wouldn’t want those kinds of Democrats having the power to do much of anything within the party, but the left has become a HUGE ‘tent’ with the advent of the extreme right Republican Party.

    Miss Piggy would have beaten Cuccinelli in a sane world.

    P.S. Yes, I’m aware that McAuliffe was the campaign director of Bill Clinton during the 90s.

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