Mob Throws Stones into Shariah Court in Nigeria Demanding Conviction of 7 Suspected Gay Men

More ugliness out of Nigeria, via the AP:

BauchiThousands of protesters massed outside the Shariah court in Nigeria's northern city of Bauchi, throwing stones into the building to demand the speedy convictions of seven men arrested for belonging to gay organizations.

Security officials shot into the air to halt the protest and the judge quickly halted the trial. He ordered the seven be returned to the safety of the prison.

This is the same court which convicted a man last week and sentenced him to 20 lashes.

Dozens more arrests have been reported across the nation.


  1. Scott says

    Thing I always wonder about things like this is- how can so many people be protesting at once during a working day? Like, what kind if jobs do you have? The answer may be in strife-ridden Nigeria- very few or none at all. Wish we could get Scott Lively on some good charges-see him pay for the deaths and pain of hundreds, thousands of gay Africans.

    People obsessed wih other people’s sex lives are usually way more perverted than the people they obsess over.

  2. Fountain says

    What I’m dying to know, is for those of you who are SO POSITIVE that the overwhelming majority of anti-gays are closeted self-loathing gays themselves; do you honestly think that almost all of that stone throwing mob, thousands strong, were self-loathing closet cases?! Um – I don’t.


    A big misunderstanding ensued. The mob just wants the dinner to be served. The accused, that is. Come on Nigeria, enter the XX century at least, maybe is too much to ask.

  4. lee gregg says

    There is a large difference between closeted homophobic (re)actions. and the riot (crowd) mentality. More than likely over 80% aren’t even sure why they a doing what they are doing. Then you do the math on what that leaves as the real crowd.

  5. jamal49 says

    Pay close attention. Once the American right-wing and its evangelical foot-soldiers realize that they have a natural constituency in Muslim conservatism here in America, look for much backpedaling and some serious outreach to bolster their declining voting base. Such outreach was happening prior to 9/11 by various conservative “think-tanks” (an oxymoron if there ever was one) such as the American Enterprise Institute and The Heritage Foundation, among others, and championed by Grover Norquist. After 9/11, such outreach became verboten. Hatred of LGBTQ people will make for some strange political bedfellows eventually.

  6. deee! says

    I will like to point out that while these people are incredibly ignorant and prejudiced, they are still human. Direct your anger at them as the selfish, misguided and violent people that they are, but do not begin to refer to Nigerians as less than human. That’s a kind of arrogance reserved for racists. I’m just as disgusted by the inexcusable bigotry, but let’s keep things classy. I don’t mean to offend anyone by my comment, it’s just I’m Nigerian and I don’t think or act like them, so I don’t think it’s fair that I and others like me get lumped into a negative category simply because of nationality. And being a terrible person still makes you a person.

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