1. Tommy says

    @CD in DC I agree. The song sounds like a born again Christian song. It sounds like he’s telling people they better start believing in Jesus or God or something bad will happen to them which is an odd message to be coming from Boy George. He explained in the interview but otherwise I would think he’d become a born again Christian.

  2. Tophier Verdugo says

    It may sound religious, but it’s actually about AA and the 12 steps. If anyone has experienced that, it’s fairly easy to spot. He’s obviously a recovering alcoholic.

  3. Paul R says

    @GreenFuzz: I was trying to figure out if that was a Siouxsie tattoo, because at one point they had a public tantrum. But if someone else thinks so too, I’ll go with it!

    I wouldn’t take Boy at his word for any religious beliefs. He’s been into Hare Krishnas, Judaism, AA, heroin, public sex, S&M, and many other things over the years. I’m not criticizing those those choices, but he does tend to bounce around.

  4. Johnny says

    Both the song and the video are boring. I find Boy George to be the world’s most overrated hyped artist especially in the gay media. We can do so much better than him.

  5. ganda says

    As a Christian, It certainly does sound like Christian lyrics. That said if he wants to endorse Christianity thats brilliant. It something he has to come to though. Condemning is not the way forward. Let him without sin cast the first stone….. Jesus wants people to come to him as they are, were they go after that is a personal issue. To many people pointing fingers in Christianity. As Christians we should pass the Gospel, the good news on, not condemn!

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